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The conquest of space is a chronicle of heroic deeds and unprecedented dedication, but this is the same part of the life of people from planet Earth. And where there are people, there is always a place for humor and curious cases.

Nobody should know!

The secrecy of the first manned flight into space just went off scale. Even close relatives did not know about the feat of Yuri Gagarin. When the father of the first cosmonaut, Alexei Ivanovich Gagarin, was told that his son, Major Gagarin flew into space, he just brushed it off: “What space? Yes, and he is a starley, not a major. I visited him recently - everything is as usual, no space flights. ”

Olympic champion not competing

Valentina Tereshkova is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest woman in the world. After the launch of her Vostok-6 rocket on June 16, 1963, the first cosmonaut covered 1,971,000 km in 2 days 22 hours 50 minutes. Undoubtedly, this is a record!

The disappearance of the Soviet lunar rover

The Soviet Government did not have such grandiose plans to explore the moon as the American space agency, so the lunar program was limited to sending lunar rovers to the surface of the Earth's satellite. After the first failure, a second rover was sent, which was able to transmit 80,000 images of the lunar surface, but suddenly disappeared.

The lost lunar rover was discovered by a Canadian scientist only 37 years later as a result of studying the latest photographs of the moon. They say the apparatus was on a secret mission.

Botanists in shock

There are many different experiments in space. Some of them are of an applied nature, and more often they are purely scientific. Vladimir Lyakhov and Valery Ryumin showed earth botanists a cucumber that they had grown on board the Mir station. This shocked the imagination of scientists, and the successes of space gardeners inspired them.

True, they were later greatly disappointed when the astronauts admitted that the cucumber was smuggled from Earth.

Fear and Awe on Planet Earth

When the decision was made to flood the Mir space station in the Pacific Ocean, the inhabitants of the planet did not hide their fear that scientists might miss, and a pile of metal would collapse on their heads.

An unusual story of space exploration




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An unusual story of space conquest Space conquest is a chronicle of heroic deeds and unprecedented dedication, but it is also a part of the life of people from planet Earth. And where there are people

Gillies Vacation

Elizabeth Gillies will star in the comedy relaunch "Vacation" under studio supervision of New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.

Ed Helms will play Rusty Griswold - a character from the original series who grew up, got his own family, travels with her and gets into a myriad of adventures, we hope funny. Christina Applegate will portray Rusty's wife, and the old guard - Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo - will be limited to cameo.

Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Day will also go to the "Vacation".

John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein wrote the screenplay and will also make their directing debut.

The photo shows that the woman is talented.

Movie about the making of the film "Tusk"

Exemplary Mugatu Male

The Exemplary Male 2 is getting better sooner than one might have hoped given that the first movie came out in 2001.

Will Ferrell said that in the near future they have the first read of the sequel script, well, since the actor is involved, then his character - Mugatu - is present in the plot.

All this confirms the words of the film's screenwriter Justin Theroux:

We have a sequel script and we have just started a new round of negotiations. If only not to jinx it, but this time, it seems, it will turn out to go to the starting line. I met Ben Stiller a couple of times in New York when I was filming Left Behind, and the next meeting is in September.

The plot tells how, ten after the events of the original film, Derek Zulander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson), due to their age, finally fly out of the modeling business and must somehow declare themselves again.

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