Thank you from Sberbank: what it is, how to use it and a complete list of partners

When using a Sberbank card, one cannot but take advantage of profitable bonus programs. One of these programs is called "Thank you" from Sberbank. To benefit from purchases using this program, you need to know the full list of partners who are connected to the "Thank you" program from Sberbank and the rules by which this program works.

Where can I pay with bonuses?

You can pay in cafes or restaurants (often fast food outlets, for example, KFS, take part in such programs). You can buy things in branded stores ("ZENDEN" and others) that accept bonuses. Thank you. It is relevant to use bonuses when ordering through online stores (Wildberries, 220 volts).

You can make purchases using bonuses from the Spasibo system from Sberbank in any area: technology, food, beauty salons and much more. You just need to choose a store or trading platform that cooperate with Sberbank on this loyalty program. Some partners of Sberbank in the bonus system only give points, but do not accept them in the calculation, while others give and accept points.

The conditions imply the accrual of bonuses in the amount of half a percent of the amount of the purchase made, which was paid by card at retail outlets and partner organizations of Sberbank.

List of participants in the "Thank you" program from Sberbank in the form of a table:

Partner name Bonus percentage "Thank you" Car dealer "Rolf"% different - depends on the type of card: from 5% to 20% (MasterCard Elite) Auto parts store "Gornostay" 3% Car washes network "VTK" 10% " Sberbank "- the author of the loyalty program 0.50% Car service, assistance in the assessment (sale) of the car" Avtomaster "1% Car service network" CarFix "20% Gas stations" NEFTEKHIMPROM "," EKA "," VTK "," ASTRA "," Sibneft " , Prime, Octane 2% FINNA filling stations 2.50% ENTIKOM-INVEST filling stations, Unigaz, Tatneft, SibirNeft, Ros & Oil, Petrolstart, Neftemarket, Н1 "," Condor-2 "," City Oil "," Dvizhenie "3% Gas station" Victoria-Oil "4.50% Gas station" OMNI "2.5% is charged for the purchase of fuel, 4% of the gas station" YATEK " "Depending on the purchase amount, from 1 to 3%" KNP "gas station% depends on the payment amount - 0.5 -1.5% Aquamarine water park 10% AllTime accessories store The type of card matters - from 2% to 5 % (Gold, Platinum and Black edition) Time61 accessories store (watches) 4.50% Samson-Pharma pharmacy 0.50% Phytopharm, Vita pharmacies 1% Farmani pharmacy 1.50% Apte ki "Evalar", "Farmakon", "Nadezhda-Pharm", "Irkutsk Pharmacy", "Health" 2% "Thank you" Pharmacies "PERMFARMATSIYA", "Pervaya pomoshch", "Neopharm" 3% Pharmacies "LINE OF LIFE", " Doctor Stoletov "4% Pharmacy" Good Pharmacy "5% Pharmacy" Pharm "Depends on the amount - from 1% (purchase up to 1000 rubles) to 3%. Pteka "Rigla" The type of card matters - from 1% to 7% (MasterCard World Elite, Visa Infinite) Pharmacy "Raduga" On social cards - 5%, on others - 3%. Pharmacy "Milpharm" Purchase up to 1000 rubles - 3 %, 5% -more than 1000 rubles Rent a car "Bookingcar" 400 bonuses in exchange for a 7% discount Gastronomic restaurant "BarDo" Visa Infinite, MasterCard Elite - 10% Soft drinks "Simple Waters" 5% Household chemicals "Cleanliness and Beauty" 7% Household chemicals and household goods "Sangi Style" 3% Household chemicals and household goods and dishes "Posuda-Center" When paying with a social card - 3%, the amount is less than 1000 rubles - 1%, over 1000 - 3% Pancake "Russian Bliny" 10% Fast chain food "Teremok" 3% Fast food chain "McMaster" 5% Fast food chain "Master Kebab" 10% Fast food chains "BURGER KING", "Big Yorker" Everything except youth - 5%, youth - 10% technology and electronics "M. ideo "1.50%" Refrigerator. y "," TEKHNOSKLAD ", 2% Household appliances and electronics" XCOM-Dom "3%" Philips "2.50%" REDMOND "5%" Technopark "Depending on the card from 3 to 5% (Black Edition, Platinum, Gold, Elite, Infinite) "BORK" 5% depending on the type of card Household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetics "Moidodyr" 5% Sale of bicycles and related products “VeloShop” From 7% to 10% (youth) Sale of bicycles and related products “VeloStrana "From 3% to 7% (youth) Subscription to newspapers and magazines" Vipishi "From 3% to 5% (with Infinite, Platinum, Elite, Black edition, Gold, Youth cards)" V. Bronstein "5% MasterCard Elite and Visa Infinite" Cantata "taste gallery 2% Globus Gourmet grocery store From 3% to 7% (depending on the card) Children's shoes" Children's speed walker "5% Children's shoes and accessories" Kari KIDS "4.50 % Children's clothing "Orby" 4,50% Children's clinic "BabyBum"% "Thank you" depends on the card. From 5% to 10% Baby products "myToys" 10% Interior design and interior salon "Curtains" 10% Shop for moms "Happy Moms" 4.50% Food delivery "Instamart" When ordering through the website - 3% Food delivery " Delivery Club ”Bonus interest accrued depends on the frequency of orders per month - from 0.5% to 20% (if there were more than five purchases in the month) Women's clothing“ 1001 Dress ”,“ Wolford ”5% Pet shop“ Petshop ”Payment via the website - 2% Pet shop "Gav's" 8% Shop of tools and equipment "Kuban Instrument" Payment through the site - 3% Tools and equipment "VseInstrumenty. y "2% Stationery store" Liner "5% Cafe" La Ferme "0.50% Quest" Claustrophobia "Depending on the card from 2 to 4% Cinema" CINEMA PARK "," KINOMAX "Depending on the card from 5 to 8% Bookstores "Respublika", "Book24" 5% Bookstore "Liters" 10% "Chitay-gorod" With a youth card 7%, others - 5% Computers and their components "XCOM-Shop" 3% Cosmetics and perfumery " L'OCCITANE "0.50% Cosmetics and perfumes" PARFUM "3% Cosmetics and perfumes" FeelBeauty "5%" Yves Rocher "200 bonuses" L'Etoile "Depending on the card from 5% to 7 % Cosmetics and perfumery "DIVAGE make up studio" Depending on the card from 5 to 10% Coffee shop "Tasty Coffee" 5% Furniture for the office "Komus" On the first purchase 3%, then - 1.5% Home furniture "Center of cabinets -kupe "," Divan Divanych "4.50% Furniture for the home" Mebelbor "5%" Thank you "" POLYCLINIC. У "3% Medical services" MEDSI "Infinite, Elite - 10%, others - 0.5% Clinical Hospital №8510% Mobile operator" SIMTRAVEL "5% Fur salon" ELENA FURS "Depending on the card from 3 to 7% Minimarket" Time Two "2% Euroset is a partner of Sberbank. Purchase of phones, smartphones, laptops - 0.5%, accessories - 5%, other goods - 2% Mobile phones, smartphones" XCOM-Hobby "3% Mobile operator" Let's talk from Sberbank "5% MTS Ability to top up the balance in the amount of 495 bonuses Fashionable clothes "YOOX" Premium card - 3%, youth - 5% Clothes for men and women "BAON" 3% Men clothes "KANZLER" 2.50% Meat products "CapitalAgro" Up to 200 rubles - 1% , more - 4% Educational companies (foreign languages) "English First", "Skyeng" 1% Preparation for exams "MAXIMUM" Depending on the method of payment - a discount from 2500 to 5000 rubles Shoes and accessories "Shoes Factory" 3% Shoes and accessories "Pierre Cardin", "Kari" Up to 1500 rubles. - 2.5%, more than 1500 - 4.5% Shoes and accessories "RIEKER" 5% Shoes and accessories "NEW BALANCE" Depending on the card - from 5 to 7% Shoes and bags "VITACCI" 7% Shoes and clothes " SINAR "2% if the check is up to 5000 rubles, 5% - if more" Tom Tailor footwear and clothing 13% Proskater footwear and clothing 12% Lamoda footwear and clothing 5% Finn Flare footwear and clothing Depending on cards - youth - 5%, others - 0.5% Shoes and clothes "Oodji" Depending on the card - youth - 5%, others - 3% Clothes "Sangi style" 3% bonuses Thank you Hypermarket online "OZON" Up to 1000 rubles - 1%, over 