Super method

I didn't smoke today until 8 a.m. Earlier, I woke up with a cigarette in my teeth. And until 10 in the morning I smoked about 5-6. As a result, by lunchtime I was already like jelly. Smoky, no appetite, weakness. This morning I woke up and began to calm myself with a thought. "Be patient until 8 am. Then at least get a smoke until evening." These two hours were not easy. At first I didn't want to. At 6-30, the body began to ache. I walked around and reassured myself with the thought that there was only 90 minutes left to be patient. At 7-00 I went to sleep. At 7-30 I began to feel that life began to boil inside me. The world began to change. People have become prettier and kinder. It's hard to describe this feeling. It's like being reborn. The body began to fill with some kind of energy. Instead of weakness, a surge of strength. Indescribable. I lit a cigarette at 8 a.m. And until 10 p.m. I smoked 10 cigarettes. For now I set myself the task: not to smoke 2 hours after sleep and from 10 p.m. Funny thing. Personally, I like it. It is difficult after 25 years of smoking to realize that you need to say goodbye to cigarettes forever. For now I want to act with such a painless method. I hope that soon the moment will come when I stupidly forget about cigarettes.

Trust a person with 33 years of experience. It won't work. Only a categorical refusal. Yes, it's bad, yes, withdrawal, but the weight is growing, but you have to endure. And still it is not a fact that you will not return to cigarettes. All this has passed before you))

does your face turn blue after smoking a cigarette? I quit because of this

Successful getting rid of nicotine addiction! Everything is in your hands.

Faith in Tabex

So my time has come to part with this muck (hopefully forever) In addition to the pills themselves, I decided to install an application of the same name to remind me when to drink the next pill, otherwise I constantly forget)) Well, let it motivate, it won't be superfluous. In general, as they say, we will see what all this will lead to Good luck to everyone who also decided to part with a bad habit.

I don't smoke Postscript

The very first woke up in the morning .. sluggish thoughts, good mood .. I think I need to go, quickly to make coffee in order to have time to smoke on the balcony before the family woke up .. while the coffee is being milked, I look at the bright blue sky and return to the thought, where is the lighter?

And then the inspiration. I don’t smoke. Sweat broke through .. I almost lit a cigarette. It was as if she was hypnotized by the patterns of her past actions. I am a smoker, I have smoking habits. I need to stop my desire every day. I have to develop new neural connections. Now I try to rebuild myself brick by brick so that I want other things. I do not smoke. Still together? I am very grateful to each of you guys, who supported in your own words)) Those who made me a pleasant company in this emotional impulse)) thank you guys, you are great fellows. Even if you managed 1 day, you have already won. now every day I try to win this fight with a nasty little voice in my head, so that sooner or later I will stop hearing it. Stop wanting to smoke.

Dependency Part What is it?

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