Kharkiv winter cabbage: variety description, photos, reviews

Kharkiv cabbage is a high-yielding white hybrid bred in Ukraine about half a century ago. It has many advantages that ensured the inclusion of the variety in the State Register of the Russian Federation. To realize all the advantages of a culture, it is important to follow the rules of planting and care for it, to prevent diseases and pests.

Breeding history

B \ to the Kharkov winter cabbage was bred back in the 70s of the last century. The work was carried out by Ukrainian specialists. They crossed Amager 611 and Dauerweiss. The latter was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation back in 1943. The resulting hybrid was zoned for the temperate zone of Ukraine.

Kharkiv winter cabbage has been included in the State Register of the Russian Federation since 1976. The seed farm LLC Intersemy is listed as the originator of the variety.

Description of the Kharkovskaya winter cabbage variety and characteristics

Kharkiv cabbage forms large heads of cabbage. Their average weight is 2-3.5 kg, the shape is flat-round or round. The flesh is white in the context. Heads of cabbage are characterized by high density, resistance to cracking. The stump in length can reach 20 cm. / P>

Kharkiv cabbage forms compact raised leaf rosettes. Their size is average. The color is green, slightly smoky. The leaf plates are small and smooth. They are oval or round in shape. On the surface there is a pronounced wax coating. A similar plaque on the head of cabbage itself. The edges of the leaves are slightly wavy.

Kharkiv cabbage belongs to late-ripening varieties. Full ripening takes 150-160 days from the moment of emergence. If you grow a culture through seedlings, then it will ripen in 120-125 days after moving to open ground. The harvest ripens together.

In accordance with the State Register of the Russian Federation, Kharkov winter cabbage is recommended for cultivation in almost any area. The exception is the Northern, East Siberian and Far Eastern regions. This limitation is due to the late ripening of the variety - in some areas, heads of cabbage simply do not have time to ripen by the deadlines for harvesting before frosts.

Kharkiv cabbage is resistant to cold and heat. The culture tolerates temperatures up to 40 ° C or drops to -2 ° C well. Drought is not terrible for a hybrid. Even with a lack of moisture, the heads of cabbage retain their good taste and presentation.

Kharkiv winter cabbage: variety description, photos, reviews

Good day, guests and subscribers of the channel "Do It Yourself"

Many of you have probably seen the photos and read my article about how I folded a brick stove to heat my house, if not, then you can read the article by clicking on the link:

Advantages of a brick oven

Today I will not list all the advantages and disadvantages of my stove, I will only say one thing that I really like it. I like that a large mass of brick keeps heat for a very long time, I also like the fact that a brick wood-burning stove creates a kind of comfort in the house.

In addition to the heat capacity of a brick oven, it has one more advantage that few people know about

For example, I use my brick oven not only as a means of heating the house, but also as a place for cooking. Even at the design stage, at the stage of the picture - I provided for a cast-iron hob for it. The main criterion was, not only to keep warm for a long time, but also to quickly warm up the house. The cast-iron surface heats up quickly and begins to give off heat to the house, and the second is that you can cook food on it.

In my case, something is constantly being cooked on the stove when I heat the stove, or it can be potatoes, or some kind of soup, meat or pasta. And this is only the visible part.

The combustion department is also used in full program

I have a special metal frame welded under the firebox, which I can install through the door into the firebox (before, I just used bricks for it). And after the firewood has burned out, and I stop heating the stove, my combustion compartment in my stove is used as a brazier. I constantly fry kebabs there.

I must say right away that the result is much better than cooking kebabs on the street. Due to the fact that the entire combustion chamber and the cast-iron stove and brick are heated, the heat goes to the meat from all sides. The kebab turns out to be evenly toasted on each side.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to cook a kebab in a preheated oven, and due to the fact that the meat is cooked quickly, it does not have time to dry and the kebab turns out to be juicy.

Kharkiv cabbage: breeding history, description and characteristics. Planting and growing conditions, diseases, pests. Advantages and disadvantages, reviews with photos.

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