How to style light dresses in early spring

We can no longer think of anything but the spring season. It is associated not only with warming and the awakening of nature, but also with changing the wardrobe of the cold period to a warm one.

We have selected 3 spectacular models for you to tell you about the features of the dresses in our new collection. They also gave some styling tips for out-of-season outfits.

Our collection is full of products not only from bright and saturated shades of fabrics, but also delicate floral and floral prints.

Colors and shades

In the last century, the spring season was greeted especially solemnly, because a series of balls opened, where every lady wanted to appear in the best possible light. We have kept something from our ancestors, so among our models you can find products from soft blue serene shades to romantic pink red.

It is not by chance that natural shades prevail in the collection. They are the softest and most pleasing to the eye. In addition to the standard base shades of beige and milky, we also have a pastel palette of lavender, blue and pink. Vigorous colors: deep blue, terracotta, grassy. We did not exclude models in black shades, the choice in favor of which is always obvious.

Prints and Pictures

The abundance of colors and geometric shapes is also no coincidence. This is all a reference to the versatility that we see in the spring during the flowering period.

The canvases of our products are covered with wildflowers from daisies to chrysanthemums. The luxurious buds of roses and tulips have found their place. Fragile elements of branches with petals and flowers also adorn our dresses.

Models with hermetic lines and shapes look completely different. They are not just a decoration, but also visually complement the outfit. For example, vertical lines visually impart growth.

Silhouette and shapes

How to style light dresses in early spring

Get the feeling of a chic city room, an elegant room, or a country resort with these simple design tips.

Dreamy drape

Install ceiling moldings to create a soft fabric wall around the bed that adds height and intimacy.

Cozy lighting

Install a sleek sconce on the side of the bed instead of squeezing the lamp onto a small side table. Sconces can have swing arms or other ways to change the direction of light to help create a comfortable night reading environment. A wire basket under the bedside table provides extra yet stylish storage.

Lush Layering

Walls with wallpaper accentuate the elegance of this bedroom. Designers suggest layering duvet and bedspread for a more luxurious look. Having a single eccentric pillow can make a big difference in style.

Clean Palette

This house has a variety of antiques from different styles and countries. Use white as a unifying element when mixing antiques.

To reduce the formality of the room, the homeowner left the frame above the bed uncovered and opted for a clean, white color palette. The result is a soothing room that is both eclectic and fulfilling.

We have selected 3 spectacular models for you to tell you about the features of the dresses in our new collection. They also gave some styling tips for out-of-season outfits.

Many people like the concept of concrete walls in home decor. This trend towards concrete structures is not new, but is gaining popularity right now. Today we're going to share with you some of the awesome concrete wall design ideas that are in high demand today. The appearance created by such walls is industrial, gray tones predominate. If you want to add some mystery to your bedroom, consider the options presented in our article.

Creative gray concrete walls for the bedroom

Concrete wall shapes come in a variety of styles such as plastering, stamping, and pouring. One color that can be seen in most of these walls is gray.

The industrial style bedrooms will be mostly decorated with gray tinted concrete walls with various additions. For example: iron art installations, paintings or granular structures. Combining wood and greenery can warm up the gray.

Artistic Concrete Walls for Bedroom

Concrete wall ideas can be used by those who like industrial themed decor. This theme looks a little rustic and very masculine.

However, you can add some creativity to these walls by posting abstract paintings or wall art. Concrete block walls are sold in a variety of models and styles.

Industrial bedroom designs with concrete walls

Concrete walls are suitable for homes that have been decorated in an industrial style. Here we will present you with some amazing ideas related to designing concrete walls.

You can use concrete alone or in combination with wood or other materials. For a rustic industrial bedroom decor, try choosing open walls with fully visible plumbing pipes.

Creative brick concrete walls in the bedroom

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