Soap bubble solution: do it yourself, play together

All kids love soap bubbles and inflate them with pleasure. This is great and harmless entertainment for the whole family, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Transparent balls with multi-colored tints will transform any photo, make it more original and interesting.

Sometimes children have a spontaneous urge to blow bubbles. But it is not at all necessary to urgently run to the store, because the soap solution can be prepared at home using ordinary household items. This way you can also save money.

Bubble Science

The process of creating a solution and forming bubbles from it can be scientifically explained. Surface tension is one of the properties of water, but bubbles from ordinary water burst quickly. And the addition of soap, shower gel or dishwashing detergent will reduce surface tension and form dense and large bubbles that stay intact longer. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to add glycerin or corn syrup to the solution.

Homemade soap solution

This is a versatile way to prepare a bubble solution with an optimal concentration of ingredients:

• 2 st. spoons of good syrup or glycerin;

• 4 Art. tablespoons of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent.

Mix everything thoroughly and intensively. When the soap is completely dissolved, the liquid becomes homogeneous, which means it is of high quality.

Colored Soap Recipe

Soap bubble solution: do it yourself, play together

Sweet and juicy pears in their own garden attract most land owners. Many gardeners have fallen in love with Moscow pear. She is patient with frost resistant to diseases and annually pleases with an abundance of crops. This article tells about how not to confuse a pear with other varieties, the rules of planting and caring for the tree.

Which species it belongs to

All varieties of pears are divided by type. Moscow, depending on the characteristics, refers to:

  • fruit crops according to the method of use;
  • according to the ripening period, fruits are medium (September), Moscow early yields a harvest in late July-early August;
  • winter-hardy crops;
  • medium-sized fruit trees;
  • self-fertile crops.

Fruit size is described as medium.

Breeding history and breeding region

Moskovskaya pear was obtained as a result of crossing Curé and Tonkovetka in 1991 at the Russian State Agrarian University (formerly the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy). The variety is zoned in the Moscow region, the Central strip and the north-western regions. The hybrid form is quite common in the Baltic countries.

Variety description

Moscow pear is characterized by medium height and wide pyramidal crown. The variety is winter-hardy, which is important for trees entering the growing season early. Moskovskaya tolerates recurrent frosts well.


Because of its name, Moskovskaya pear is often confused with other varieties.

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