The most popular products from Aliexpress that cost less than 1000 rubles

Beauty gadgets are the best inventions for active women. With the help of assistants, the fashionista always looks great. They support youth, make everyday care more comfortable and, most importantly, save time. In the selection, we have collected gadgets that will definitely come in handy for any beauty.

Portable USB Facial Humidifier

The gadget is a small bottle of perfume, which makes it possible to take it with you on any trip or work. At the right time, a lady will be able to refresh her makeup and face in a few seconds. It is very convenient to use, with the help of a moisturizer, deep cleansing is performed, water replenishment, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin becomes healthy, radiant and elastic.

Beauty Blender Storage Case

The Beauty Blender is one of the newest products for perfect makeup. The convenience of a blender has already been proven by millions of women. For this super tool, it is proposed to purchase a protective case. It differs in compactness and lightness. One sponge is placed in it, which will not spoil other cosmetics and will remain intact.

Makeup Primer

Niacinamide% +, Zinc%

Thanks to the tool, a woman will be able to solve a lot of problems with her face. Primarily, the primer reduces the appearance of blemishes and skin blockages. Secondly, it effectively brightens the skin. At the same time, manufacturers warn that the product is not intended to treat acne, but can be used additionally for care in the fight against rashes.

Multifunctional Makeup Template

Stencils are essential to create the perfect eye makeup. The gadget is presented in the form of two plastic cats with rounded ends. In each direction of the stencil bends, numbering is indicated, which allows you to use each option for its intended purpose (for a description, see the detailed instructions). The templates are suitable for applying eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Electric Brush Cleaning Brush

Brushing your favorite makeup brushes quickly and efficiently. It is very easy to use the gadget, you need to attach the brush to the nozzle, pour water and soap into the container, dip the brush into the container and turn on the cleaner. After the brush needs to be dried. And you have practically new and clean brushes ready.

Beauty gadgets are the best inventions for active women. With the help of assistants, the fashionista always looks great. They keep you young

The coronavirus pandemic has pretty much ruined our lives. We all had to make it a habit to use protective equipment in the form of gloves, antiseptic and, of course, masks. Many people have approached this issue with humor, which is perplexing, others decided to use maximum protection. In this selection, we have collected the most amazing masks that real people have used as protection against COVID-19.

Enemy will not pass

I wonder if he even has anything to breathe? Such an original mask in the form of a huge bottle seemed to this man insufficient for protection, he also closed all the holes near the neck. Well, the virus is clearly not scary to him, but it is unlikely that he is very comfortable.

Here it is - Antivirus from Coronavirus

Using whatever is at hand is not quite the right option. This woman is sure that a disk with an antivirus will definitely protect her from a terrible disease. The main thing is that she figured out how to keep an impromptu disc mask on her face. 100% creativity.

Baby care comes first

Mini masks have just recently begun to be produced for babies. Many parents are very worried about their child and also try to protect him from viruses. A regular mask with slits for the eyes can surely save you from flying germs.

The most fragrant mask

I ate and protected myself from the virus. At the same time, you can check whether you really are not sick with coronavirus, because you always have a strong smell at hand.

Smiling Defense

Items that we use in our daily life, in our household, such as, for example, air fresheners, batteries, laser printers and plastic containers, can be dangerous and even toxic to our health.

In our today's article, we have prepared for you a list of household items that can be dangerous to us if used improperly.

Aluminum foil

This useful household item can have detrimental effects on our health, as aluminum particles can enter food. According to research, when you cook food wrapped in foil, you are consuming higher levels of alum than recommended.

The health consequences of consuming too much alum in your diet have potential links to disease and may also exacerbate those already present.

Non-stick pans

While nonstick pans can save you a lot of time and effort, they are just as dangerous. Because they are coated with polyfluoroalkyl chemicals, they can release toxic gases and chemicals when heated.

Research has shown that these substances can enter your food from non-stick pans as well as from food packaging.

Drain and oven cleaners

Because oven and drain cleaners are designed to remove dirt and blockages, they can be harmful to your health. Oven cleaners contain corrosive alkalis, which means they can cause burns, breathing problems, and other problems if inhaled or in contact with the skin.

Drain cleaners can also be hazardous to health if inhaled, swallowed or in contact with the eyes. This is because they contain sulfur trioxide and sulfuric acid, ingredients that can cause poisoning.

Aliexpress is a real godsend for many people. It can be quite difficult to find what you need among the many products, especially at a reasonable price. We decided to help you a little and have collected the top most useful and popular products on Aliexpress, which will definitely come in handy on the farm.

Mini Portable Lint Remover

Many things stop being new after the first wash. On Aliexpress there is a very necessary mini-tool that will allow you to quickly remove unnecessary nap. The tool can be easily hidden in a purse and used when needed.

Adjustable shower head

The shower head can change modes to regulate the flow of water. In addition, the nozzle contains ionic and infrared balls, making it possible to purify water and make it softer. With this item, you can protect your skin and make it healthier.

Pet Pillow

Almost all of us have our favorite pets at home. They usually sleep next to us on the bed, but it is best to give the animal its own place. Your pet will definitely like such a soft pillow, because its composition and appearance beckons for a long and full sleep.

Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

Too frequent contact with water dries hands very much, and dishwashing detergents only worsen the situation. For convenience and practicality, purchase silicone gloves that have special bristles that create even more lather than washing with a regular lip. As a result, you get two in one: hand protection and a useful tool.

Reusable mask

Viruses will always haunt humanity. To protect yourself from insidious diseases, you need protection in the form of masks. Disposable masks will have to be changed every two hours, and regular cloth masks make breathing difficult. The presented product will allow you to breathe deeply and be completely sure of 100% protection from bacteria and viruses.

Price: 325.97 - 434.87 rubles. / set

Drawing by numbers from the customer's photo

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