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I will make a reservation right away that thanks to my parents, who worked hard as if not into themselves, I did not feel hunger and need. However, recalling those times, some things that then looked like something ordinary and familiar, now seem wild or unreal.

And so. Several sketches from the life of a small provincial town in the northern part of central Russia in the dashing 90s.

In 97th year my mother was lucky enough to fly to Holland for work. From there, she brought back a bunch of bulbs and seeds of various colors, including a perennial ornamental poppy. Like that.

Picture taken from the Internet

By the beginning of July, all this beauty faded and boxes began to form. And then one not very beautiful morning, my mother discovers that all the bushes are uprooted and carried away in an unknown direction. Honestly, we were thinking about a couple of neighbors, who didn’t rest in my mother’s blooming garden. However, over the remaining two months of the summer, Roma and the police have repeatedly raided our street. Both those and others looked over the fence into the front garden, looking out for something. One of the neighbors was almost taken to the cop because of the red anemones (oops, confused).

In the fifth grade, they sent us all 5 "B" for two weeks to the boarding house "Solnechny Bor". There was then such a tradition at the beginning of the school year to send children in whole classes to rest after a hard summer.

In addition to several classes from our school, ordinary citizens on vacation were vacationing there. We rested with families, noisy companies, and even singles.

One of our favorite entertainments then was the video salon. It was a separate building on the territory of the boarding house, in which there was a small room with rows of chairs and a miniature bar counter where you could buy a glass of cola, beer, gum and ice cream. On the wall, almost under the ceiling, there was a TV connected to a VCR, on which foreign films were shown with a nasal translation. The most popular, of course, were the militants, and in the evenings in the "not childish" time - porn. It was there that I first saw the amazing film "The Raven", from which for many years I was imbued with the gloomy atmosphere of gothic rock.

And here we go one afternoon in a friendly company to the next screening of an imported action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role, but no one is allowed into the salon. A couple of other tourists came up with us. What happened? Why are they not allowed in? The owner of the establishment informs in a casual tone that the salon is closed for sanitation, i.e. last night a guy was shot there, who prevented the brothers from raping his young wife for German porn. Well, ok, we thought. We, 10-year-old shibzdiks, did not seem to be something exceptional then. What a fool, we discussed the incident, I found it when my wife and I wander around the salons! Everyone knows that "the city falls asleep, the mafia wakes up." They killed in those years in the city often, after 21. 0 it is better for a mere mortal not to meddle in the street under any pretext. There was a constant redistribution of territories between the "basements" and our life sometimes very much resembled the notorious American militants. Maybe that's why we liked them so much?

Our small town was twinned with several European cities, since the party line, the thirst for freebies and the desire to survive in spite of everyone forced us to be friends with the prosperous west stronger than with neighboring settlements. Thanks to this, humanitarian aid often flew from Germany to the city-forming, crumbling state farm. We were lucky then, Mom was on the distribution board, so we could skim the cream off. I remember those evenings when my parents came home with huge bales of all sorts of rags and my mother and I began to selflessly rummage through imported clothes. You could take no more than five things per family member. The happiest find for me then was the clutch. A real, spotted faux fur muff with a string! Like Gerda from the Snow Queen! Mom then tried to dissuade me from taking this impractical accessory, but I rested my horn. Needless to say, this crap was mega-inconvenient! But I steadfastly walked down the street, without taking my hands out of it, for which I paid a couple of times with my nose smashed into ice.

As a conclusion, I would like to note that my relatively prosperous 90s are rather an exception. Yes, thanks to the fact that my parents plowed at two jobs, kept a backyard farm (cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, in total about 50 acres of vegetable gardens), me, my retired grandparents, uncle and aunt (teachers in school) was lucky not to know what hunger is. There was always meat, fresh vegetables and milk on the table. But it is precisely because of this that I still hate doing all sorts of gardening business, and for the first 16 years of my life, summer was firmly associated with me exclusively with weeding, hilling, haymaking, milking and cleaning cattle. In the summer, I had to work hard, because. already at the age of 7-8, I clearly understood that parents should be given three months to rest, they are not made of iron. Nevertheless, the consequences of that difficult time for the parents were several times torn backs, heart problems, an unwound nervous system, and stomach ulcers.

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Easter is the time to do a good deed - to surprise and please loved ones. On the great Christian holiday, relatives and friends gather at a solemn table and exchange warm congratulations.

You need to hand over the Easter gift with bright thoughts and good intentions, and approach the choice with all your heart.

Gifts for Easter

Since the main church holiday does not tolerate pretentiousness and posturing, you need to focus not on the value of the gift, but on its message.

The thing should be associated with spiritual and cultural values, evoke positive emotions. The presentations, selected according to personal tastes and preferences, emphasize respect and attention, which is doubly pleasant.

Traditionally, Easter eggs and Easter cake are presented.

Lush and sweet bread, a symbol of the holiday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, according to beliefs, attracts prosperity and prosperity to the house. The egg denotes the rebirth of a new life, the beginning of the universe.

Products are packed in a basket, cellophane with a decorative ribbon or placed on an embroidered towel.

Gifts for Parents

Some items in the form of Easter attributes serve useful functions:

  • Caskets, watches, perfumes in the form of a dye or Easter cake will remind you of a bright holiday all the years round.
  • Textiles are a practical gift for parents.

Textiles can be donated in the form:

Perga is a flower pollen, partially fermented by the saliva of bees. It is located in a honeycomb under a layer of honey.

Perga is different from regular pollen. In the combs, it is without air access, where it gradually hardens under the influence of bee saliva, fungi, lactic acid and bacteria.

Perga is a nutritious reserve for bees for the winter, a kind of bee bread. She will taste rye bread with a taste of honey both in appearance and taste.

Description and characteristics of honey with perga

First, let's find out what each component of the mixture is. Honey is a viscous substance that is a product of the processing of nectar in the goiter of a bee. Perga is pollen that bees collect and form a pollen from it, deliver it in the form of a dense ball and fill the honeycomb with it, treating it with their saliva and nectar.

Did you know? Bees use bee bread to feed their brood. When the processed pollen is eaten, the circulatory, nervous, cardiovascular systems and the digestive tract are formed in the larvae within three days, and the weight of the brood increases 1500 times.

On top of the honeycomb with pollen, honey is sealed so that it does not come into contact with oxygen. Under the influence of lactic acid, pollen is converted into bee bread.

What it looks like

In its pure form, fresh bee bread has a heterogeneous color, since pollen from different plants can be in one cell. Ripening, it becomes almost uniform.

A mixture of honey and bee bread has a non-uniform consistency and a dark brown color.

Taste and aroma

It tastes sweet and sour and will make you drink black rye bread mixed with honey. Her aroma is the same, bread and honey.

This natural product is characterized by a pleasant sweet taste with a slight sourness. Often, taste is equated with rye bread. This substance is produced in several stages.

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