The most powerful mid-range gaming smartphone Realme Narzo 30 Pro presented

Beading is very popular not only among children but also adults. The history of this type of needlework begins at the time of the birth of civilization, when a person, in the desire to decorate himself or under the influence of religious beliefs, began to make the first jewelry and idols. Today, beading is a full-fledged art with many techniques.

The origin of beading

The origin of art begins at the same time as the appearance of man. The ancient masters did not yet use such a concept as beads. It will appear much later, but weaving techniques were actively developed already in those distant times. Initially, various stones, bones, teeth, animal fangs were used for needlework.

Small holes were drilled into them and strung on ropes or flagella from plants. Archaeologists find traces of ancient beadwork on all continents. Most often they are small pebbles. They are perfectly sanded and shaped to create more aesthetic pieces.

Since the development of expensive metals began much later than the appearance of mankind, bead jewelry became the first distinguishing feature of the richer representatives of the tribe. At the same time, such items were used as powerful amulets to protect against evil spirits and the evil eye.

First Beading Materials

The following materials were most often used to create beads:

  • the seeds of plants and trees, they were used by women to decorate their appearance;
  • the pods, nuts and fruits of trees were also used to create a more attractive appearance or in religious rituals;
  • claws and bones of animals, sometimes human materials.

Gradually developing, clay beads are replacing natural materials. Potters have learned how to roast them correctly, creating an excellent material for weaving. To make them more attractive, the craftsmen additionally painted them in bright colors.

When people learned to work with metals, this material also began to be used to create bead-like jewelry. Metal products served to highlight their power and wealth.

Pre-stage of beadwork

Craftsmanship began to develop actively on the territory of Indian tribes, but it has not yet become a full-fledged beadwork. Native Americans expressed their worldview and attitude to nature through weaving beads from various materials. They also used beading to create decorative elements in the home, weaved beads into their hair and trimmed their clothes.

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