Lesia Ukrainka - 150: interesting facts from the life of a classic of Ukrainian literature

Ivan Franko himself called this fragile woman "the only man in all literary Ukraine".

February 25 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Ukrainian poetess, writer, translator Lesia Ukrainka. Focus has prepared the most interesting facts from the life of the classic of Ukrainian literature.

Kissed by God

Larisa Kosach was born on February 25, 1871 in the family of the descendants of a Cossack foreman. Her mother, Olga Dragomanova-Kosach, was a famous Ukrainian writer (pseudonym Elena Pchilka) who actively participated in the women's movement and published the almanac "The First Wreath". The father of the future poetess, Petr Kosach, is a lawyer, public figure, and a high-ranking official. He was very fond of art, in particular literature and painting, and writers and artists often gathered in his house for creative evenings.

The girl took over from her parents love for art and thirst for knowledge. She showed early musical talent: she sang and played the piano. And if it were not for the illness that chained her to the bed as a child, she might have become a famous composer.

At the age of 4, Lesya learned to read, and she wrote her first poem "Nadezhda" at the age of 9. There is an opinion that the work came from the pen of a girl near the entrance tower in the castle of Lubart in Lutsk under an ash tree, which is popularly called "Lesin". Last year, a storm broke this 200-year-old tree.

"-years war"

On January 19, 1881 Lesya caught a bad cold. She went to the Styr River to see how the water was blessed. Due to the fact that many people gathered on the ice, water began to accumulate on top of it. The boots, in which the girl was, got wet, her legs were very cold. Soon she fell ill, and most of all she complained of pain in her right leg. They were so strong that the brave and patient girl even cried. She was treated for acute rheumatism with ointments and baths, and the pain subsided for several years. However, according to experts, it was then that she began to have tuberculosis, the fight against which she called the "30-year war."

She was officially diagnosed with bone tuberculosis in the summer of 1883. At the age of 10, the girl underwent surgery to remove the diseased bones, after which both her arms and right leg were in a cast. With the fingers of her only free foot, she learned to play the piano, which is now in the museum of the village of Kolodyazhnoe, Kovel district, Volyn region.

As for the ailment, after the operation, the disease spread to the lungs, and then to the kidneys.

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Magic Light: Secrets of Professional Designers

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