Naval aviation is and will be! VIII

Ivanych! I will answer your lengthy and seemingly fair letter point by point. So it will be easier to understand me. I warned the creators of the site even before its creation that it will be so. ///////May be. But I think, if you took up this work, come seriously to it. ///// It's not clear what "serious" means. Official site of the Russian Defense Ministry - serious? I wouldn't say that. And the resource of the RF Ministry of Defense is immeasurable. Once again I want to clarify that this is a site of people who like the Tu-22. The creator and main inspirer graduated from RVVAIU and served for them for some time. This is actually the home page. He's not offering sour milk on a collective farm market for money. He posted his t. a diary that replenishes as information becomes available. His work is in no way connected with the site, family, etc. It's like criticizing you for the awning on your cruiser. Some people may not like its color.

///// Start at least by listing the regiments that worked on the Tu-22 ///// There is such a tab on the site. You initially approached the site from a biased position and probably did not see much for this.

Yes, they did not write it quite correctly. But who will tell them ?!

///////// In each regiment there are also Councils of Veterans of the regiment, so far not all those who flew on the Tu-22 have died. ////// Correspondence with the Council requires a lot of time and strength. But there is also life, and not just personal interests ?! And who in the Soviets will write biographies or lists? Indeed, in the best case, in a couple of months, the Council will finally send a list of the active drug. Not for years of service, for ae, etc. But no one will definitely compile biographies. Or will someone be able to make the list of the regiment's crews for some year? I'm pretty sure not. Therefore, a simple enumeration of drugs will also be a frivolous approach. How to get a serious approach?

/////// Through the regimental Veterans, fill in the lists of each regiment. At the same time, no one will be offended.///// Will not be offended, but they will not do it. You know yourself)))

////// And then they added to the list of "Combat pilots", some of their acquaintances, and that's it. ///// This is how these biographies (and not lists) are filled. How else? Is there another way? According to the Tips already answered above - the method is not quite suitable.

////// Let me explain why I reacted sharply to this. I had the misfortune to talk to one of the peppers who graduated from our school before me, and who also flew a Su-24 in the Air Force. A man with overestimated ambitions, and when he heard from me that the naval aviation also flew the Su-24, he immediately bore: - why did you fly there? Here we flew in the Air Force. I didn’t talk to him about the Su-24 anymore. What to talk to him? The man is stupid. Plus with blue breasts. I try to avoid such people. ////// And what kind of reaction would you like to hear from the VVS member about MA ?! How does MA talk about the Air Force, and vice versa? Moreover, in exactly the same way and with the same words! This is interdepartmental hostility. Maybe now a miracle has happened and she is not. It has always been in the USSR. The Air Force always said about the air defense that it just took off, fired and immediately sat down. The air defense men, in turn, also walked around. It's stupid, but man is made like that. Let me remind you of our irreconcilable branch - about YES not capable of performing tasks over the sea. Don't find it very similar?

///////// Maybe I was wrong. But here on the site I felt the same attitude towards my colleagues. Not a single surname of pilots from 15 ODRAPs who flew the Tu-22r. Is this the same arrogant attitude - why did you fly there in naval aviation? /////// You perceived as arrogance the TOTAL (.) Lack of information on 15 and 30 odrap, wherever! Try to search for interest, then tell me if you find it somewhere. Only the Council of Veterans and our Galina Eduardovna do not cite as a source. I assure you Viktor Ivanovich - you are mistaken! The history of these regiments as regards the Tu-22 is simply not there. Therefore, she is not on that site either.

/////// Just in case, let me remind you that the pilots of our 15th ODRAP were the first of all combatant regiments, who were the first from the military at the plant in Kazan to fly on the Tu-22r without a pair. And Kazan was the first to produce reconnaissance aircraft, and only then the plant began to produce strike aircraft./////// You see how difficult it is to pick history. If we take seriously what you have written, then four mistakes are immediately evident - the abbreviated names of the regiments must be written with a small letter (odrap), if we are talking about the period of the 60s - 80s; at the plant in Kazan, combat pilots did not take off; in the name of the Tu-22R (P is written with a capital letter); the first to leave the workshop were the Tu-22A bombers (some of which hit 203 tbap). All these are trifles, but where is the line between a petty mistake and a frivolous site ?! And believe me, this is not a reproach. I respect you immensely both as a Person and as a Pilot. But I just want to say again that it is very, very difficult to carry out exploratory historical work. This takes a huge amount of time and material resources. What if it's not a job, but just a hobby?

////// I am generally for justice. Especially in history. It just so happened that they want to bend history all the time, like a corrupt girl, under themselves. And this is not right.//// And who says what is right ?! But following your logic, you need to close this site (as frivolous) until the moment when a serious one appears - that is, forever! Understand a simple thing in our country (USSR) and in our present countries, history is treated according to the principle - it does not exist, but this is not catastrophic! And it’s true! Isn't that right?

Alas! We must get used to this and either accept it as it is, or ignore it and not go to such resources. And the third, alas, is not given!

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