Small meeting room for big tasks

Each office has a special room for negotiations and meetings or meeting rooms. It is impossible to imagine business development without contacts with partners, presentations and meetings.

Assigning meeting rooms

As you can see, the functionality of this room is wide enough, but not all companies have special rooms for such cases. Renting is always associated with time and financial costs. However, business does not stand still, and today large and costly conference rooms are being replaced by small meeting rooms that can be equipped in every office.

The advantages of small rooms

Small meeting rooms (huddle rooms) are the most popular trend of our time, reflecting the dynamism of a modern corporate culture focused on innovation and teamwork. The advantages of such premises are obvious:

  • The ability to make the most of space.
  • They allow you to save on rent and booking - in any office you can find a small room to equip it as a meeting room.
  • Closer and more productive communication with employees in a small room for 5-6 people, where everyone sits face to face, is easier to negotiate than in a large conference room.
  • The room can be easily equipped for video conferencing, which allows employees outside the office to participate in the work of the company. Modern digital technologies seem to be created for small spaces.
  • Allows you to save the company's budget, since you do not need to spend money on rent, and the furnishing of such a room will cost much less than for a large conference room.
  • Promotes team building and successful business - negotiations in a small room take place in a more relaxed atmosphere, which makes communication more trusting.

All this is the reason that small meeting rooms today are a successful competitor to large halls. They are more convenient for short meetings and small discussions.

Meeting room requirements

However, in order for a small meeting room to perform all the tasks assigned to it, it must meet certain requirements.

  • Good ventilation. Negotiations in a room with "nothing to breathe" will not be successful. Equip the room with a good air conditioner and make sure that it does not create unnecessary noise.
  • Soundproofing - extraneous noises should not penetrate into the room, distracting from the negotiations, the walls should absorb sound well so that there is no echo and the impression that the negotiations are taking place in the bathroom.
  • The room should meet the requirements of ergonomics, that is, it should have good natural light in the form of large windows, this avoids the effect of a closed space, for artificial lighting it is necessary to provide dimmers so that the light does not tire the eyes. Finally, it is necessary that the room has a sufficient number of outlets with built-in USB chargers so that you can urgently recharge your phone or laptop if negotiations drag on.
  • Finally, it must be properly furnished.

All these requirements did not arise from scratch. A properly planned and organized meeting room avoids the feeling of stuffiness, fatigue and depression during negotiations.

Small meeting room for big tasks

32 "TVs are convenient and small in size. They are allowed to be watched at a short distance, but at the same time not to lose the overall effect of watching your favorite films. Below are some of the best 32-inch TVs available.

People's vote for the best 32-inch TV


VVK TVs are the brainchild of a Chinese manufacturer, but they are assembled in Russia. The TV does not have a Smart TV, which in turn affected its agility and the model does not freeze while watching a movie. You can connect external media to the TV, watch TV programs by connecting an antenna. Also, a digital set-top box is suitable for it, which will be equipped with Smart TV and you will be able to access the Internet, as well as use factory applications. From the connectors there is an HDMI cable, composite input, SCART and VGA. There is also USB 2. - 2 pcs. The TV is equipped with a digital tuner that supports DVB-T / T2 / C / S2 standards. Powerful speakers of 8 W, give optimum sound in terms of volume. The viewing angles are expanded and are 178 degrees.




An even more affordable model of an unfamiliar brand is nevertheless in demand among buyers. The TV has a resolution of 1366 × 768 with extended viewing angles of 178 degrees. Two built-in speakers of 8 W each are responsible for the sound. The maximum brightness is 270 cd / m2, and the contrast is 3000: 1. The TV is equipped with a slim body with pleasant Edge LED illumination, which adds a special effect to the models when watching movies. There is no Smart TV here, but it is possible to connect a powerful TV box that will be equipped with it. This will minimize the load on the operating system of the TV and it will run faster. From the ports, users highlight HDMI, USB, VGA. There is also a digital tuner with support for the DVB-T2 / C signal format. The built-in media player will allow you to comfortably listen to music instead of movies or videos.




This model has been on the demand market for a long time, but it does not go out of the first ranks of popularity. The stylish design of the TV will allow you to choose it for any interior of the room. Thin bezels at the edges of the screen practically classify the model as bezel-less. The universal stand provides good stability on any surface, even very slippery ones. There is an IPS matrix with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 FullHD pixels. Thanks to such a matrix, the viewing angles here are significantly expanded, which makes it possible to watch TV from different angles without losing image quality. The IPS matrix is ​​rich in color, brightness and fine detail. The TV supports Smart TV, which gives it the ability to go online and use standard entertainment applications. Two speakers with a total power of 10 watts are responsible for the sound. From the connectors, the TV is equipped with a mini-Jack input (, digital (optical), two HDMI, DVB CAM, component input, RJ-45, two USB, SCART, and a D-Sub video input.

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