1000 rubles - 3% "Optic City" 0.50% "NetOptika", "InOptika" 3.5% "Thank you" Hotel "Siberia" 5% Hotel "Cronwell Park Yakhonty Noginsk" Depending on the amount from 2 up to 4% OCTOPUS Eye Clinic 5% Papa John's Pizzeria Youth - 5%, the rest - 2% Payment systems VISA, MasterCard 0.50% Plumbing "Tile of the Moscow Region" 2% "Emprana" 10% Help on the roads "Russian AutoMotoClub" 10% bonuses "Thank you" Software "Softkey" 30% when paying on special Allsoft software Depends on the type of card - from 5 to 7% “Spasibosberbank. ravel "Depending on the type of services from 2 to 5% Restaurant" Floor 41 "World MasterCard Elite, Visa Infinite - 10% Restaurant" Bird yard "10% Restaurant" Obzhorny Ryad "4% Restaurant" Cafetera "Change bonuses for discounts Restaurant" ADRIANO Family "4.50% Restaurant" SUSHI CITY "5%" Summer resident "shop for gardeners5%" Institute of Beauty Rachelle "4.50% Beauty salon" CESARE PONTI "Depending on the card - from 5 to 10% Optics" Optima "5 % "Prosvyaz" 2% Family rest "Limpopo" 4.50% Tire shop "Kolesa Free" 1% Outlet chain "Vivat" 2.50% Discount coupons "Coupons BIGLION" When paying on the site e - 10% Canteens "Stoloffka "," Officer "," Krem-levskaya "up to 200 rubles - 1% more than 401 rubles - 3% Dentistry" Spectrum-Dent "4.50% Dentistry" Zub "3% Hypermarkets of building materials" DobroStroy "," Vasha Dacha ", "ELKO" 2% "World of Building Materials" 2.50% Hypermarkets of building materials "What you need" 3% Supermarkets "YAR. ARKA "," Kalina "," Grocery store "3% Supermarkets" Extra "," Three Banana "," TG Izhtrading "," Stick "," Medved "2%" Pyaterochka "0.5% when paying with a Sberbank card, 2 % "Thank you" and a discount of up to 99% Supermarket "Pokrovsky" When paying up to 500 rubles. - 1%, over 2000 - 5% Supermarket "Nikolaevsky" Up to 300 rubles - 0.5%, over 1000 - 4% Supermarket "World of Vkusa" Depending on the type of card - interest from 1 to 5 Supermarket "JUST" When purchasing up to 300 rubles - 1%, over 601 - 3% Supermarkets "Zabaikalsky Privoz" When purchasing up to 500 rubles - 0.5%, over 4000 - 5% Supermarket "Europe" When purchasing up to 500 rubles. - 1%, over 10,000 - 2.5% Supermarket "Vkusny Dom" When buying up to 300 rubles - 0.5%, over 2000 - 5% Supermarket "Bagira" Up to 300 rubles - 1%, over 1001 - 4% Supermarkets " Ambi ”,“ Admiral ”,“ Green Street ”,“ Kvartal ”2.50% Taxi service“ Gett ”Depending on the number of trips per month Products for children“ Malvina ”4.50% Products for children“ Favorite children ”Depending on from purchases from 1% to 3% Products for children "BABY" 5% Products for children "Daughters-Sons" If you made at least one purchase in the previous month - 2% "One hundred thousand little things" 2% "Nadomarket" 3% "Cozy house "," HOME ", Posuda" 5% "Hobby Market" 5% Tour operator "Simple Wine Travel" 3% "Thank you" Tour operator "JUS TOUR" 4.50% Tour operator "Online Tur", "TEZ TOUR", " Pegas Touristik "(" Pegas Turistik ") 5%" Department store Krestovsky "1% Supermarket" Zakroma "When paying up to 200 rubles - 1%, over 401 rubles 0.3% Insurance company" Yugoria "4.5% when applying for a voluntary policy insurance company "Sberbank insurance" 5% if insurance is bought Abot "in the offices of Sberbank" INTOUCH "Insurance Company Depending on the type of cards from 1 to 10% FC Barcelona - football school Depending on the type of card from 5 to 7% Flower shop" Samson Bouquet "0.50% Flower shop" Mostsvettorg " Depending on the amount of purchases from 2 to 3% Flower shop "AMF" When buying a bouquet and flower arrangements - 5%, for gifts and special offers - 3% Jewelry store "Adamas" Up to 10.5% Jewelry stores "Russian Light", " Gold Platinum "3% Jewelry stores" Zlatotsvet "," Ladies Ugodnik "3.50% Jewelry stores" GLAM "," GLAM - LeCadeau "," GLAM Junior "," Choron Diamond "," Bronnitsky Jeweler "5%

