Luminaires for the street: how to choose and install

Street lighting has long been a familiar, comfortable feature of modern settlements. The availability of lighting along streets and squares is taken care of by public utilities and road services. Colorful glowing signs and lanterns next to public institutions, entertainment and shopping centers, trees and sculptures sparkling in the night are no longer perceived as exotic. Street lamps are no less popular among the owners of private houses, summer cottages, country houses.

In order for the lighting for parks, outdoor facades and lawns to work flawlessly, you must choose the right luminaire models. Then install them in the selected places and connect. At the same time, strictly adhere to the instructions and established rules, do not violate safety regulations. The lamp, mounted according to all the rules, will faithfully serve the owners of the house for many years. The only thing that will be required is to replace the lamp from time to time.

Why do we need street lights

Stylish landscape design looks even more beneficial if it is complemented by original lamps. During the day, they serve as a charming decor, delighting those around them with their whimsical, interesting shapes or strict lines. And in the evening and at night they provide the necessary illumination on the site.

  • With street lighting, you can safely move even in the depths of a park or garden, walk up stairs without fear of injury or mud.
  • Lamps allow you to freely navigate in space, no worse than during the day. Read address plates with the street name and house number, do not go outside the sidewalks and walking paths.
  • With its help, the most remarkable objects are distinguished: fountains, statues, graceful bridges and artificial ponds, flower beds and trees.
  • Lamps perfectly emphasize the beauty and elegance of the facade of the house, add a little magical, mysterious or bright festive surroundings. The mood depends entirely on the style of the selected models, the brightness and degree of diffusion of light fluxes, their color. Thus, yellowish shades, close to the flame of a candle, create a more cozy, relaxing atmosphere. And the bright, bluish-white light is exciting.

Without street lighting, the most pretentious architectural ensemble or an amazing park looks flawed, and at night it is also completely lost against the background of other illuminated objects.

What types of lamps are there

The range of modern street lamps is striking in its variety. You can easily choose the most economical and successful model for yourself. You just need to know about the features and disadvantages of various types of street lights. By the type of attachment, they are divided into:

  • wall-mounted, which are mounted on vertical surfaces - facades of houses, garages, other buildings, specially installed boards, columns and fences;
  • the collection of floor lamps is distinguished by stable legs -supports. They are securely fixed on asphalt, tiles, concrete surfaces, on special pedestals-bases. Typically, such products are installed on the sides of pedestrian and driveways, next to benches and in rest areas. Miniature lamps are produced that are simply placed on the floor or other horizontal surfaces, placed in the grass, next to paths and ponds, as wonderful decorative elements;
Antique lantern
  • if there is no desire fiddling with poles, or a luminaire designed for a lawn, you can purchase a dirt model. These products usually have a pointed pin that just needs to be pushed deep enough into the soil;
  • pendant lights with chains and poles are also commercially available. They are hung under the roofs of terraces, verandas, gazebos, arches;
  • ceiling lights are more compact, they are mounted directly on the ceiling (some models can be placed on the wall as well). They are safer, as they are tightly attached to the base, and do not sway under gusts of wind, accidental touches, birds;
  • built-in models are distinguished by laconic forms and design, and outwardly practically do not stand out against the background of the base - walls, stairs, stone or brick side. Their main task is to give a directed stream of light, while remaining unnoticed.
Recessed lighting

According to the type of power supply, street lighting devices are divided into two types:

In addition, street lamps are distinguished by their various designs. At the service of buyers:

  • modern lanterns in hi-tech, minimalism, loft, modern, scandi, eco;
  • popular fantastic delights - characters from fairy tales and legends, artsy products in fantasy style or garden gnomes;
  • figurines of animals and birds, sculptures;
  • models in antique themes - gothic, baroque, classic, tiffany;
  • lanterns in Chinese , arabic and rustic styles.
Solar Lantern

When purchasing a model you like, you need to make sure that it is suitable for street lighting. The inner contents of the product must be reliably protected from moisture, rain drops, snow and dust. Therefore, it is worth carefully reading the description card or technical data sheet of the product. They indicate the IP protection class. For garden lighting devices, it is 44-67 units. IP68 models can be placed in water (for example, a fountain), to the permitted depth.

