The best electric ovens for the kitchen tabletop: 2021 ranking

How to choose the best electric oven for a desktop kitchen? Let's analyze the technical characteristics and usability in the article. The rating of desktop electric ovens will help us with this.

Unlike freestanding electric cookers, which take up a lot of space, tabletop electric ovens are a more convenient alternative. Due to its compactness, the mini-oven can be conveniently placed anywhere and it is suitable for a small kitchen, workplace or studio. However, one should not think that its characteristics are inferior to their larger counterparts. A high-quality benchtop oven is in no way inferior to a large-sized one, and even surpasses it in terms of efficiency. In this article, we will recommend a good tabletop electric oven for you.

Characteristics for choosing a tabletop electric oven

With the functions sorted out, now let's go directly to the list.

Budget category of electric ovens

Products from the budget category do not always lose in quality. At least certainly not these mini ovens


This is a combination of low cost and German quality. The easy-to-use, reliable and multifunctional tabletop oven is suitable for a large family, as the oven capacity is 38 liters, which allows you to cook three meals at the same time. In addition, the surface of the device is easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance. The range of functions boasts a thermostat, interior lighting and the ability to set the baking tray at any height. The electric tabletop oven is suitable for cooking anything from meat to fruits and vegetables. Relative disadvantage: the first time after the purchase, an unpleasant factory smell is felt, which, in principle, is not difficult to get rid of

Midea MO-

Low price is not an indicator of poor quality and this mini-oven model is proof of that. With such an affordable price, the roster is very well assembled, has an excellent modern design and decent functionality. The mini oven itself comes with a spit, tray, baking sheet, wire rack and holder. Precise thermostat and timer control the cooking time. The body is assembled from sturdy materials and is easy to clean. A mini-oven is suitable for a small room, because it does not take up much space, but at the same time has a high power.

Tefal OF mini oven

Convenient stylish roaster from Tefal. You can bake pastries, reheat dishes, cook a small chicken. Pros: heats up quickly, it is convenient to adjust the timer with a rotary knob. The maximum temperature is 230 degrees. Cons: short cord.

Average cost electric furnaces

The best electric ovens for the kitchen tabletop: 2021 ranking

Bottles with wine are closed with special corks and opened with handy small corkscrews. Now there is a selection of such tools. Therefore, before buying them, you need to study in advance the features of classic corkscrews and more modern products.

How to use a regular corkscrew?

Classic corkscrews are most often used to open wine bottles. Such a product consists of a horizontal holder and a vertical metal spiral. The standard corkscrew has several advantages at once. It is inexpensive, durable, and easy to operate. You can buy it at most hardware stores and supermarkets. Before opening the bottle, carefully cut off the foil from the neck. This can be done with an ordinary sharp knife or even scissors. Next, you need to check the sharpness of the sharpening of the screw. How easy it will be to open a bottle of wine depends on this.

The corkscrew must be screwed directly into the center of the cork. He should easily pass through it. Otherwise, it will crumble to pieces. This will spoil the taste of the wine. In addition, the cork may remain in the glass. This will spoil the overall impression of its use. After that, holding the bottle with one hand, pull the cork out of it. If the cork gets stuck in the neck, you need to gently wiggle the corkscrew from side to side. After that, it must be pulled up with a sharp movement. Thanks to these manipulations, it will quickly come out of the bottle.

How to open with different models?

There are other types of corkscrews that are used to open wine bottles at home.


This corkscrew got its name from the fact that its shape resembles a butterfly that spread its wings. In the center of the structure there is a screw with a spiral, on the sides there are two movable levers. Another name for this design is "Charles de Gaulle". After all, a corkscrew with levers raised up resembles a person with arms raised up. And this is the favorite gesture of the famous Frenchman.

The corkscrew with metal wings quickly and easily removes corks from bottles. The instructions for using it look very simple.

  • First, the corkscrew must be properly fixed. The tip of the screw should be right in the center of the plug. The handles of the wine corkscrew should be furred along the neck.
  • After securing the corkscrew in the correct position, you need to start screwing the handle directly into the cork. At the same time, hold the container with alcohol with your free hand. In the process, the wings of the corkscrew will slowly rise.
  • After that, the bottle must be placed on the table. The corkscrew handles must be lowered slowly. The cork, which will pop out after this procedure, must be carefully removed to the side.

When removing the cork, do not push on the corkscrew. It can be taken out quickly and without sound anyway.

Sommelier Knife

This is one of the more comfortable corkscrews. The design was invented by the French. The folding corkscrew consists of a steel screw, a convenient foil removal blade and two steps. Such products are most often used by professional bartenders. It is very easy to work with him.