Also in each region there may be separate organizations, retail outlets, which are also connected to this bonus program.

But there are those who do not participate in the program ("Messenger"), that is, do not accept the "Thank you" bonuses for payment. Also, the Eldorado chain of stores does not participate in this bonus system.

Bonus Accepting Partners

You need to find out exactly who accepts payment with bonuses from Sberbank today, in which outlets this system works, on the official website. There you select the region of residence and press the button "Accepts Thanks" ("Accrues Thanks", etc.) so that it lights up green.

Deprivation of a driver's license is a rather unpleasant event for every car enthusiast. But the very fact of revoking the certificate is far from the only problem that an unscrupulous car owner will have to face. Almost immediately after the issuance of the official verdict, the owner of the car must personally hand over his documents and for this he is given a specific period.

Many citizens try to delay this moment as much as possible, although they do not suspect that the delay in the return of invalid rights is fraught with serious consequences. What awaits the driver if he does not fulfill his obligations?

How can I check if a driver is deprived of his license

  • Go to the traffic police website and select a special section about services and driver check from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down the main page to the full list of available services and select the study of information about a citizen there.
  • Enter in the proposed questionnaire the number and series of the certificate assigned upon receipt, as well as the date of acquisition of the rights.
  • Run the check and wait for the results, when the system analyzes the data and produces a full-fledged report.
  • The portal will automatically take you to a new page, where it will give you access to detailed information on the current status of rights.

In addition to the actual results on the validity of driver's licenses, the open tab will display such materials as the validity of the document (just what we need) and list all the driving categories available to the owner. It is very convenient that the surname and name of the driver are missing, but the birthday is indicated so that the user can re-verify that the information received is correct. Otherwise, the system can produce the following results regarding the timing:

  • valid document (with the certificate everything is in order, but the ten-year period of use has not expired);
  • invalid certificate (the validity period has expired or the paper was acquired illegally);
  • is invalid and is on the federal wanted list (if the person has lost his license and has submitted the appropriate certificate);
  • the driver is deprived of his license (if a decision has been issued, but there is still no court decision, since the appeal period has not expired ).

It is impossible to obtain more accurate data on the period of deprivation of rights through the mentioned site. You need to either independently count the days based on the moment the license was withdrawn, or personally contact the territorial traffic police department with a corresponding request. But the verification of the authenticity of the driver's card is carried out according to a similar principle: when the document is invalid, the system will generate an error, because theoretically there are no certificates about the document in the database.

How to submit your ID

Since the fall of 2013, according to the law, the traffic police representative no longer has the right to personally withdraw driver's licenses from citizens. Now, after the trial, any owner of a car who violated the traffic rules needs to hand over the canceled rights to the internal affairs body himself. Step by step, this procedure looks like this:

  • The entry into force of the decision (after receiving the decision in his hands, the driver is given exactly 10 days to appeal on appeal, after which the execution of the punishment will begin).
  • A visit to the traffic police (you need to bring invalid rights to the body executing the sentence within 3 days - usually it is indicated additionally in the court order).
  • Surrender of rights (if suddenly you did not have time to return the documents within the specified period, then the calculation of the term of the future punishment will begin 10 days after the meeting).

It is important to understand that the obligation of the driver to surrender the certificate in fact may not be written in the court order. But this flaw does not mean that the driver deserves leniency from law enforcement. Absolutely all violators who were deprived of the VU surrender their rights - this is a legal requirement, clearly spelled out in Part 1. Art. 32. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, from which it is impossible to deviate.


According to regulatory enactments, such an order becomes effective only on the 10th day from the date of delivery of the court order in the hands of the defendant and only if this act is not appealed by the accused during this period.

Consisting of: lagurus, phalaris, sesame flowers, flax, rattan decor ????

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