Coffee training courses for beginners and those in the subject

Selection of courses in different formats for different purposes

When you start studying a topic, there is a chance to drown in the flow of information. Moreover, it does not always turn out to be reliable and really useful. The same can be said about coffee information.

So that you immediately get the knowledge and skills you need, we have compiled our own selection of courses on coffee. Beginners will be able to get acquainted with the coffee industry, and pros will be able to pump their skills and analyze some questions in more detail.

How useful. This is an online course for those who are just getting started on their coffee journey. Students will learn all about its origins, cupping rules and learn how to independently choose the grain for brewing.

Organizer. Hedonism Academy is Russia's first online platform for wine and gastronomy lovers. The course instructor is Irina Sharipova, three-time winner of the 2012–2014 Barista Championship in St. Petersburg and an international coffee coach.

Learning process. All classes are online. There is a theoretical part and a practical one - in the format of online tastings. Lessons can be watched at a convenient time, and after completing homework, you can get feedback from teachers.

How useful. A course for those who are already familiar with coffee. Baristas will be able to consolidate existing work skills and learn new things about the profession and the rules of tasting.

Learning process. Consists of 8 lessons, duration is one month. The program focuses on coffee sensory analysis, latte art judging sheets, and alternative coffee brewing methods.

One free trial lesson is provided. You can purchase access in installments and start training immediately after payment. Upon completion of the online course, participants receive a certificate from the Hedonism Academy.

In addition to courses, Irina conducts an online coffee intensive. On it, participants analyze all the main myths and misconceptions from the world of coffee. The information is presented in audio and video format, access is granted for 60 days. Participants communicate in a closed chat.

How useful. Here you can find different coffee programs for newcomers and those who have been in the coffee industry for a long time. Beginners will learn about the history of coffee, participate in cupping and learn how to brew coffee in an alternative way at home. Experts will take part in a professional tasting, analyze methods of working with milk and latte art techniques.

Organizer. Doubleby Academy. The courses are taught by certified SCA trainers - Dmitry Koryukin, Maria Nurtdinova, Evgeny Gatsman.

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I have medium length curly hair that I have been trying in vain to grow back for several years now. The whole problem is that every six months I want to make a square or a bang. As a good partner, my husband supports me. Mom also likes a short haircut. However, hers is not a Soviet inflated hat, but an elegant hairstyle.

Ladies after 50, in my observation, are divided into 2 types: those who love themselves as they are, and those who are trying to improve to the last. My mom belongs to the second type. Her short haircut undergoes modifications after a month. Here are the hairstyles her hairdresser recommends.

Stylish asymmetry

Asymmetrical bob seems to be created in order to interest others in your person. This year, this hairstyle is especially popular not only among young girls, but also among older women. The only caveat is that hair in such a haircut is quite difficult to style. We'll have to fill our hand.

Militia is always in trend

Milky hair looks idle and interesting, even if you haven't worked on it for a long time. It is not for nothing that milling is a favorite type of hair coloring for many stars. Neat light strands against the background of caramel or chestnut ones look elegant and fresh. Do it, you won't go wrong!

Spectacular gray hair

If your hair is covered with noble hoarfrost, don't even dare to hide it under ammonia paint. Get a stylish haircut and keep grooming your hair. Silk shiny hairstyles, effectively styled into a hairstyle, are now at their peak of popularity. Do not be ashamed of your age, but be proud of it!

Bright colors

There is another plus in gray hair: you don't need to highlight your hair if you want to try on a bright color. Purple-haired grandmothers are treated with condescension and derision in our society. But in the West such a bold style is presented by older ladies and admired. The main thing is everything in moderation.

It should be noted that not every haircut is too short. For example, hairdressers recommend to have a haircut “like a boy” only for slender young ladies with sophisticated features. Otherwise, you will flaunt all your flaws (a long nose, sagging cheeks or wrinkles near the eyes). Be sure to check with a master before chopping from the shoulder.

Quality coffee has a strong aroma and unique taste. With the addition of alcohol, the unique properties of coffee are revealed with double power. The aroma and tonic effect are enhanced. A small amount of moonshine on coffee helps to reduce drowsiness and tune in to important tasks. In a tincture created on your own, the unpleasant aroma of moonshine will not be felt.

Subtleties of making moonshine on coffee

The quality of the ingredients should be the best, this will affect the taste. There are no special requirements for coffee, but it is recommended to use the most aromatic drink.

Moonshine should be clean, without harmful components and impurities. If, according to the recipe, you need to dilute vodka with water, then it must be filtered, or spring.

In addition to the main components, various additives are used in recipes. It can be spices, nuts, citrus fruits. Moonshine is sometimes substituted for cognac, brandy, or rum.

Moonshine for coffee is a self-sufficient drink, but it is often used to make cocktails.

Effects on the body

Coffee is a good antioxidant. Drinking a drink can increase blood pressure, which is important for hypotensive patients. In extreme climates, coffee protects the body from external irritants.

