Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in shade 04; tip and swatch

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in shade 04 arrived to me in one of the goody bags on the Cult Beauty website. And since I love and often use burgundy-brown shades in makeup, I was happy with such a selection of colors. And read on for my review of the palette.

Description of Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette in shade and decoration

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 is a quintet of five pigmented eyeshadows that perfectly layered and blend flawlessly, don't slip and last all day. Palette number 04 contains rich burgundy-brown colors that perfectly match each other.

The packaging of the palette, like the other fives in this series, is simple, but of high quality. Made of plastic, it closes very tightly, and the refills themselves are magnetically attached, so if you wish, you can take them out and form your own magnetic palette.

Description of shades and swatch

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in shade 04 has two color ranges - burgundy pink and golden brown. I think, if desired, all five shades can really be perfectly combined with each other. But I usually only mix pink with burgundy, and brown with golden bronze, adding the lightest color to the corner of the eye.

There are two finishes - matte and four metallics, one of which is slightly muted, so it looks almost satin. With brand metallics, I usually never have problems, since they do not emphasize the texture of the skin of the eyelids to me. And this palette was no exception, no matter how dense layer I applied the shades.

And the durability of the eyeshadows is also no different from the other palettes of the brand that I have - without a base on my lids prone to oily lids they last literally several hours, after which they begin to gather in folds. But with a good base, everything is fine, because the shades do not fade or crumble throughout the day.

And about each shade separately:

  • 25M Aura is a milky shade with a yellowish overflow that my camera could not catch. Has that muted metallic finish that almost looks like satin. Of the entire palette, my least favorite shade in terms of quality due to the fact that it is dry, so when applied with a brush, it lays down with spots and seems to crumble. No problem when applied with your finger
  • 31M Cool Bronze is a golden bronze shade with a metallic finish. But this color is my least favorite in the palette in terms of shade. I love gold in makeup, but when it's muted, and not as yellow as here. Therefore, I always apply in a very thin layer so as not to increase the yellowness. It is applied perfectly both with brushes and with a finger
  • 63M Oxide is a very beautiful burgundy metallic without too red undertones. Looks nice both as the main color in makeup and in combination with the pinkish shade of Moonstone from the same palette
  • 70P Cool Plum is the only matte shade that looks like a regular brown in the refill, but it contains subtle burgundy notes. The texture is soft, not dusty or frayed, shaded well. The only negative for me is that it cannot be layered until dark
  • 59M Moonstone is a pale pink shade with a silvery sheen and a metallic finish. Of the entire palette, the hand reaches for this color most often, because I have no similar colors in my collection

And swatch shades (applied with a finger without a base in one layer)

And my impressions

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in shade 04; tip and swatch

We invite you to find out which flower corresponds to your name. This list contains only the most common names in the post-Soviet space.

If you suddenly did not find your name on the list, then do not despair. Surely your name is very beautiful and unique.

Surprisingly, few people know that every female name corresponds to a flower. Previously, this was well known and on the name day and birthday the girl was given these very flowers. They were believed to bring good luck to the owner of the name.

A dried flower of its own name is a very powerful talisman that will bring happiness and prosperity to the owner. If a lady is unlucky in love, you need to decorate the house with flowers of your name, they will attract your betrothed.

Flower named Alina

The flower of the name Alina is a lily. This delicate flower delights the eye of everyone who looks at them. In the Christian tradition, the lily symbolizes purity and innocence, while several lilies located on one stem denote virginity, rebirth and, accordingly, immortality. The straight stem of a lily is the personification of the Divine mind, while drooping leaves are a symbol of modesty. The lily, which is surrounded by thorns, symbolizes the Immaculate Conception as well as purity among sins. The owner of this name has the same temperament. Usually women with this name are very sociable and purposeful. In addition, they easily become the life of the party. that strong-willed, reasonable, fair and intelligent woman knows how to laugh at herself, which allows her to enlist the support and respect of her colleagues and friends, who appreciate her for her poise, reliability and a great sense of humor.

