No longer in vogue: interior solutions that are better off

It's not so easy to create something really huge, but thanks to the development of technology, a person was still able to realize all his plans. In this article, we have collected really huge and real things that are striking in their size.

The Majestic Turbine

This turbine. The photo shows the moment of its maintenance. Thanks to its power, a hydroelectric power plant operates on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. The turbine, incredible in scale and power, was created thanks to man.


The picture captures the moment when the scuba diver swam to the propeller of a huge ship. The dimensions of the structure are very frightening. Imagine what power this propeller has, it is definitely not worth swimming next to it if it works to its fullest.

Gordon River Dam

You can't even imagine how huge this dam is. She holds the strongest element. Therefore, we will not imagine that someday the dam will collapse. The majestic beauty is located on the Gordon River near Tasmania.


Even in the last century, people were able to create structures of incredible scale. For example, this photo is dated 1970. The picture was taken at the moment when Tanker Esso Hibernia was launched.

Slope of the Basin

In the photo you can see all the power of nature. A huge depression was formed many years ago. Due to the transparency, we can see how the water falls like a waterfall to a depth. An exciting sight!

6 photos of unrealistically huge, but quite real and grandiose things from different parts of the planet

Are you worried that your pet will get hungry during your absence? Or will thieves break into the house? Thanks to a few cool products bought on AliExpress, all problems are very easy to solve. Today we want to present you with a selection of cool products that you obviously cannot do without.

A very unusual spinning lamp. Portable, compact, perfect for reading books.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Sometimes in the morning you want to lie in bed a little longer, but this is simply impossible to explain to a pet that is very hungry! To solve this problem, an automatic feeder is suitable. It is enough to put dry food into the feeder, and the animal will not remain hungry, even if you are not at home.

The camera automatically tracks all movement in the room. Wide viewing angle, so even the smallest details will not be hidden from you. Leaving home with such a camera, you can be calm.

The perfect addition to the holidays. Stylish, unusual design of an ordinary dispensary that will definitely amaze your guests. As draft drinks, there can be both lemonade and other alcoholic beverages.

Thanks to this ladder, your child will quickly learn to use the potty. The device is foldable, suitable for both boys and girls.

Original floral print, long sleeves, floor-length. A luxurious dress that will definitely appeal to every girl.

A card-style sticker that will uniquely decorate your interior.

Who said good and useful things should be expensive? Not. On the AliExpress website, you can easily find products that you will definitely like.

What can you boast about? Write in the comments what amazing household items you possess.

It's not so easy to create something really huge, but thanks to the development of technology, a person was still able to realize all his plans. In article we 1

Crafts that will decorate your home and make it cozy

You can make your home better in a variety of ways, in particular with the help of all kinds of crafts.

So, in the new review, wonderful examples of how you should diversify your home with the help of all sorts of things have been collected.


Wooden panel with an inscription.

From a piece of plywood, paints, an ordinary glass jar and coarse ropes of different thicknesses, you can make a wonderful panel with an inscription, which will become a stunning decoration of a hallway or living room.


A charming rug that can be crocheted from thick dark brown and terracotta yarns will bring a touch of warmth and comfort to any room.


Bulb balloons.

Unsuitable glass bulbs can be carefully painted with special paints, thus turning them into fabulous balloons that can be hung from the ceiling by the window.

Knitted pillowcases

Thick yarn in warm colors can be used to knit wonderful pillowcases for cushions that will become a cozy decoration for any space.

Today, many interior solutions are fed up with the order. They are found in almost every apartment, and therefore designers and architects have long considered them "familiar", for which it is time to say "goodbye" goodbye. Be sure to check if you are planning to use one of them in the upcoming renovation in your apartment.

The design of a doorway in the form of an arch has not impressed anyone for a long time. This solution used to be mega-popular, but it has already worked. However, it is worth confessing that the arch fulfilled its mission with a bang - it really transformed the interior, made it unusual, but caused surprise and delight at least ten years ago.

Now the trend is a classic - an ordinary opening, you can do without a door leaf, leaving it open.

Excessive Glamor

Too "complex solutions" both in layouts and finishes, as well as an abundance of decor - such interiors were popular in the 2000s (Empire, Baroque, artsy classics). Similar directions were often chosen in designer fashion, so the market, of course, began to offer decorative elements of the corresponding type - pretentious, flashy, too shiny and bright. True, the quality was not very special. Such solutions created "visual noise", which should not be.

Showy luxury is no longer interesting to anyone, functionality in design is important.

Now the trend is for lightness, practicality, simplicity, brevity and minimalism. And such principles are adhered to even in the most expensive projects.

Octagon with parquet

Tiles of ideal geometric shapes - both hexagons and octagons - are gradually becoming a thing of the past. It's time to give her credit and let her go. Designers consider the technique especially boring when such a polygonal tile is combined with parquet. Of course, such a solution looks nice, but it is already encountered too often.

Large prints

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