Making dream catchers with your own hands

The Dreamcatcher amulet is an ancient talisman-talisman that appeared in North America. Previously, it was believed that he was able to protect a person from bad dreams. Now such amulets are usually used simply to decorate the interior. Unique DIY catchers are especially appreciated.

Tools and materials

Before starting work on the amulet, you need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

  • Basis. Classic catchers have always been made from willow rods. They were collected right before weaving. The ends of the branches were connected together. The Indian people believed that such a circle depicts the cycle of human life. The threads that braided this base symbolized the human path. Nowadays, instead of willow branches, you can use wooden or metal hoops, cardboard rings or any materials at hand.

  • Threads. For wrapping the warp, dense and strong threads are used. To create a graceful cobweb inside the circle - thinner ones. It is believed that it is best to use natural cotton or woolen threads to create catchers.

  • Cord. In some cases, decorative ribbons or thick threads are used instead. It is worth choosing a cord of small thickness to decorate the amulet.

  • Feathers. By tradition, every dream catcher is adorned with feathers. It is believed that a feather is a symbol of air, its use when weaving a catcher endows a person with the abilities of a bird, for example, the ability to see what is hidden in the darkness. To create a male amulet, it is best to select feathers from daytime birds, and for a female - from nighttime ones. Feathers can be used naturally or dyed before being attached to the base. In this case, the colors are usually selected to match the base. To decorate one amulet, you can use 2-3 different shades of feathers. It is worth choosing those feathers that fell out of the bird during molting.

  • Helper tools. In addition to the materials listed earlier, the novice master will also need scissors and quality glue.

To decorate a finished amulet, beautiful beads or stones are usually selected. In the process of creating amulets, you should pay attention to the importance of the chosen stone.

  • Amethyst. It is a stone for spiritual protection and purification. It is believed to help relieve anxiety and enhance all the functions of the amulet.

  • Rauchtopaz. This stone helps a person become more receptive. It becomes much easier for him to remember his dreams.

  • Obsidian. The use of this stone makes the dream catcher a powerful talisman that protects a person from the attack of dark forces.

  • Amazonite. It is often called the stone of balance and tranquility. In addition, it is believed that it is able to increase the energy of intention and give its owner the strength to fulfill any dreams and desires.

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