Spring is coming, spring is on the way: 5 sensual fragrances that; smell; in the spring

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I don't know about you, but I'm pretty fed up with this winter. Fortunately, the snow has already melted, and the frosts have changed to warm degrees. In general, the winter is slowly retreating. Spring is coming, spring is the road - you just want to shout when you open the window and feel how it smells like spring.

And what if not a delicious perfume will cheer us up and give us dreaminess, as well as inspire new spring feats? Today I present a selection of 5 sensual fragrances that smell like spring.

Lanvin Eclat d "Arpege

If someone asks me what scent I consider to be one of the most springy, then no doubt it will be Lanvin Eclat d "Arpege. A holiday scent, a spring scent. It is not surprising that it is very popular among the ladies of all ages and statuses. Having listened to it, you will not confuse with anything an interesting interweaving of citrus, peach and peony. And the base in the form of cedar and musk completes the colorful palette of emotions. The world first heard Eclat d "Arpege in 2002, he is loved and favored by so far.

Hugo Boss Orange Boss

Spring is not spring for me without Orange Boss. Although I know that experienced perfumers will call this fragrance universal and suitable for any season. I first met "The Boss" in 2011 and since then I love him dearly. I love the apple in the orange blossom and the vanilla in the heart of the perfume. This perfume gives me a spring mood and drives away bad thoughts. I will definitely use it in the spring. Now I ordered another bottle, I can't wait!

Jo Malone Wood sage & Sea Salt

Meghan Markle's favorite perfume. A light and airy cologne fragrance that will be appreciated by both women and men. After all, Wood sage & Sea Salt belongs to the unisex format. It is an energetic fragrance with just a few notes: marine salt, seaweed, ambrette, sage and grapefruit. I never thought that such a simple combination could sound so cool. Lovers of the sea and sea air will definitely appreciate it!

Lancome Idole

Spring is coming, spring is on the way: 5 sensual scents that; smell; in the spring

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