Alexander Flower

A rose is rightfully considered a flower named after Alexander. As soon as this delightful flower is called: the queen of gardens, the goddess of the dawn, the princess of flowers, a symbol of beauty ... There are many legends, songs, poems about the rose, it is deified, its image is displayed on coats of arms and flags.

Alexandra is a truly royal name among female names. Proud and domineering, arrogant and hot, tender and cruel - this is the nature of this woman. Like her flower - a rose - she has an amazing beauty that will certainly catch your eye. They envy Alexandra, they even hate her, they constantly gossip about her, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to her.

Alexandra's heart is unapproachable. Like a rose, it is surrounded by thorns and can hurt a man's feelings. A decisive and desperate person can conquer it. Alexandra-rose will always have an attractive power for men, but it “blooms” only in free conditions.

Flower named Alla

Alla's flower is an azalea. As you know, its large, bright yellow flowers contain a dangerous poison. Therefore, it is best to behave with Alla with caution and restraint.

Alla-azalea has an expressive appearance, she is all bright, catchy, attractive. She unwittingly arouses the sympathy of others and, thanks to this, often makes a rapid career, quickly reaching high positions. Spontaneous and cheerful, Alla, however, can be extremely vindictive if offended. In addition, the yellow color of azaleas is a sign of insecurity. Therefore, do not trust Alla too much - she is on her own mind.

Eyeshadow palette Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in shade 04 - a review about each shade, swatch eyeshadow, price and where to buy in Russia and Ukraine

Beauty requires sacrifice, says popular wisdom. There was a reason for this thought in the minds of millions. Every corner of the world has always had its own standards of beauty and it was not always really something beautiful. Sometimes women had to experience real torture in order to achieve the external signs generally accepted in the area. Ear piercings and tattoos are half the trouble. Some metamorphoses often ended with the death of the "beauty". In this material you will find 6 of the most cruel and stupid traditions of different peoples from around the world. It's great to live in a civilized world, isn't it?

Naked Fashion in Century Europe

"Victims of fashion" in the second half of the 18th century began to call girls who were overly fond of the so-called "empire fashion", wore extremely light chiffon dresses, trying to imitate the images of ancient beauties. In flowing translucent capes, moistened with water for a spectacular drapery, secular lionesses boldly went out into the street on fierce frosty days and immediately fell ill with pneumonia or consumption. Two centuries ago, these diseases were practically incurable. The French Journal de Mode addressed the ladies with a warning in 1802, recommending that readers visit the Montmarthe Cemetery and see how many young girls fell victim to "nude fashion."

Lotus feet in ancient China

However, in comparison with the ancient customs of some peoples of the world, the "difficulties" of European fashion are sheer trifles. Much more serious difficulties were encountered in those countries where the aesthetics of the deformed female body was revered. So, in ancient China, tiny legs, which were called "lotus", were considered irresistible. Despite the sophisticated name, they looked more like hooves: from the age of four, the girl's limbs were constantly bandaged, 4 fingers "grew" to the foot, the length of which was 7-10 cm. The legs often bled, rotted, exuded a fetid odor, bones broke, nails grew in into the skin. Girls in the richest families were tortured, this was a sign of aristocracy and a guarantee of a successful marriage. By the way, the husband never saw his wife's “lotus” feet, even in bed she remained in elegant shoes.

Swan Neck Kayan Women

Feminine beauty through the eyes of the inhabitants of the Kayan tribe was in the swan neck - the main maiden pride, which, of course, was not given to local women by nature. From the age of five, the parents put on the first six brass rings for the child, and in the subsequent years of life, until marriage, they added new ones. The weight sometimes reached 9 kg, it was believed that with such a long neck a girl was guaranteed a successful marriage. By the way, as a punishment for infidelity, the husband could take off the rings, thereby dooming the woman to certain death from suffocation.

Smile Tattoos for Ainu Women

No less cruel is the tradition of lip tattooing among the representatives of the Ainu ethnic group, who made special cuts in the form of a smile with a knife, filling the wounds with ash. In this way, they hoped to find family well-being and tranquility in the afterlife.

Apatanis women ugly tattoos