How to make a snow-white and new one out of an old and dirty bathtub in 6 - 7 minutes

It's no secret that over time, any plumbing starts to look worse. If a couple of years ago you were happy with a new, snow-white bath, today its appearance can make you sad. The white coating gradually disappears behind a layer of dirt and plaque. Naturally, the room in which there is an unkempt, well-worn, yellow bathtub cannot be called beautiful.

You can vacuum and dust in the apartment as long as you like, but it is the state of the bathroom that will tell guests about your neatness. In order not to “fall into the dirt with your face”, I propose to return the shine and whiteness to the bathtub in just a few minutes. Don't believe me? But listen!

Why does the bathtub turn yellow over time?

In order to solve the problem completely and irrevocably, and not just “cover your tracks”, I advise you to familiarize yourself with its root cause. You have finished your bath procedures, left the bath clean, refreshed, satisfied, and you don’t think about how your plumber feels after that. The inner surface of the bath is covered with a uniform coating of insoluble substances contained in tap water. It turns out that you are swimming, and the plumbing is getting dirty.

The problem is especially urgent for regions with hard water. In this case, not only the bathtub loses its original appearance, but also the toilet bowl, taps, washbasin, etc.

What I do not recommend doing in any case!

All means are good in war, but not in the bathroom. If you try to wash it off with abrasive products, it will only get worse. You will wipe the acrylic from the surface of the plumbing, after which even minor damage to the bath can lead to dire, irreversible consequences.

Using abrasive products, you leave small scratches on the acrylic. Over time, their number will increase until there is no plastic left on the bathtub.

"It doesn't threaten me, I have enamel!" - many might think. But even enameled baths are not advisable to clean with abrasives. No matter how durable the coating is, with improper care it loses its properties.

When cleaning, do not forget about the safety of your own hands - wear gloves. Remember that most store products contain acids and other corrosive ingredients.

This was all a preface, now let's move on to a simple method that can return your bathtub to whiteness in just a few minutes. I note that the method is based on a chemical reaction, and therefore it is better to play it safe and use personal protective equipment: gloves and a mask.

So, a great method for housewives

So we got to the main point. Follow the instructions and you will be happy:

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