How to choose a quality gaming mouse

Mice are one of the main pests in the country. They quickly conquer new territories and bring many problems to their neighbors. Depending on the region, there are various types of rodents of this genus, the difference between which can only be noticed by a very attentive person.

What types of mice can be found in the country

In summer cottages, there are two main types of farming:

  • House or house mouse. It causes problems for people in living quarters, gardens and vegetable gardens. Representatives of this species are very prolific and voracious.
  • Field mouse or vole. Outwardly, it practically does not differ from the house mouse, but live in more numerous colonies. They cause the greatest harm to vegetation in vegetable gardens and orchards.

What harm do mice do in their summer cottage

The appearance of rodents in the country brings many problems, among which it is worth highlighting:

    harming plants;

    The vole mouse is a crop pest.

    Signs of mice in the country

    True signs that unwanted guests have settled in the country are:

    • the occurrence of burrows near the walls of buildings;
    • the presence of footprints or paths along the walls;

    How to get rid of mice in the country

    For rodent control to bring the expected result, it is necessary to simultaneously carry out procedures for the destruction and prevention of the appearance of new rodents. The choice of the appropriate method for getting rid of mice depends on the following factors:

    DIY crafts, paintings and panels from beans

    A computer mouse is most often a device that users acquire at random, relying on appearance. When it comes to a gaming mouse, a completely different approach is needed.

    A gaming mouse price that is suspiciously low in fact cannot be good, therefore, the choice is really worth making adequately.

    Sensor selection

    According to its type, the mouse can be divided into two types - this is with an optical or laser sensor. A gaming mouse with a price that matches the quality should be with a laser sensor. It works on any surface, the mouse has low power consumption, and most laser mice are wireless. If we talk about an optical sensor, it quickly gets dirty, the mouse has a low resolution.


    This parameter is the main one when choosing a gaming mouse. You should purchase mice with the highest resolution to be able to aim accurately.

    Acceleration rate

    The parameter is also called the response time, or to be more precise, it is the time it takes for the signal to travel from the mouse to the computer. Naturally, it is important for a gaming mouse that this period of time is as short as possible. Thus, the game will be played more accurately and the player's own reaction will be much faster.

    Gaming Mouse Design

    As mentioned above, most people pay maximum attention to design when buying. In the case of a gaming mouse, you should be more careful at this point. Few people know that gaming mice exist for left-handers and right-handers. It is advisable to choose an accessory for your dominant hand. The size of the hand is also taken into account, because using a small mouse is as inconvenient as possible. Before making a purchase, you should hold the mouse in your hand, your fingers should lie comfortably, and the hand should not get tired.

    Additional keys

    When choosing a mouse, pay attention to the keys. Experienced players recommend making choices based on a particular game. Indeed, in one case, they can interfere, and in the other, they may be simply necessary. So, for example, the Razer Naga mouse has 12 additional buttons at once.