Soft self-adhesive 3D panel for walls and ceilings Lako Decor LKD-22-06-05 70x60 cm m² 1 pc color red

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Self-adhesive soft panels LAKO DECOR allow you to easily and quickly make cosmetic repairs yourself. They are suitable for decorating walls, ceilings and space zoning, reliably mask small surface defects. Volumetric 3D panels are surprisingly easy to use: peel off the protective layer and press the adhesive side to the surface! It will take you a few minutes to install one unit. Create interiors of any style! LAKO DECOR provides a wide range of textures: panels for brick, stone, wood, etc. Thickness - from 7 to 10 mm, depending on the model. Self-adhesive panels are made of high quality polymer materials that do not have an unpleasant odor. They are easy to clean with water and alcohol solutions, provide additional sound insulation and thermal insulation, and are resistant to mold. A damaged block can be easily replaced.

Panel thickness - 7 mm. Collection - Wood. Color - Wine mix.



Soft self-adhesive D panel for walls and ceilings Lako Decor LKD --- x cm m² pcs color red in Moscow

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Forged products fill the garden with a special charm. They have both decorative and functional purposes. Wrought iron arches, figures and other art objects are often used as the main element of the exterior. They are often the main design object around which the garden design is formed.

Also, forged products such as gazebos, bridges, barbecues, wood-burning boxes, swings, etc. have a very practical purpose. In this article, we tried to collect the most interesting solutions from our point of view, used when decorating a garden.

Forged products - types

There are many companies that manufacture custom-made forged products today. Almost every city or village has its own forges, creating real masterpieces from metal lace. We wrote partly about artistic forging earlier. And yet, in order to find a master who will emphasize the style of your garden with forging, guess his mood, you need to make some effort. The work of a blacksmith is consonant with the work of a landscape designer, cooperation with whom requires mutual understanding.

Forged products have a graceful pattern and high strength. It is this combination of properties that makes forging a very popular craft for many centuries. Despite the external "lightness", forged products are rather heavy and reliable structures, which is important when arranging a garden.

The works of a professional blacksmith should inspire new projects (see examples). Forged products made by a true craftsman evoke a sense of delight. I want to admire the garden with wrought iron endlessly.

Philosophers and gardeners have been trying for millennia to explain human cravings for the perfect garden. Perhaps this is a longing for the lost Eden. And the wrought-iron lace of arches, pergolas and gazebos is one of the ways to bring the dream of an ideal garden closer.

Forged gazebo for summer cottages

An artfully made gazebo will become a true decoration of any garden. The effect is enhanced when combined with other forged items such as fences, benches, window bars, etc. Experts advise observing the unity of style throughout the garden. Therefore, any forged products, from a bridge to a wood-burning stove and a barbecue, are best performed using a single technique.

A wrought-iron gazebo for a garden can be either a massive closed structure or a light openwork structure. Which gazebo option to choose depends on the style of the garden and the lifestyle of the owners. A closed gazebo is perfect even for gatherings in the cold season. Lighter, graceful gazebos are good for a romantic garden where you can hide from the scorching heat and short summer rain (see examples).

Updated January 28, 2021

Entertainment in Turkey, in contrast to sightseeing tours, is more diverse in terms of impressions. For those who love extreme sports, paragliding and diving are suitable, for romantic couples - meeting the dawn at the top of Mount Tahtali, for families with children - a dinopark and dolphinariums, for cheerful girlfriends - hammam and gastronomic tours. In this article, we will tell you about each of these activities in Turkey, as well as how much they cost. For those who are interested in where it is better to buy such tours and in general excursions in Turkey, we recommend reading the material: Where is it better to buy excursions in Turkey.

  • Entertainment in Turkey: what to choose?
  • Rafting in Turkey
  • Diving
  • Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia
  • Paragliding in Turkey in tandem with an instructor
  • Jeep safari
  • Quad safari in Turkey
  • Excursion "Fishing in Turkey "
  • Sailing tour in Turkey
  • Excursion" Turkish Night "
  • Hammam in Turkey
  • Cable car to the top of Tahtali mountain <
  • Gastronomic tours - delicious entertainment in Turkey
  • Oceanarium in Antalya
  • Children's entertainment in Turkey: dolphinariums and water parks
  • Dinopark or Discovery Park
  • Entertainment in Turkey. Prices

Entertainment in Turkey: what to choose?

Rafting in Turkey

Rafting is carried out mainly on the Dalaman rivers (they bring here from Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum) and Kopruchay (those who rest in Kemer, Side, Antalya, Alanya and Belek float here). Dalaman is more difficult - there are rapids of 3-4 categories, Köprü is easier - 1-2 (in spring 3). Other rivers are more dangerous (Eshen, Kyzylirmak, Manavgat), but they also have calm areas for commercial rafting.

A bus brings you to the rafting base from the hotel. There you undergo a short briefing and receive life jackets and oars (sometimes even helmets). Those with unsuitable rafting shoes rent (or buy) rubber slippers. The rafting itself is fun and a little extreme for those who wish (unexpectedly, but in safe deep places, the instructors themselves throw them into the water). A couple of times the rafts dock to the shore so that everyone can warm up (because the rivers are mountainous and the water is cold), relax and eat (lunch is included in the tour price).

From additional entertainments in Turkey on rafting - swimming, jumping into the water from rocks in proven places, water battles on oars with neighboring rafts (as a joke, of course) and viewing some simple sights along the way. At the end of the excursion, you will be offered photos and videos taken by operators who filmed the rafting from the shore. This can be interesting, since it is unlikely that you can take pictures on your own. Be sure to bargain!

The cost of rafting in Turkey: from 35 $.

Rafting on the Köprüçay river (Köprülü canyon).


Diving in Turkey is not very demanding. Here, like in the Red Sea in Egypt, there are no schools of colorful fish, and submerged antiquities, aircraft and ships are accessible only to professional divers, as they are at a decent depth. However, if you want to get your first experience and experience the thrill of diving as such, try Turkish diving. Popular diving spots in Turkey are Fethiye, Kas, Marmaris, Kalgan Island and Kemer. Please note that Kemer is far from the best option (there are too many tourists and there is no possibility of quality service).

When choosing a company, find out if it has a license from the Turkish Underwater Federation, and your "diving teacher" has a certificate of an instructor or an assistant instructor, because diving is a more dangerous pastime than fishing or sailing on a yacht. We also recommend that you check your health in advance, since this is your responsibility, and diving has some restrictions. Alcohol must not be consumed a couple of days before the dive - keep this in mind!

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