The relaxing sound of a turquoise waterfall

The Three Sisters waterfall is one of the attractions of the Digorsky gorge in the Republic of North Ossetia. Three rushing water streams originate in a glacier at the top of the Taymazi mountain range and their official name is "Taymazinsky waterfalls". Once they were called “Three Hummes”, but now the name “Three Sisters” can be most often heard. The waterfall looks spectacular both from afar and from close range. Traveling along the Digorsky gorge, you must definitely visit this place, especially since it is not difficult to get to it.


There are several legends associated with the waterfall. So, according to one of them, the warlike Persians attacked the local residents and besieged them in the fortress, cutting off access to water, but the three Sedanov sisters, using a secret passage in the rocks, delivered water to the besieged fortress for a long time. But one day the Persians managed to grab the girls. They were tortured for a long time, trying to find out where the secret hole is, but the sisters did not give out the secret and were executed. And then the mountain opened and swallowed the army of the Persians.

Locals tell another version of this legend. The Shah's army laid siege to the tower of the seven Sedanov brothers, but was never able to capture it. Then, by order of the Shah, the three Sedanov sisters were captured in order to force the brothers to surrender. However, their father forbade them to do this, and the girls were executed. At night, a terrible thunderstorm broke out and a rockfall came down from the mountains, burying the entire Shah's army under it. In the morning, the brothers found the bodies of the girls and buried them, and in their place they installed tsyrts. And in honor of the sisters, the waterfalls were named.

Natural features

Three mountain streams are at a distance of 200 meters from each other and fall down from a height of about 300 meters. Over the years, the water has pierced intricate ledges and depressions in the rocks. In cloudy weather, when the glacier is hidden behind clouds, the waterfalls give the impression of silvery streams pouring from the sky. In some places, the streams turn into rapids, flowing along a deep channel in granite rocks. The slopes of the mountain, in which glacial waters have made their way, are in places densely covered with forests and bushes. Smooth weather-bleached rocks can be seen in other parts. All this together makes up an incredibly beautiful landscape that does not leave indifferent tourists at any time of the year. The brightest colors can be seen here on a sunny autumn day, when the forest begins to take on different colors.

The most beautiful, according to tourists, is the middle "sister". Its waters are the most impetuous and full-flowing. Near the central stream there is a small cave in the rock, which is considered one of the best viewpoints on the waterfalls.

Having reached the cascades, you can see not only the rapid streams of rivers, but also magnificent panoramas of Mount Kubus, the Sugan ridge, as well as canyons laid by the Tanadon and Gebidon rivers.

Observation decks at the Three Sisters waterfall

In total, there are three places from which the views of the Taymazinskie waterfalls will be the most impressive.

From the top of Mount Kubus, a magnificent view opens up not only of the silvery streams of the Three Sisters. From here you can see both the Gebi gorge and the Taymazi mountain itself with a majestic glacier.

Glade Humesi is the second observation deck, which can be reached by going around Mount Kubus in a circle. You can also get here from the side of the Sky Threshold camp site, taking a leisurely stroll along the forest path. The road will take no more than an hour.

The most famous observation deck is a 20-minute walk along a good walking path from the Threshold of Heaven camp site. To get on the trail, you need to cross the bridge over the Tanadon River, the same one that feeds on the waters of the Three Sisters. Further along the path you need to move towards the Taimazi glacier. The trail leads to the foot of the waterfalls, where there are springs with mineral water. Walking along the eastern slope of Kubus to the left-bank terrace of the river. Thanadon one can observe the picturesque landscapes of alpine meadows. At the end of the trail, it is easy to find an extensive observation deck with views of the Three Sisters waterfall and the Taymazi glacier.

Ozon, official partner of the Russian Figure Skating Cup Final, and Sports. u invite fans to prepare for the Russian Cup. At the end of each material - a small question for attention. Let's go!

This season, Russian skaters have not yet performed outside the country. There is also enough intrigue at internal starts - not only in content, but also in images.

It is not surprising that the figurine, even in quarantine, presented the audience with interesting outfits and original finds. What are the most memorable dresses?

Anna Shcherbakova, short program

The dress of the three-time champion of Russia turned out to be very elegant: the spectacular transition of colors - from almost black to pale blue - suits Anna very much. The classic cut emphasizes the more feminine figure, and minimalism does not allow you to get lost in the outfit.

At the same time, the designers did not neglect important details: a complex bodice with a gather and a small cutout on the chest, a collar studded with rhinestones, and, of course, a very beautiful back: with stripes of fabric woven into a beautiful ornament.

Anastasia Gulyakova, short program

This season skaters change their dresses a lot. So the student of Alexei Mishin, before the Russian Championship, chose a new option for the short program, where she embodies the image of Scheherazade. Perhaps the red dress is more reminiscent of the East, but the first outfit was much more stylish and memorable.

A navy blue dress with a simple silhouette was favorably diluted with nude inserts, creating the effect of a neckline and open shoulders. The main feature is a complex pattern of rhinestones, which falls like a waterfall on the dress, and in the area of ​​the skirt comes off the dress. Complemented the image with unobtrusive accessories - bracelets to match the rhinestones.

Alexandra Trusova, free skate

Probably no one sorted through dresses as often as the queen of quads.

Sasha Trusova had several options for both short and free. The most striking dress was the one with thorns for "Romeo and Juliet". The figure skater, according to her, on the ice embodies the image of evil fate that haunts lovers. Therefore, a black dress, only on the skirt that turns into a burgundy one, fits perfectly.

A wardrobe in the bedroom helps to significantly save space. The sliding door system, in which one slides off after the other, allows you not to worry about whether there is enough room in the room to open the sash.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every thing has strengths and weaknesses. Sliding wardrobes are no exception. Before making a choice, you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of such furniture.

Dimensions, internal filling are diverse, since usually such a structure is made taking into account the personal wishes of the customer

Deterioration of mechanisms and laboriousness of the process of their replacement

Ability to fill an empty space in the room

Insufficient built-in lighting, and the installation of additional lighting leads to an increase in the cost of the structure

Simplicity of design, spaciousness. Often the internal volumes are much larger than it appears from the outside

Hull version

A cabinet-type wardrobe is a standard option for a bedroom, which differs from ordinary wardrobes only in the door opening system.

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Guys! Don't make my mistake! Do not turn it on as a background at night!

Commanders - the land of winds and mists?

Beware, my opinion may hurt your feelings! Remember that weather conditions change, and you cannot judge the location by 2 weeks of stay. I will try not to distort the situation on the Commanders)

When we got to Bering Island (July 10), it was an abnormally warm summer here. I could walk in a T-shirt and shorts, sunbathe under the caressing rays on the beach, and twice I even managed to swim in the waters of the ocean. It invigorates, of course, but it's hard to resist when you save up bathing places ???? Although, you can find natural baths on the laida (littoral), in which the water warms up a little.

Actually, a photo from the first day of stay. The island accepted willingly.

The weather on the east and west coast of the island is noticeably different, as already noted in the comments. According to personal observations, there is more sun and less wind on the seashore, fogs are also much less common than from the ocean. It also happens: you move away from the village into the tundra, and you can see a cloud hanging over it.

I was lucky to walk to the Table Mountains on the weekend in the summer and did not lose. Our weather was gorgeous, but the village was covered.

Looming fog over the village.

The Pacific is splashing in the background

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