The life of blind people

What is the first thing you notice when you wake up and open your eyes? Time on the clock, room decor, household faces, or something else? A blind person feels the texture of the bed, the width of the bed, sounds around, smells from the kitchen. Have you ever wondered how blind people live? And we will tell you. And on behalf of one of them.

Some blind people cannot tell if the room is light or dark. They live by these sensations: hearing, touch and smell. Therefore, the perception of a blind person is very different from the perception of ordinary people. If an ordinary person finds an apple on the table, he will first of all say whether it is yellow, red or green. A blind person will notice whether it is smooth or with irregularities and dents. And to an orange, he will say not "orange fruit", but "fruit with irregularities and pimples on the skin." In some of these people, the tactile receptors are working to the maximum, even in the mouth. Therefore, for example, I cannot eat jelly or some bananas, since I cannot stand the consistency of the jelly, and generally prefer the uniform structure of food. One of the biggest difficulties for some blind people is the problem with remembering the colors of clothing and objects. Therefore, sometimes the help of sighted people or special expensive devices - color detectors - are required.

Smartphones and computers

In the process of working with information, blind people use a lot of strange and surprising at first glance technologies. The text written by such a person on paper is a collection of various combinations of dots. Such notes are read with fingers. The computers of such people can be said to be able to talk. Everything that happens on the screen is voiced by special programs. However, even taking into account special capabilities, not all blind people dare to start studying a smartphone and use only old push-button telephones and computers. But time makes its own changes and adjustments in the life of such insecure people. Someone studies the phone with special consultants, and someone turns out to be able to study it even almost without anyone's help. So, my good friend Anastasia, a simple blind girl, got acquainted with a smartphone with the help of a friend who gave her her phone for trial use for a couple of days. Six months later, the girl bought herself a smartphone and in a few months mastered it herself. In my case, it was not without a consultant. This makes it much easier to study the device.


Many blind people read, or rather listen to, books through a telephone, computer or a special player. Books written in braille using dots are sorely lacking. And they are too expensive. Not many people can afford them. But there is also something good in this area. There are special libraries where such tactile books can be borrowed for a while. However, it should be noted here that not everyone wants to use such libraries. They are too lazy to read, or do not know how to do it at all. But only those who lost their eyesight after graduating from school can neither write nor read. More often than not, people do not go to the library, thinking that ordinary reading can be easily replaced by listening to audiobooks. Moreover, you need to spend time on reading, and turn on the audio and listen to yourself in between times. This is one of the similarities between an ordinary person and a blind person - a blind person also likes to simplify everything. For example, he chooses a slow cooker over a stove when cooking. And mostly not because it is as fast as possible, but for safety reasons - there is less risk of getting burned yourself or burning food.

Living on your own and slicing salads

Still, you shouldn't think that a blind person can do less than usual. Without sight, you can also cut salads, clean the house and even work in agriculture. Some blind people keep horses and sheep, carry bags of hay, chop wood, and may even build barns. Blind youth are very much hampered by the stereotype of others that a person without sight can do almost nothing on their own. Sometimes overprotectiveness further limits the person with disabilities. Some parents only allow their blind teenagers to prepare food at 16-17 years old. Some begin to learn how to move independently around the city only before the child leaves the parental home for his own family, and some are simply not allowed out into independent life. Such an attitude sometimes really gets in the way.

Still, such people can be understood, because they want their child or friend to stay healthy and not get any injuries. But they forget that it's only scary at first. So, for example, my already mentioned friend Anastasia is now living an independent life in an apartment separate from her parents and raising a small child. And meanwhile, they began to admit it to many household chores quite late, and then reluctantly. According to her, even before cutting salads, they began to admit it simply by chance. One day her dad came home from work, and she almost cut some kind of salad. Dad got scared, but it was too late to stop, the job was almost done. She had to master some things on her own. She began to actively learn to move around the city without an accompanying person only in the last year of school. She says about the first exit to the street: “I was shaking, I was afraid of the road, I was afraid of cars, I was afraid that they would not let me through ... I had a lot of fears”. Now she boldly moves around the city both on foot and by public transport.

When do you really need help?

But sometimes blind people actually need help. At the railway station, in the metro, in the store, many people need support and assistance. As Anastasia says: "You just need to go to the employee, ask for help, and they will help you." She described her first trip to the store as follows: “I did not know what I would do there, whether they would help me or not, whether I would buy something or not. I just went to the checkout and was asked if I needed help. I, of course, said yes, please accompany me, I need this and that. Since then, this has been the case. I go to different stores, but they help me everywhere. Almost all cashiers know me and my husband in the nearest neighborhood. One day my husband went to the store and left a discount card there. When we arrived, they returned it to us. " In the subway, she is also not denied help. Buying a token at the box office, she asks to call the station attendant. The attendant comes and puts her in the carriage. They meet her at the right station.

Have you ever wondered what role karma plays in a person's life? Karmic debt by date of birth - what is it, and can it be changed This concept originated in Ancient India, where it was believed that depending on how a person behaved in a past life, his fate in the present would depend. A person's karma can be positive and negative, which manifests itself throughout life. In this article we will get acquainted with such a concept as "karmic debt", consider how it affects the life and destiny of a person. Carefully read the material presented and draw conclusions whether everything in life is going the way you want.

How to find out if you have a karmic debt by date of birth. Proven calculation method.

Calculation of karmic number

Calculating the karmic number is very simple. Take your date of birth, for example, 12. 9. 984. Now we sum up all the numbers: 1 + 2 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 34. Thus, the karmic number is 34.

Let's figure out how to work with numbers further:

34 is a methycycle. That is, every 34 years in your life there will be a kind of exam for working off karma or a global event that will radically change your fate.

The resulting figure indicates the level of development of the soul and who you were in a past life.

The first digit of a two-digit number indicates if you have karma helpers. The second number indicates mistakes made in past lives, and tells you in which direction you need to move.

Now I propose to parse the value of the karmic number. Let's start in order.

Karmic debts

How does a person know if he has these debts? If the numbers 13, 14, 16, 19 appear in a special calculation by date of birth and by first name, surname, patronymic, then these are karmic debts.

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