Razboltovaya VAZ 2109; what is the diameter of the holes

Nothing enhances the appearance of a boat like a fresh coat of paint. Whether your boat is wood, steel, or fiberglass, modern, easy-to-apply boat paints can breathe new life into the top of your boat.

Nothing enhances the appearance of a boat like a fresh coat of high quality boat paint. Whether your boat is wood, steel or fiberglass, modern, easy-to-apply top coatings can breathe new life into your boat's topsides.

But it's not as easy as applying a layer of enamel to any surface. To get the best results from your boat paint, you'll need to spend hours sanding, primer, putty, and fairing.

The good news is that the best boat paints available today are easier than ever to apply and are designed to provide a superior DIY applicator finish.

A roller and brush are all you need for a good result, and your boat will look much better over time. Pay attention to the instructions and, above all, the recommendations for weather, temperature and surface preparation, and you will be on your way to a perfect finish.

In general terms, you can consider two different types of boat paint - one and two component. Let's take a closer look.

The best one-component paint for boats

This type of boat paint is relatively inexpensive, available in a wide range of colors and is easy to apply. Most will dry out due to solvent evaporation, and it will be easy for a DIY boat owner to apply with a brush or roller, or sometimes both, using a roller and tip method.

  • Easier to apply than 2K boat paint
  • Cheaper than 2K paint

  • Softer and less durable than 2K paint

International Toplac Boat Paint

This is a classic one-time use boat paint. It has a good reputation for ease of application and durability, and is easy to apply. Available in a wide range of colors, it is claimed to last longer than conventional one-component enamels, and its silicone-alkyd technology produces a high gloss and lustrous color. 2-3 coats recommended, Pre-Kote primer recommended for surface preparation.

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Any owner of a VAZ-2109 sooner or later has a question: what is the bolt pattern on the disks of their car? Usually they ask it at the moment when they begin to think about replacing these important elements of the wheels, which ensure traffic safety and the image attractiveness of the vehicle.

In general, the concept of "bolt pattern" means the distance from the center of one mounting hole of the disc to another. For the most part, this parameter is the same for all products of the Volzhsky Automobile Plant, but in general no standard values ​​have been developed. Therefore, the bolt holes on the hubs are not the same for different manufacturers.

Razorovka - dimensions

This parameter of the wheels of VAZ cars is marked with such a combination - 4 × 98. As mentioned before, this is a standard value for all models of a domestic manufacturer.

It stands for it quite simply. So:

  • the first number (4) speaks only about the number of fasteners provided for fixing the disc;
  • the second (98) - means the gap between the holes (or rather their centers) in millimeters.

Many have noticed that the corresponding markings on foreign vehicles begin with the number 5. As you might guess - it should be understood this way - the disc is attached directly to the hub with just that many bolts.

If you draw a circle through the holes, you get the overall diameter. In particular, the VAZ-2109 leaves the factory conveyor with 13-inch disks.

They use tires of the following marking - 175/70 R13.

When planning to purchase third-party rims for your car, it is important to know which ones are suitable for your model. In particular:

  • it is best to choose those that have the following dimensions - 5.5 by 13.5 inches;
  • 5.5 by 14 are also not bad;
  • can be set and 6 to 14.

The 9 Best Finishes for DIY Fiberglass, Wood or Metal Nothing enhances the look of your boat like a fresh coat of paint. No matter if your boat is

Until what year were the vases produced

It so happened that the VAZ-2109 has always been more popular than the VAZ-2108. And this is despite the fact that the "eight" began to be produced earlier than the legendary "nine". At the time of the start of production, the VAZ-2109 was already popular, because the 5-door hatchback was more practical and more convenient than the 3-door. Now this car is still in great demand and the price for it practically does not fall. How did it all begin?


The first "Nine" appeared in 1987 - it was then that its release began. This version was not much different from the VAZ-2108, only by the presence of 5 doors instead of 3. However, even then the car found its first fans.

Large-scale changes took place in 1991, which affected the appearance. Then in the front part they added an elongated hood, fenders and changed the radiator grille. Externally, the car has changed quite well, there are more fans. However, the salon remained the same. When driving, its elements created an unpleasant sound. For this reason, the engineers changed the design of the center panel, which is now "high". Creaks and other unpleasant sounds are gone, and a tachometer and trip computer were added to the dashboard. However, this innovation was only available in a complete package.

With regard to the technical equipment, there were no changes, it remained the same as that of the VAZ-2108: initially the car was produced with engine 1., and then versions of 1. and 1. liters were added. Engine 1. was installed on specimens for export. Later, the car began to be equipped with only engine version 1., the rest were removed. In a very limited number, copies were produced with a VAZ-415 engine, the power of which made it possible to accelerate the car to 200 km / h.

Right-hand drive versions were also produced for export. However, now it is almost impossible to find such, since they are all converted for left-hand drive. Index for right-hand drive "nines" 21096 or 21098.


Soon, re-export options began to appear on the secondary market. Then they immediately found their customers, since the build quality was better, and there were a lot of improvements.

In 1997, the assembly of the VAZ-2109 began in Finland. However, this did not last long, only one year. The car was equipped with body-colored bumpers and fog lights. On request, a plant in Finland could provide a car with an airbag in the steering wheel, as well as an alarm and other options. The suspension of these versions has been modified.

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