Joking congratulations on March 8

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How I quit, mastered Unity and made a little math puzzle on mobile

I wanted to tell you about my first game and a little about how I came to this life.

So, in the spring, in the midst of quarantine, I decided to quit my job, despite the advice to postpone. The labor market was rather sluggish, I have long wanted to try to do something of my own, and, after some thought, settled on a mobile game, as the most easily implemented option.

After 10 days I finished the “C # Survival Guide” course on Unity Learning (If interested, here's the link, recently the whole resource became free :), and got down to business. The idea has been on my mind for quite some time, the implementation remained. The basic gameplay took about a couple of weeks, the UI design was about the same, but the integration of all kinds of infrastructure (cloud saves, advertising with mediation, in-game purchases), coupled with the occasional rampant procrastination, significantly shifted my schedule. In total, development took about six months, although the game probably looks like it was put together over the weekend. My excuse is that this is new to me, and this is generally my first real experience in programming and other stages of development, I did not work in IT before.

The backstory is over, let me introduce the game itself: 8 is a dynamic math puzzle in which the player's task is to choose an answer option in a limited time that will lead a given number to 8. So, for example, the number 0 is given, the correct option is “+8”. The questions are endless, generated on the go and get more difficult as the game progresses. After a certain stage, two-stage questions begin to appear, in which you need to use two options, or the same one twice. Example - the same 0 is given, to bring to 8 you need to select “+4”, then “× 2”.

Bonuses can also be used during the game. They are activated by swiping inside the circular timer zone and cost one token (in-game currency), you can only use one per question. Swipe to the right removes two incorrect answers, up - replenishes half the time, to the left cancels the first selected answer in a two-step question.

The number 8 is also a part of the game, not only in its name: the minimum number of points for a correct answer is 8, the icon of tokens is an octagon, the answer is given 8 seconds (as the time increases), the number of questions which need to be answered to increase the difficulty level - also 8 (it can be shortened by answering quickly enough and without errors), the smallest available pack of tokens consists of 8, the cost of one topic is 8 tokens, etc.

Another game mechanic I have implemented is daily quests. As already mentioned, 8 has an in-game currency, and tasks are a way to get it for free. Every day you can complete three tasks, they are chosen randomly, each is more difficult than the previous one, and you can also simplify / complete the task by watching an advertisement. Also, up to three tokens can be obtained by sharing your result, leaving a review in stores and visiting my Facebook page using the in-game buttons next to which an octagonal notification icon is displayed.

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Happy Women's Day - children congratulate you!

Poems for March 8 for schoolchildren for women

On the day of March 8, more happiness is needed, And wishes should be radiant and beautiful, And we wish you boldly: Good luck and success, And sincerely you burst into laughter. We wish to fill our life with bright light, And on the holiday of all women - children congratulate you.

We ourselves have prepared the program for the holiday: Learned dances, wrote songs, So that everyone on March 8 would be greeted wonderfully.

We tried, were not lazy, All talents came in handy, Our cool poets - We read sonnets to everyone.

March 8, the sea of ​​smiles, Beautiful women cannot be counted, They laugh, they are happy, They know how to shine for us.

We wish you happiness, and in ordinary days To see joy, to find dreams, Do not discuss yourself critically, And may you always be presented with flowers.

Dear, wonderful women, we congratulate you on March 8. Smell like a May rose, We wish you to dissolve our petals.

Let the breeze blow your curls, Let them curl naughty. Let laughs sparkle in your eyes, And fires blaze in kind hearts!

A wonderful sunny day I hurry to congratulate the kids All mothers, teachers, girls, We wish you happiness and good, Smiles, joy, patience. March 8 - Women's Day! Please accept these congratulations, we are not too lazy to praise you!

You enter into magic dreams, It is dear to you, every hour is great. Congratulations on New Spring Day, Our lovely women, you! You give life, you teach again what only mothers give, you give birth to love in your heart And create comfort in your soul. We wish you, in the midst of fierce days, one endless spring, All be loved, desired, dear! And have happy dreams.

Let the women smile today! Today is your holiday! Streams and birds murmur in the sky Around the spring, colorful landscape!

Cool congratulations from March

Gusts - crazy! Five bottles have been bought for a long time. Let the peasant work! What could have been A unique garden will bloom! From the bathroom, You are not sick, Not congratulations do not let this day, For this we will drink Neighbors and whiskey from below - I wish you happiness, jokes,

On holiday, just wait? In March you need to Carry their gifts, I can’t be in my psyche! warm and bright, everything to the bottom! and from above - There will be a holiday for laughter, one concern -

So let it be a little in love, crunching with a superwrap, crack - I want to wish you Won't let you rest And silent! Two! Flowers and Be beautiful, young will be she's cute So let's love And think that

just You - - from receiving gifts! from the diary of one lady, Trips - not With clouded eyes, men of success! And male compliments All your life this March! more beautiful than others their one hundred percent WOMAN! You do not read Happy International Women's Day, who made it to the garden, but With impatience, in a hurry Girls and women, Take everything to accompany! We congratulate the daughter of the supergirl, Men are on the run this day: It's easier to travel across the Atlantic to the sea! They are already rustling with bags. Congratulations. Your address!

So that you are not on a women's holiday, They have such a little "impotent": Blossom with a white lily, with Day 8 on the ship: Pie - delicious, The peasants are in the queues, with a wonderful, gentle And now on March 8 they knew the grief, Be reasonable, beloved, priest, that the songs of Desires are for Yes, save your innocence, March! ”Monday. Today, but I don't want to buy those pantyhose,

women's day, again! So that troubles always pass by, sing the hunt. Million! Opportunities - And when you fall in love Well, darling, I dined with the captain of calories! And others - I wish you happiness What to wish? Again you passed, And a lot of words And gently smack on a penny! Hard - let's take a chance, at the same table. Cars - foreign, chocolate. I wish you love? Good luck , joy, luck, we want to say aunts, embarrassed by And in this Immediately for him To spend a day on Tuesday. All morning

but the steering wheel so that the demand for it grows Congratulations on the spring holiday, More men again? In your life, different, for something, paradox - difficulties go! Spent the whole salary !? spent on the captain's left! Pans, With an extraordinary mood, a bunch of gifts and the way! So as not to be sad,

And men do not know the moment. It will be big. I will give you silk, a bridge. Perfume - from On kittens and To anticipate flowers? beautiful spring came, daughter, never that aunts too And otherwise, and strong, Diamonds scattering on Wednesday. Captain Diora today! Flowers for puppies: love,

Or maybe a lot I congratulate with him So that your laziness is sweet, your day - On hands will be feet, done every day! "Bye, sun, Not All the flowers are suddenly children from your heart, you managed to overcome, They are insanely how good it is! to wear, Everything is for you, I am an indecent proposal. Intentions - different, Check it bloomed!

And one hundred of the most beautiful Let you learn to cook, clean, also a holiday: Eighth He's good, Neither walk, nor my wife! Thursday. The captain threatens, but better than serious! On yourself, you are a wonderful woman - and friends? It will be all right, stay the same this March. That YOU - will not drink, I I'll work hard to sink the ship, You won't understand five-room dwellings: smart and beautiful And I won't make a great life in a brave life Pessimistic look

on a pedestal But strong at night ... if I'm not a five-star! Twenty-third you - plagiarism is needed! your whole, - withered mimosa ... To love drooping Among the flowers of overseas nights! I woke up in the morning - I will purely accept his offer. Deserved vacation - as you will meet -

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