The world is not without good people or a way out of the crisis

I would like to add to my post yesterday: Saving up for a lobotomy. or the formation of "Yazhemother"

Yesterday there was a panic attack - a moment of despair. But it turns out that the world is really not without good people! I have been reading Pikabu for several years, but I registered only yesterday - I wanted to speak out.

Honestly, I received 8500 rubles for yesterday and today! I'm just shocked! I really didn't even have bread, but now my children and I will definitely hold out for March. Moreover, some of the leaders did not even write, but simply transferred the money. If you are reading this, I have no words to say how grateful I am! I really hope that in your life all this will return the same kind! It's such a joy - now there is time to find a part-time job. They also promised to send me clothes for the baby. And they gave advice on the part-time job. I did not expect that everything could change so dramatically in one day. It was insanely embarrassing to ask for advice and help, but it's even worse not to know how to feed the children.

I'll write what I learned myself, i.e. it really happens that every penny is valuable. Perhaps someone in a difficult situation will come in handy. So, first of all, I took out maternity leave up to 1.5 years at work (now the payment will be made by the FSS). I was charged 15t. ... - pay 40% of the salary. And this is the only benefit we receive so far. The rest can be submitted to social protection, but I was sent there 2 times to be rewritten, because either one certificate is not the same, then another. I just lost 2 months. The third time I went to the MFC and applied for everything at once. A very good girl-operator was caught, she explained everything. And they didn't even know what we had the right to do. The largest is an additional benefit for the third child of 9723r (it seems they should be indexed this year). Further, as the needy benefit of 695.13 rubles for each child per month. And a 30% refund for utility bills. But all this will begin to come in 3-4 months after all your documents are accepted. I was not ready for this.

There is also a one-time payment of 18,000 for the birth of a child + 2650 rubles for the birth of a third child. Ra per year can be applied for compensation for school uniforms 1325.66 per student. And to the theater 159.08 for four. and in exchange for a certificate of a low-income family, the polyclinic issues a prescription for 2.4 kg of formula for the child. from like that's all. If you know what else you can arrange - write, please.

Now about the part-time job. U was built remotely by a recruiter under a contract. The bottom line is that you need to look for people on watch and for everyone who comes from you they pay 1500 rubles. But everything is complicated by the fact that on the most popular sites such as Avito, Head Hunter, Yula, etc. vacancies are posted by the most central office. Therefore, you have to look for employees in Viber groups or social networks. For 2 months, I managed to send only three.

I was also advised to do a part-time job on placing orders on the Internet. I drew up a resume at night and sent it, but so far I have not been contacted. If someone has real options for additional earnings - please write. Really very necessary.

Thanks again to all who are not indifferent! Morally, too, they were very supportive.

A post about how I made a unique book-game for $ and didn’t pay a penny

Hello Pikabushniki, I want to share my experience in creating and implementing a unique interactive audiobook game. I'll tell you everything in order, but in short, I will not miss important details and a list of all my cash costs.

It all started with my university years. I am an educated person, well-read, full of ideas and passion. And one day I came across the book "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" at home, here is a photo of the cover:

Vaguely remembering the stories of the unusual baron, I immediately opened the book and found it full of humor and overwhelming strangeness.

My imagination ran wild and, as a result, I really wanted to make an interactive book specifically by Munchausen. And since there are already enough interactive books, I decided to add even more unusualness to my project, turning the baron's tales into an audiobook-game. That is, not only to collect all the works and illustrate them with animations, but also to sound and present the whole thing in a playful style.

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