Instructions for the use of Ferovit for plants, fertilizer consumption rates

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not just add new skills without global crew rework?

The current crew has existed without changes in the game for a very long time - since 2012, so it is obvious that a number of mechanics in the crew system need improvements and changes. The main directions in which we plan to develop the crew system are as follows:

  • increasing the comfort of interaction with the crew;
  • increasing the variety of skills and abilities (talents);
  • creating a transparent progression system, with clear and achievable goals;
  • updating the interfaces and updating the crew management tools.

To bring these ideas to life, we tried various solutions. But in the end, they all turned out to be "half measures", unable to radically change the situation. As a result, we decided not to focus on certain aspects, but to completely redesign the current crew system.

At the moment there is no exact date for the departure of Crew 2. There is no exact date. Now the most important and priority task is to collect feedback from players who took part in the "Sandbox" and tested the proposed system. Play, share your opinions, take questionnaires - based on your feedback, we will take further steps towards Crew 2..

In short, how is the new crew different from the old one?

The main differences of Crew 2.:

  • the tank's crew is now represented by one commander;
  • new skills and talents;
  • a new unique unit - Instructor;
  • < li> all commanders will have the 6th sense skill at once.
  • will appear: the ability to "memorize" the crew up to 3 pumped / collectible tanks + premium. Technics of the same class, great variability of skills and the ability to pump several at the same time.

What will become of the unique crew members and their experience and who will become the commander if my entire crew consists of Snow Maidens?

According to our concept, all special crew members (Snow Maidens, Chuck Norris, Battle Pass heroes, etc.) will turn into new valuable characters - Instructors. They will give the crew additional "skill points" (above the maximum 10) and increase the amount of experience per battle.

DIY bush of flowers

Possibility of growing thyme in a pot

How to grow thyme yourself? An unpretentious and not requiring careful care, the plant feels good on the windowsill, so it will not be difficult for novice growers who have not previously been involved in the cultivation of spices to plant it.

To grow thyme at home, you need to choose a suitable container, plant a plant in it and place it in a well-lit place. Caring for the plant consists in regularly moistening the soil and periodically applying additional fertilizing.

Growing from seed

Growing thyme from seeds at home produces well-adapted plants. For sowing, you need to prepare:

  • Plastic container of suitable size;
  • Loose nutrient substrate:
  • A small amount of expanded clay or foam crumbs for arranging the drainage layer.

Holes are punched in the bottom of the container before sowing. Then a drainage layer is laid into it, on top of which soil is poured.

  • Drainage facilities cannot be neglected. Stagnant moisture will lead to the development of various rot.

For even distribution, seeds can be premixed with clean river sand. Sowing is carried out to a depth of no more than half a centimeter. After the end of the sowing work, the soil is well moistened, and the container is covered with a plastic bag. The first shoots appear in 10-12 days.

Selecting the right variety

There are more than 400 representatives of thyme in nature, but not all of them are suitable for indoor conditions. For growing thyme at home, it is preferable to choose low-growing representatives with a high growth rate. Such plants take up little space and serve as a wonderful decoration.

Iron is one of the essential mineral elements for plants. It must come from the soil constantly, albeit in small quantities. Some drugs can regulate its entry into plants. Let's consider the composition of "Ferovit", its pros and cons, when and how to apply fertilizer in agriculture and in private plots, what safety rules exist. What is the growth regulator compatible with, its substitutes and storage conditions.

Composition and form of release of the drug "Ferovit"

The drug is a concentrated solution of iron chelate, it contains 4% nitrogen and 7.5% iron. It is produced in the form of a liquid for making a solution in a package of 1.5 ml, 100 ml, 1 liter. Can be purchased on request in cans of 5 l, 10 l, 20 l.

Intended for root and leaf feeding of vegetables, berry bushes and ornamental, fruit, flowers, conifers and medicinal plants, that is, all known crops. It is used both in the beds and in greenhouse conditions.

Ferovit stimulates plant photosynthesis and respiration, prevents the development of chlorosis, which is caused by a lack of iron or damage caused by pests. Useful for plants grown in poor light.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of Ferovit fertilizer can be described as follows:

  • acts on plants like growth stimulants;
  • regulates and restores the amount of iron;
  • helps heal chlorotic plants;
  • < li> enhances the ability of crops to withstand adverse external conditions, resist pathogens and fungi;
  • increases the percentage of yield;
  • easy and convenient to use;
  • non-toxic, not accumulates in plant tissues.

Disadvantages of "Ferovit": does not contain other trace elements, except for iron and nitrogen.

When to apply?

Fertilizer with iron chelate "Ferovit" is used for root dressing during the season. Add the solution to the irrigation systems. Top dressing on the leaf is carried out at different stages of plant life 1-3 times per season, with chlorosis, the number of treatments increases to 4, with a break of 1.5-2 weeks.

Instructions for using growth regulator

Dosage rate for root dressing:

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