Pictures of leaves and birds of flowers; Masters of Art Oshiban

Among other changes, every historical era was accompanied by a fashion for art. The Renaissance with its frescoes and brilliant artists - Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo. The Middle Ages as a whole presented masterpieces with a predominantly Christian overtones. Pictures with royal luxury and the beauty of female nudity were in vogue.

But this is all in the past. Now it is in vogue to create voluminous masterpieces using the most unusual and seemingly inappropriate material. Among other areas, Oshiban's ancient art has become popular - the creation of paintings using leaves, flower petals and algae. Japan is considered the birthplace of this technique, since it mastered the tricks of the craft more than 600 years ago. However, references to skillful herbariums can also be found among the ancient Egyptians, the ancestors of the inhabitants of China, Thailand and Korea. Kazuo Akasaki is the first contemporary Asian artist to participate in a fine arts exhibition.

Random Thought Grand Prix

The once poor artist Kazuo Akasaki uses only fallen leaves, which does not subject any staining. Due to the fact that the structure of the dried sheet is fragile, the process of creating paintings takes from several months to six months. Its history and dedication to art is worthy of respect. After all, even when the artist was poor, and the creditors did not give passage, Kazuo continued to create.

One fine day, the phone rang in the master's house. It was a message that the work of K. Kasaki won the Grand Prix at the famous Paris exhibition "Salon de Paris". Since then, Akasaki's life has changed dramatically. His paintings cost a lot of money. In addition, the artist became the founder of his own schools and the author of teaching aids.

Subsequently, the artist managed to win more than one significant award, Kazuo's books take first places in international competitions. The master did not stop experimenting and has already managed to create a series of paintings from coffee or with the image of the Olympic panda bears.

Birds of Hong Yi Flowers

But the artist from the neighboring republic of China was more fortunate. Despite her young age, she has become a world famous original. She makes her portraits from candle wax, seeds or socks. Food illustrations are fun and entertaining. Although a few years ago, she worked as an architect in Shanghai. Previously, Hong Yi managed to graduate from two universities: the Melbourne University of Architecture and the University of Delft with a technical faculty.

The girl's first work was a portrait of the artist Ai Weiwei, which she made using sunflower seeds. But the works from the "Flower Birds" project are considered especially striking and unusual. The artist conveys the image of birds with the help of flower petals. Hong Yi calls this art form one of the most difficult, the fragility and delicate structure of the petals makes it painstaking to work for more than one hour, and maybe even a day.

Paintings made of fluff and onion skins

There is also a celebrity on the territory of the post-Soviet space. Tatyana Berdnik became the follower of Oshibana's art. A native of Kiev by education, a teacher, he considers journalism to be his vocation, like her father, who was recognized as a famous journalist. However, the soul led Tatiana to artistic floristry.

Regular experiments in the technology of plant art, glorified the artist as a master of florography, flora, Japanese miniature and, of course, floristic painting. For work, the Kiev woman uses more than 1000 plants of the domestic flora.

In her country, the artist founded a creative association of artists in plant art. And many of her works have been added to the private collections of art connoisseurs in Russia, Japan and Europe, America and Canada. One of the advantages of unusual creativity Tatiana calls the availability of material. A masterpiece can be depicted from a blade of grass or leaf, petal or needle, moss, onion husks and even poplar fluff.

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