Luminaires for the street: how to choose and install

Bulbous perennials on my site are lilies, tulips, daffodils, scilla, Pushkinaria and hazel grouses. I transplant them periodically. But, unfortunately, my lilies are eaten up by mice.


Asiatic lilies

I got the good old varieties of #Asian lily from the former owner of the site. Now they continue to delight us - for over 10 years.

The only negative is that they are periodically eaten up by mice. I read about a good way to preserve sweet lily bulbs by planting them in the ground in a hole, which is located in a 5-liter plastic water jar with the bottom and top cut off.

I think the idea is great, but I haven't used it so far. It will be necessary now to use it when transplanting lilies.

Old Asian varieties of lilies are red and yellow. A yellow lily has a tall stem, and there are up to 10 flowers on one stem at once. Such a stem looks very elegant and, accordingly, blooms for quite a long time - sometimes up to a month.

Oriental Lilies

Several years ago I expanded the collection of lilies on the site with several specimens of the oriental variety. True, after landing I thought that it would be better to put them in one place. But I did not do that - and now lilies in my garden grow in 4 plots at once. It will be too much!

Oriental lilies are very fragrant. For this reason, I never use them for cutting: my husband's allergies begin at home.

But they are gorgeous in the garden! Minus one - since # oriental lilies have few inflorescences, they fade quite quickly. And now I ask myself a question: how to make them have more inflorescences?

I plan to experiment with feeding to increase the number of inflorescences.


✅ Luminaires for the street: how to choose, what types there are, how to install and connect lighting in the Mebel169 blog. u

Very soon we are waiting for one of the most beautiful holidays of the year - International Women's Day.

Gentle and beautiful, women are created to receive compliments, care, attention and love. And this holiday is a pleasant occasion to remind us how dear you are to us.

What could be more symbolic and more traditional on this day than flowers?

But we propose to diversify the gift: give your beloved not only a bouquet that will wither in a couple of days, but also flowers that will decorate the garden for many years.

Which is better to choose? We will tell you in this article.

How pleasant it is to watch a woman in the garden in spring: she, like a queen, examines her possessions and decides what and where will grow.

After a while, you can enjoy the results of the spring inspection: enjoy the beauty of flower beds, evaluate the benefits of shrubs, taste the first harvest of apples, inhale the evening air, fragrant from flowers.

And the health benefits of gardening are obvious: fresh air, physical activity, vitamin harvest.

What plants are best to give to your beloved wife, mother, girlfriend or yourself on March 8, 2021?

We present to you the TOP-11 of the most popular seedlings of the Spring-2021 season.

At the end of the article, a surprise awaits you - a promotional code for a bargain purchase of seedlings on the site of the online market for planting material GDESEMENA. U.

TOP-most popular seedlings of the Spring- season


You can quickly calculate your garden or flower bed in our calculator here!

Beauty and practicality! Galvanized beds are used to form neat beds in summer cottages, both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

Safe crop protection Galvanized beds are protected from corrosion and pests, and their edges are neatly folded for your safety.

Watering, weeding, fertilizing - easy!

Thanks to galvanized beds, weeds do not penetrate to your plants from the outside and fertilizer goes directly to the root system, and watering has become more pleasant and water does not spread along the paths.

Early seedling!

Heat penetrates faster through the galvanized sides of the garden bed and the ground warms up better, which makes it possible to plant seedlings earlier.

A color for every tasteChoose from the 20 most popular colors in the RAL palette - the international color matching system.

Sizes to choose from Choose the length, width and height, and after that, you can always increase the size of the beds due to additional inserts.

Collect in 5 minutes

And no special equipment needed. To assemble galvanized beds, you only need a key. The kit contains all the necessary fasteners and an assembly diagram!

Will last 10-15 years

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