Lunar zodiac sign

Pepper tincture for cellulite: how to apply, rules

Hello dear readers! Have you tried to fight cellulite with pepper tincture? If not, then be sure to try, and why and how to prepare / use it, read below.

Why do we need this tool?

I, for example, tried this remedy on myself personally after giving birth. With his help, I got rid of the problem on the hips in six months. Don't believe me? Read the reviews of other people who have tried it, and then we'll see what you have to say.

I can say with 100% certainty one thing: pepper tincture for cellulite really works! Do you know why?

What is the main cause of orange peel? That's right, a violation of lymph flow and blood flow.

So, the main effect of the above means is to stimulate blood flow, thereby improving lymph flow and accelerating metabolic processes.

The agent literally drives blood to the problem area with such force that you immediately feel it.

The only drawback is the uncomfortable feeling. And who said that fighting cellulite would be easy? Beauty requires sacrifice, so you have to endure.

If you decide to try tincture and other pepper remedies, then keep in mind that this treatment has contraindications. Study the list of contraindications and check yourself.


If there are no contraindications, then feel free to try! But first you need to somehow get this tool. Where can I get it?

Capsicum cellulite tincture

In modern society, many men and women are interested in magic, philosophical theories, esoteric practices. It is known that a variety of objects are used for magical rituals. But in fact, physical carriers or tools are not at all the main and not even a prerequisite for achieving the goals set for the ritual. The basis of the magical reality change is the word through which the magician expresses his will and intention. A conspiracy for an amulet and a talisman, a love spell, a protective whisper, an affirmation are all examples of verbal magic. In one article, it is impossible to talk about all the varieties of word control at once, so today we will consider only one aspect of oral magic: we will tell you how to speak various objects correctly. But in the future we will definitely return to this topic. Don't miss new posts!

Conspiracy for an amulet and talisman: for prosperity, luck, protection

The market is sensitive to demand, so in almost every bookstore you can find collections of spells for all occasions. People buy near-magic literature in the hope that it will help them quickly fix various problems.

Unfortunately, in practice, things are not so simple. Even if the author knows what he is writing about, simply reciting a conspiracy printed in the book is not enough. You need to have at least a general idea of ​​how to speak a talisman for luck, money, or, for example, to attract love.

Conspiracies are an art that for centuries has been available only to initiates: magicians, sorcerers, healers. Moreover, most of the sorcerers were illiterate, therefore, they did not have any lists of spells. But for a wise person, this is not a problem - if you know the basic rules for composing magical texts, you can easily create them for each specific case. Choosing such a tactic, the practicing magician takes into account all the nuances of the problem of the person who has addressed, which undoubtedly strengthens the rite and makes it more accurate.

Conspiracy and conspiracy structure

Magic texts are written in a special language that has its own rules and patterns. A well-written conspiracy consists of several parts:

  • Introduction. The first phrase prepares a person for magical action, adjusts to the desired mood. In Christian culture, a conspiracy often begins with an appeal to the Lord.
  • Beginning. In conspiracies for Slavic amulets, there is usually a descriptive part that mentions a certain place of power where the main action takes place: the Alatyr stone, sea-ocean, high mountain, Buyan island. The speaker tells how he leaves his house, what difficulties he overcomes on the way. All these mythical places are located at the junction of worlds. If you are imbued with the meaning of the text, you can notice in yourself various physical sensations: chills, fever, tingling.
  • The core of the spell is, in fact, the statement of requirements, the expression of the will of the magician. Here we clearly articulate what we want. Sometimes, to enhance the magical effect, legendary creatures or forces of nature are called to help here.
  • Lock (bartack). This part anchors the magical part of the text. Usually, at the end of the conspiracy, words sound, as it were, locking the work from interference, external influences ("key", "lock") or confirming the will of the magician ("so be it").

It's no secret that sometimes even an accidentally thrown phrase becomes prophetic. A word, spoken at the right time and with the observance of certain conditions, has an even greater ability to materialize.

Basic rules for reading conspiracies

It is believed that any spell can be read from a piece of paper and magic words will still work. This is not entirely true. You can read from the sheet those conspiracies that you made yourself, put your energy into them. In other cases, the saturation of the text with energy is carried out just at the stage of memorization. The best option is to read the conspiracy by heart, but keep a note in front of your eyes so that you can peep: you cannot stumble and get confused while reading.

