PVC panel Kenzo pattern 0.25x2.7 m (2 panels) / background 1 panel

Spring holiday is approaching - International Women's Day on March 8! Surely you have already begun to think about how to please your beautiful ladies? How to give gifts outside the box?

Of course, arrange a quest to find a hidden surprise! This is a captivating intellectual entertainment, more interesting than regular contests or standard congratulatory programs.

The quest for March 8 with the search for a hidden surprise according to the tips is a chain of puzzles, rebuses and encryptions written on sheets of paper by hand or printed on a printer. The answer to each task points to a place indoors or outdoors where the next clue is hidden. After solving all the puzzles one by one, the players find a cache of hidden gifts.

For the quest to be successful and turn out to be festive and unforgettable, the organizer needs to take into account many important points: the age of the participants, their interests, the design of tasks and the choice of interesting puzzles that will allow the heroes of the occasion to show their intellectual abilities: ingenuity, erudition, and attentiveness.

Registration of quest tasks for March

It will be great if you can style your clues using a variety of floral designs, patterns and backgrounds associated with the Spring Festival. If you do not have the opportunity to decorate the tips using a graphic editor, you can search the Internet for backgrounds with suitable frames, and then manually enter the tasks.

Quest topics for March

Quest tasks for March 8 should not be monotonous. It is advisable to use different topics that are of interest to women, for example:

Interesting quest ideas for the March quest

If you decide to independently make a quest for women for March 8, you need to make sure that the tasks are interesting and varied. Each hint should be original, not similar to the previous ones.

Interesting quest ideas for the March 8 quest



Overall dimensions: 0.25x2.7 m. Thickness: 8 mm. Quantity with packaging: 12 pcs. Area in 1 package: 8.1 sq. ... You can buy the Kenzo PVC panel pattern 0.25x2.7 m (2 panels) from us by calling or placing the product in the basket. Qualified specialists are able to help with the choice, calculate the required amount and answer all your questions.

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The technology of fast construction of houses from ready-made SIP panels came from Canada and the USA. This system has been used here for over 80 years. Now such houses are being built in all climatic regions of Russia. The popularity of these buildings is explained by the inexpensive cost, comfortable layouts of the house and rather quick installation.

Features of the house made of SIP - panels

The house is built from special panels, they are joined together with a bar. This technology is much faster than the construction of frame houses. A house made of self-supporting insulated wire panels does not need an additional frame supporting the external and internal walls, the roof.

Features of sip panels

This is a multi-layer element, where between two layers of OSB there is foam polystyrene insulation. Benefits of a sip panel:

  • withstands heavy loads thanks to durable OSB boards, which consist of natural wood chips;
  • retains heat well thanks to a thick layer of insulation;
  • quick and convenient installation.

Unscrupulous manufacturers produce SIP panels of poor quality, where the layers are not securely fastened to each other, and instead of expanded polystyrene, a cheaper foam insulation is used. Such a panel is not suitable for construction, you can recognize the foam by large granules that are clearly visible.

Construction stages and home benefits

First, the project is developed, then calculations are performed, the shape and size of the panels are developed based on their loads on the floors. All elements of the house are manufactured at the factory. For a house with an area of ​​200-250 square meters, you can bring all the panels and additional elements on one truck, since the house is very light. Therefore, a lightweight foundation is used for the structure, for example, a strip foundation, and lightweight piles are used on difficult soils. Thanks to a layer of insulation, the house retains heat well.

The layouts of the house are very diverse, it is possible to make a spacious room that combines the kitchen, dining room and living room. A pool table can be set up in a separate room or living room. Such a solution is suitable for an interior in any style and can become both a recreation area and a place for entertainment.

Cons of a house made of light SIP - panels

Today we take a look at the giant from Xiaomi - Mi Max 3 and compare it with its predecessor - Mi Max 2. You can read the full review of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 here.

Package contents (the same for both phones):

Mi Max 3 Specifications:

Comparison of specifications with Mi Max 2 (in English):

The smartphone is available in three color variations, as well as with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of permanent memory or 6GB and 128GB.

Thanks to small design changes, the Mi Max 3 is not as slippery as the Mi Max 2 and feels better in the hand (thanks to the slightly protruding screen).

It's worth noting that the Mi Max 3 is thicker than the Mi Max 2. The build quality is excellent in both devices, the volume buttons and on / off play a little more in Mi Max 3 (on the left, Mi Max 2, on the right Mi Max 3).

In the pocket, the Mi Max 3 takes up almost as much space as the Mi Max 2 (on the left, Mi Max 2, on the right, Mi Max 3).

The phone works with two SIM cards of the Nano-SIM format or one SIM card and a microSD memory card. • Unlike Mi Max 2, the home, back buttons and the latest applications are on the screen. They can be removed and replaced with gestures.

• In the version with 64GB of memory, the user has 50. 4GB.

Camera The phone has a dual rear camera (12MP + 5MP) and a front camera (8MP). There is a manual settings mode (ISO (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200), autofocus, white balance and shutter speed (1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30 , 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 seconds).

Video can be shot in UHD 4K (30fps), FHD 1080P (60fps), FHD 1080P (30fps), HD720 (30fps).

The quality of the rear camera is one level higher than that of the Mi Max 2, but the quality of the front camera on the Mi Max 3 is much worse. Hopefully the quality will improve in future updates.

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