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The joke was several years ago.

My wife and I went into the subway, I took my bags after the Auchan, she is light. I'm literally a couple of seconds behind. She entered the carriage, sat down, put her hand on the next seat, as if taking it, but immediately pulled it back, because some kind of latent grandmother fell into it (the type of aunts who become grandmothers from 35-40 years old).

Her wife asked her to give up her seat (it was in a carriage with twin seats), despite the fact that there were seats in the carriage. Here she declares that she never yielded to men and that everyone owes her, etc. Well, apparently a person needs to take a shit with someone, otherwise the week will not work out straight. It looks into the eyes, you can see what is running up and even if you leave, it will stink into the infosphere for a very long time.

Despite the tiredness, I was in a great mood and, yawning, I said to her something in the style of "Do not swear, good to you and let grace fill you." And in a fit of youthful enthusiasm, he baptized her (for some reason).

Just imagine - my aunt tuned in to the battle, she was ready to break it into pieces, and then a bearded man under two meters in a leather jacket and a bondana intoned about love for his neighbor and baptized. For the first time in my life, I saw that a person's worldview changed several times in a couple of moments, the expression on his face, after which she moved somewhere to the side.

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Β In one of the ancient languages ​​(Sanskrit), words related to kyrkyme mean that it is capable of “expelling the worm from the body”, “it looks better” and makes it more clear , "Beautiful as the starry sky."

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Gastrointestinal potion from Kyrgyzstan

The gut suppresses the putrid microflora in the intestine, cleans the gut from excess mucus, normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It has a stimulating, healing and antibacterial effect, improves metabolism. Used in the treatment of food and blood circulation systems. They are natural antibiotics. It helps to improve food digestion, helps to maintain normal intestinal flora, reduces the number of gases, and has tonic properties. From diseases of the food system treats indigestion, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Κyrkyma - cosmetical doctor

Kyrkyma is irreplaceable for all diseases. She is capable of a good exchange of substances. Fragrance paste is an excellent remedy against eczema, itching (outside), quickly dissolves fries. Β In India, Kurkima is widely used as a cosmetical remedy: it improves the color of the face, cleans the skin, and opens the sweat glands.

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