Samsung Galaxy A32 (SM-A325F / DS) smartphone review

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The A-series has an unconditional bestseller - the Galaxy A51, as well as the Galaxy A50 a year earlier, while the pair, the younger Galaxy A31 has never achieved comparable sales. There are several reasons for this, one of the main ones being the worse price / quality ratio than the Galaxy A51. Plus, due to the massiveness of the Galaxy A51, it quickly received various discounts, which made the cost of these models comparable, and it became pointless to choose a junior device. Therefore, we can safely assume that Galaxy A3x is an assortment offer, besides, they have always tried to achieve a favorable cost for the manufacturer. This is a typical offer of a smartphone for a person who comes to a store and simply chooses a device based on what he sees on the shelf, for those who are too lazy to spend a little time making an informed choice.

In 2021, prices for smartphones are slowly growing up, Samsung set one of the main tasks to keep the cost of the Galaxy A32 at the level of its predecessor, since it is the price that becomes one of the key factors when choosing. Therefore, we see a slightly different design of the Galaxy A32, these changes are not so significant, almost the same screen, chipset, memory size and a comparable set of cameras. By little things, you can dial more than a dozen changes, but in fact we have a tuning model of the previous year, which was changed with little blood. There is nothing wrong with that, as apart from the Galaxy A52, which will be announced later, this model looks interesting. But just like a year earlier, she goes into the shadows in front of her older brother, who is more interesting in every sense. Therefore, the Galaxy A32 was moved forward, while the A52 will appear later to give a slight advantage to this device.

I think that for those who are looking for a mid-range smartphone, you should wait for the Galaxy A52 and then consciously compare both prices and device capabilities. I am sure that it is the Galaxy A52 that will become a bestseller and will sell very well, perhaps just like the A51 will become the best-selling smartphone in Russia. But is there a certain niche for the Galaxy A32 too? I think that the choice of this device is quite adequate for everyone who is looking for a device for typical tasks, this model is positioned as a youth model. Bright color schemes, it should captivate precisely with the catchiness of the colors, which is why now the colors are called Awesome! Last year it was just a slogan for the Galaxy A31, now it has been transformed into the name of the colors. The design of all smartphones is more or less the same, but here the emphasis is on the strength of the case compared to its predecessor, plus youthful colors. I think this model is well suited for those who choose with their eyes.

Design, dimensions, controls

The key feature of the Galaxy A32 is the back panel, it is glossy, in bright colors, in some colors it is mint.

The first thing that comes to mind is a comparison with the iPhone 11, which has a similar design.

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