Other rules, following which, you can successfully speak an amulet for good luck or wealth:

Hello dear readers! Have you tried to fight cellulite with pepper tincture? If not, then be sure to try, and why and how to prepare / use it, read below. Why do we need this Wed ...

How to calculate the Moon sign of the Zodiac by date of birth

The moon passes through the entire zodiacal circle in 28 days, and one sign (30 degrees) in 2.5 days. And each of these 28 lunar phases corresponds to the characteristics by which we distinguish people who were born during each phase. Traditionally, 28 types are distinguished - according to the number of phases.

How to Calculate Lunar Zodiac Sign

Let's start getting the number that will determine your lunar zodiac sign.


3. Find in table number 2 the number corresponding to your year of birth (1965 for 1965)


1900 21 1925 26 1950 4 1975 10 1901 3 1926 8 1951 13 1976 21 1902 13 1927 17 1952 25 1977 3 1903 22 1928 1 1953 7 1978 12 1904 5 1929 12 1954 17 1979 23 1905 16 1930 21 1955 26 1980 6 1906 26 1931 3 1956 11 1981 16 1907 8 1932 14 1957 20 1982 25 1908 18 1933 25 1958 2 1983 8 1909 1 1934 7 1959 12 1984 19 1910 11 1935 16 1960 24 1985 1 1911 20 1936 27 1961 6 1986 11 1912 4 1937 10 1962 15 1987 21 1913 14 1938 20 1963 25 1988 5 1914 24 1939 2 1964 9 1989 14 1915 26 1940 13 1965 19 1990 24 1916 17 1941 23 1966 1 1991 7 1917 0 1942 5 1967 11 1992 18 1918 10 1943 14 1968 22 1993 17 1919 19 1944 26 1969 4 1994 9 1920 2 1945 9 1970 13 1995 20 1921 12 1946 18 1971 24 1996 3 1922 23 1947 0 1972 8 1997 13 1923 5 1948 12 1973 17 1998 22 1924 15 1949 21 1974 26 1999 5

Getting the number of the moon sign of the Zodiac

4. Add the three numbers obtained (14 + 11 + 19 = 44). 5. If the amount received is in the range from 1 to 28, inclusive, then go directly to point number 6. The amount in the range from 29 to 54, subtract 27 from it and only then go to point number 6. If the amount is in the range between 55 and 81, subtract 55 and again go to step # 6.

If the amount exceeds 81, subtract 81 from it and then go to step number 6. In our example, the amount will be 44. This means that we need to subtract 27 from it, we get 17. This number we will search in table number 3. Find your moon sign in the table:


The number 17 obtained in our example corresponds to the sign of Scorpio. So, a person born on May 14, 1965, according to the lunar sign of the zodiac is Scorpio. If this is a woman, then a partner born under the sign of Scorpio according to the traditional, solar zodiac will be ideal for her.

Astrologers work with the signs of the Zodiac and practically do not work with constellations. Zodiac signs reflect solar-terrestrial connections, rhythms in the solar system.

So, there are 12 signs in the zodiacal circle. A full circle corresponds to a complete development cycle, which has different phases. Therefore, in astrology, various divisions of the Zodiac into parts are accepted. These gradations make it possible to judge the various qualities of the signs.

Division of the signs of the zodiac according to the main characteristics

Already in the epoch of antiquity, the division of the Zodiac into elements was divided according to the elements into four trigons: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, which determine the static qualities.

According to additional features, the signs of the Zodiac are divided into humans and animals.

Human signs are those that include the human figure (Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Libra). Animal (animal) signs: Aries, Leo, Taurus, Capricorn. Sagittarius (human / animal). Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. Capricorn is half aquatic (has a fish tail). Double signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces.

There is also a division of signs into sterile (sterile) and fertile (fertile):

  • Sterile - Aquarius, Leo, Virgo.
  • Fruitful - Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.

There is also a division into northern and southern signs, summer and winter.

  • Northern signs - from Capricorn to Gemini
  • Southern signs - from Cancer to Sagittarius.
  • Summer signs (spring + summer) - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo.
  • Winter signs (autumn + winter) - Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Then the zodiac was divided by:

  • 1) crosses (cardinal, fixed, movable), reflecting the type of development;
  • 2) zones (creation, preservation, transformation), reflecting an important principle of the world order - cyclical development;
  • 3) quadrants that determine the stages of a person's life path: childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age;
  • 4) hemispheres, associated with the deepest tasks of a person. Let us examine in detail these gradations of the Zodiac.

Elements of the zodiac signs - basic concepts

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