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So ... what is a Monday poll?

Great question! Contrary to its name, this is not a real poll like the little clicks on the buttons. This is just a list of five more or less random questions that I have posted on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years. (since 2007). I love reading your answers and it helps me start the week well. ????

Can you dance?

I want to say "YES!" because, you know ... I just want to. ???? I used to go to dance lessons, and when I was in my 20s and 30s, you would find myself dancing until the morning every weekend. And now? GIRL! My dancing skills are questionable. I mean, I can still stay in rhythm, but I don’t do anything cool while I’m moving. My arms are swinging, my legs are shaking, but that's all.

I think my answer is “yes, sort of. But mostly not. " Ha ha ha!

Large bag or backpack?

Backpack, because my hands should be free!

Would you rather run or swim?

Swim, ideally in a heated pool or tropical sea, because I don't like cold waters.

Worst haircut you've ever grown?

There were so many, but one of the infamous 1999 razor incidents was the worst! A stylist from a bougie salon in San Francisco cut my hair off with a razor like she was blazing a path through the Amazon jungle with a machete.

It was a mess. The top of the head was swollen and the bottom was very flat. As a result, I got a mullet, which took me two years to grow.

Makeup & Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol

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(milk thread does not count with batya) Well, lucky, cho. I'm 44.2 fillings. Both up to the army. And so. How many thread is not.

Wisdom Tooth, traitor. Got sick, suddenly. As the dental fairy from the clinic called him, rigidly and medically: the left eight from below.

I came to give up in December. There was a crack, something gnawed, the crack turned into a lunar crater.

- And how much has passed since the installation of your pacemaker? No, four months won't do, my dear. We do not have resuscitators. Come in March. Half a year will just be. If it hurts badly, then we will put in a hospital. But there is covid. Better be patient.

Been patient for 2 months. March 1. It's time. The jaw hurts, the mouth does not open. But we have to.

- I visited you in December. - I remember half a year. Well, cat, open your mouth. - Right now the mosquito bites. That's it, go to the corridor. Have a rest. Don't talk a lot.

- How is it? Is your mouth frozen? The heart is beating. Good girl. Be patient, it won't hurt.

- That's it. Smell the medicine. This smell may appear in the mouth for 2 days. Do not be afraid. It's okay. '' That's it. Do not hurt, take care of your heart.

What have I considered them sadyugs all my life?

Thank you, doctors, long life to you like that.

P. S. Probably not fashionable now, but I will tell you. I didn't pay a penny. I made an appointment through the city health department to the doctor recommended by my wife. Petersburg. I don’t know about others

Pts. the attitude of doctors towards patients has changed dramatically, and the doctors themselves have changed. My daughter (4 years old) is happy to run to dentistry. There they talk to her like a princess, cartoons, etc. Upon completion of the procedures - a small gift and a medal for bravery))))

And I still have a fear of these machines, doctors and this whole procedure.

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