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The capital of Great Britain is widely represented in British professional football. Suffice it to say that in the current Premier League, the elite of English football, six of the 20 clubs are based in London. These are Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Fulham. Today Stone Forest will tell you about the distinctive team from East London. Meet West Ham United.


Have you watched the 2020 miniseries Game Originally from England? I recommend that the history of the birth of football in Britain, the life of the British at the end of the 19th century are presented in the film by Julian Fellows in an exciting and authentic way. This is a story about how football from the entertainment of the aristocracy turned into the favorite game of the whole people and became a truly national sport.

The Thames Ironworks FC team was formed in June 1895 in East London. What does the name of the club tell us? That it is located on the Thames and is somehow connected with metallurgists. Indeed, the club was organized by the workers of the largest shipyard in London. That is why from that time until today we see two crossed hammers on the club's emblem. It was with such a tool that rivets were put on the hulls of ships, hence the nickname of the club - "Hammerbreakers".

Five years later, the team was renamed West Ham United Football Club, and for 120 years it has proudly carried that name. The first years the club played in the lower leagues of English football. In 1919, they managed to break into the second league, and four years later, in 1923, they won a ticket to the first division. In the same year, West Ham reached the FA Cup final, where they lost to Bolton.

Hammer Achievements

The first real successes came to the team in the 60s of the last century and they are associated with the name of Ron Greenwood, the head coach of West Ham from 1961 to 1974. In 1964, the Hammers won their first trophy - the FA Cup. In the semifinals, they managed to beat the formidable Manchester United 3: 1, in the dramatic final, Preston North End fell 3: 2. Twice West Ham lost in the score, twice compared, and the winning goal in the 90th minute of the meeting was scored by Ronnie Boyes.

The next year, Ron Greenwood & Co. has conquered the European summit: West Ham captain Bobby Moore lifted the Cup Winners' Cup over his head. West Ham beat Munich 1860 2: 0.

In 1974 Greenwood left the club, replaced by John Lyall, but his predecessor laid the foundation solid: in 1975 he won the second FA Cup (victory in the final over Fulham 2-0). Mirror repetition could have happened - next year again the Cup Winners' Cup final, but this time Belgian Anderlecht blocked the way to the trophy.

West Ham United has spent its entire football history as if on a swing: rise and fall, rise and fall. This is the sad reality of poor clubs, and the hammer-fighters suffered a recession after their successes - the team flew to the Second Division. But not for long. For starters in 1980, the team snapped the ambitious Arsenal on the nose in the FA Cup final. There is a third Cup! They did not get into the Cup Winners' Cup that time, but in 1999 they won the Intertoto Cup, beating French Metz on aggregate. Between these two cups in 1986, West Ham achieved their best result in the English First Division. Under the leadership of the same Lyall, the team finished in third place behind Liverpool and Everton. Third place, but only 4 points from the champion, and all London friends-rivals are behind.

Say, in a century and a quarter, there could have been more successes? May be. But there is another unofficial trophy that all West Ham United fans have been incredibly proud of for 54 years. Have you guessed? The 1966 World Champions included three Hammerheads - Bobby Moore, Jeffrey Hirst and Martin Peters. Not enough for you? Bobby Moore was the captain of that star squad. Still not enough? Lethal argument - in the final the German national team was defeated 4: 2. All 4 gold goals were scored by West Ham players: Jeffrey Hirst's hat-trick and Martin Peters goal.

West Ham Legend

You cannot write about the great Bobby Moore casually, squeezing some information into a couple of paragraphs. This is an era, a figure of gigantic proportions. Therefore, let his outstanding contemporaries speak about him.

West Ham, Bobby Moore and the Olympic Stadium

According to the rules, it is necessary to have a "U" sign on a training car, the rest of the novice drivers who have received a license indicate a lack of experience with a "!" A student without a driver's license is not allowed to drive a car without an instructor.

If a student with an instructor is driving a vehicle, then according to traffic rules, for the safety of all road users, you need to install a "U" sign on the car. Additionally, the plate can be placed on the roof, glass, doors.

Double-sided training vehicle sign with magnet

The badge "Training vehicle" is a one-piece box without joints, made of glossy plastic with increased impact resistance. A black “Y” in a triangle with a red border on a white background, placed on both sides of the case, is clearly visible from the front and back.

  • the badge "Training vehicle" is attached to the roof with 4 powerful neodymium magnets equipped with "galoshes" that protect against scratches;
  • the magnetic mount allows you to quickly install and remove the structure ;
  • the high adhesion of the magnets to the surface keeps the box at speeds up to 90 km / h;
  • the robust body and strong mount ensure the structure has a long service life.

Double-sided Magnetic Training Vehicle Sign

Yellow Magnet "Training Vehicle" Sign

Educational sign for a car on the roof with a light body made of impact-resistant plastic, only 3 mm thick. Made by the method of thermoplastic vacuum forming, compares favorably with analogues:

The image of the "Training vehicle" badge is applied by the German polyvinyl chloride film "ORAKAL". The letter "U", placed on each of the 3 sides of the pyramidal box, makes the car visible to all road users, regardless of their position on the roadway.

Yellow sign "Training vehicle" on a magnet

Sign for a training car "U-" one-sided on magnetic vinyl

One-sided “Y” sign on a car in white and red can be hung on any metal part. The adhesive film does not affect the car paintwork.

Sign for a training vehicle "U-05" one-sided on magnetic vinyl