Although the drink tones the brain, the effect is short-lived, so it can be harmful for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Regular coffee consumption helps prevent cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The risk of developing diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis is reduced.

When the tincture is abused, the pressure may increase, the cardiovascular system malfunctions. If, due to health reasons, it is not recommended to consume coffee, or moonshine, the tincture should be discarded.

The drink is definitely contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as children and adolescents.

Moonshine Coffee Recipes

All people in the world are divided into two categories: those who start the day with coffee according to tradition and for the sake of pleasure, while others drink this strong drink solely for its invigorating properties. It is the second category that this article is devoted to.

I always want coffee, especially in the cold season. No wonder, because there is no sun, daylight hours are shorter, there is little energy, and we are trying in every possible way to cheer up and warm up.

If you do not adore coffee, and drink it only to wake up the body, then the following information will help you. Did you know that coffee is far from the most reliable alarm clock for a tired body? If you don't believe it, then read it.

Ginger Tea

Tea with ginger is an incredibly healthy drink, which is not just a natural energetic for your body, but also a source of eternal youth and beauty. The smell of this tea alone will make even a brown bear wake up in the coldest winter. And its properties don't stop at just an alternative substitute for caffeine.

First, ginger tea is the first and last drink for anyone trying to lose weight, because ginger helps speed up metabolism and breaks down fats quickly. Also, ginger helps our immunity to resist seasonal diseases. And besides the above listed abilities, ginger is also very useful for people who are engaged in mental work, because it helps to concentrate attention.

Lemon Water

For people who follow a healthy diet, it has long been known that it is worth starting your morning with a glass of warm water with lemon. Such a drink is not only able to invigorate the body, but also has a host of other abilities.

Firstly, it helps to lose weight and speed up metabolism. Secondly, it perfectly cleanses the blood and copes well with high blood pressure. And finally, it gives your skin a beauty and fresh look, helps relieve fatigue.

Pomegranate Juice

In terms of potassium content, pomegranate juice wins many times not only in coffee, but also in other juices. It is able to tone the body with health benefits, because, unlike tart coffee, it does not accelerate the heartbeat. Also, pomegranate juice is very useful to drink even for pregnant women and small children.

Green Smoothies

Any green smoothies perfectly cope with the role of a drink of vigor. You can make them with parsley, cucumber, celery, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, apples, in short, any green fruits and vegetables.

One of the most pressing issues for every developer is the construction budget, which directly depends on the cost of building materials and components. Wherever reinforced concrete monolith is used, one of the most significant cost items is reinforcement, around which there is now a great excitement due to a sharp and unjustified rise in prices. However, prices have risen before, albeit not on such a scale. A member of our portal with the nickname Thunder999, in 2019 he managed to buy fittings for his reinforced insulated slab and saved a lot on three tons. Many consider the DOW stove to be too expensive a pleasure, but if you do the lion's share of the work yourself, the cost is quite adequate. Moreover, it turns out that a base for finishing with engineering systems and a heated floor contour is obtained.


What is the reason for the choice of a reinforced insulated slab

House Thunder999 plans to build two floors, from aerated concrete blocks D400, according to the project Leader 83A, with a bay window and other "delights". In particular, the first floor is planned to be of a studio type, without load-bearing partitions, so there will be a pillar in the center, which determined the choice of the base.

My foundation area is 140 sq. m. A two-storey house made of aerated concrete, DOW stove, only because there is a pillar in the center, on the ground floor there is a studio. If not for him, I would have chosen UWB, I really want to make a zero cycle and never come back to it. You can even heat the unfinished building if necessary.

Let's clarify that the voiced construction of the foundation presupposes insulation of the slab, as in the case of the USHP and the wiring of all communications, including the contour of the underfloor heating. But unlike the Swedes, the reinforced monolith assumes double mesh reinforcement over the entire area and an evenly thick layer of concrete, and not stiffeners.

How to save on preparation

Thunder999 began to refine the site back in the fall of 2017, having made a fence filled with profiled sheet, with sliding gates, 5 m wide.

But on rubble, there was a temptation to save money.

Is it worth buying expensive granite crushed stone or you can get by with limestone. And is it worth making a layer of rubble under the entire area of ​​the slab or is it enough only in the drainage. The groundwater level in the summer is about one and a half meters, now, in winter, it is about half a meter. While the soil is frozen and the equipment can pass, I want to bring the materials as much as possible.

Lime crushed stone is inferior to granite in terms of characteristics and is not particularly favored when preparing for foundations or in drainage systems. However, such a replacement is quite acceptable by the "father of USHP" on our portal.

I wrote many times - all of Estonia is built on crushed limestone. I have 30-40 cm under the house, but here it is more uniform and strong. And in Russia there are many different types of it, and they differ in colors. So, you need to look at the strength and quality so that it doesn't fall apart in your hands. In one of the topics, the topic was debated for a long time about quality - of course, granite is better. But, obviously, it is also more expensive, and a layer of crushed stone must be done over the entire area.