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Another Bear is a charming one. Teddy bear knitted + read more] Legend: n -.

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Fawn girl "Description from Sameko Design (Sabrina Stopat)" Translation from Lidia Gureeva Dev.

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Scientists have recently discovered that they are capable of displaying altruism and compassion. ... The scientist said that rats even know how to laugh while playing, however, they use 50 kHz ultrasound for this - and the more often they laugh, the more successful they are among other individuals.

They are generally even more social animals than we are. And even with a semblance of a caste system - the division of roles in the community

One of Britain's oldest trees has a gender change

One of the oldest trees in Wales, which grows in a small village near Brecon, Britain, has changed its gender to female.

And this is absolutely normal for nature. Such a process is the plant's response to stress or environmental changes. It became known about the transition when, on a centuries-old yew tree, about three thousand years old, the “male” cones suddenly changed to “female” red berries.

A similar thing already happened with a yew in Scotland in 2015 - berries with seeds appeared on a male tree.

Interesting facts about cats

1. The oldest known domestic cat existed 9,500 years ago.

It was originally believed that the Egyptians tamed cats. But in 2004, French archaeologists discovered a 9,500-year-old cat's grave in Cyprus. It predates Egyptian cat records by 4,000 years.

2. The record for the length of a cat - 123 centimeters

Domestic cats are generally considered to be quite small and graceful creatures. But did you know that the longest cat in the world was a Maine Coon named Stewie, and its length was 123 centimeters?

Cats Day is celebrated in Russia on March 1. Let's celebrate this holiday and celebrate our furry pets with a selection of the most popular meme cats on the Internet. Long live cats and memes with them!

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is the queen of meme cats. This is the gloomiest and most adorable cat in the world. Her real name is Tardar Sauce. She became an internet star in 2012 when her owner's brother shared a photo of the cat on Reddit. Internet users recognized themselves in the disgruntled cat, and she quickly became a star. Such an angry expression on the Grumpy Cat's face is associated with congenital bite problems. Meanwhile, this did not stop the cat from living a happy life. In 2019, the cat passed away, leaving behind mountains of memes.

Confused cat

The cat sitting at the table and not understanding what is happening has become the personification of the reaction to unfounded accusations. A photo of this cat appeared on the Internet in 2018. It was posted by a Tumblr user with the caption “he no like vegetals”. The picture of the confused cat first became popular on its own, but then it was combined with a frame from the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," in which one participant tries to calm the other. The result is a meme!

Meme "Vzhuh" was born in 2013. One wave of the magic wand, and any action is instantly accomplished. True, not always funny. A snapshot of this wizard cat was included in the Just Cute Animals collection with the caption "I'm fat, let's have fun." Later, a magic wand and a little magic were added to the cat.

The cat shakes his head

The head-bobbing cat is a relatively young, but no less viral and beloved meme on the Internet. A white cat or a cat shakes his head to music, usually nostalgic, as if yearning for the old days. The first video with this cat appeared on Twitter in July last year. And then it started!

Nyan Cat

Finally, let's remember Nyan Cat. This was the name of the video, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 and a little later turned into an Internet meme.

Today is the first day of spring and world day of cats, with which I congratulate you, dear pikabushniki! I wish all of you and your pets long life and good health. Let those animals who have no shelter and no loving owner find them, and let more love and kindness appear in the world.

Simone says hello to everyone.

Lies on his favorite windowsill:

Today I bought premium class food for my pet - I congratulated her on the day of cats.

Happy Holidays! With the beginning of spring, with the beginning of a new life - may each of you be touched by good changes for the better.

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Dispelling the illusion: A puppy mistaken for a Cat is not like a cat at all!

Vietnamese Nguyen Minh Thuan and his puppy gained popularity thanks to a recent post in which the author posted some funny photos and invited to meet the funniest chubby in the world. Readers were amazed at how similar the baby is to a cross between a dog and a cat.

In the comments, there were suggestions that the animal is a hybrid cross between a cat and a dog; that the puppy looks more like a teddy bear; that the Vietnamese were given for education a product of genetic engineering, created from a corgi and a British shorthair cat.

News portals have exploded with headlines about the existence of the real Cat.

Someone even joked about the owner of an unusual dog:

- Who do you want to have: a cat or a dog?

However, the puppy doesn't look like a cat!

The presented photos are stills from Min Tuan's home videos, in which the dog runs towards the camera. When running, the baby's sharp ears rise (usually they hang over the eyes) and the dog looks like a cat.

In addition, the puppy itself is fluffy, and its fur is short and dense, which makes the muzzle and body seem rounded like those of British cats.

The impression is so real that at the first glance at the photos it is not clear whether we see a puppy or a cat.

Why were social media users so surprised by the dog's appearance?

Some believe that the puppy is a half-breed of the bob-tailed Hmong breed, bred by the South Asian highlanders of the H'Mông people.

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