How to make a porch to a house out of concrete

On March 2, the first and last president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, turns 90. At home, in the Krasnogvardeisky district of Stavropol, where the AiF-SK correspondent went on the eve of the anniversary, they talk about him with pride, but regret that he was too soft for the head of state. How did his fellow countrymen remember him - in the AiF-SK report.

"I came to visit, released turkeys"

The Yegorlyk River divides the village of Privolnoye, where Mikhail Gorbachev was born, into two parts. Closer to the Rostov road lived "Muscovites" who moved in the 19th century from the central provinces of Russia. In the direction of the steppe from the river - "Ukrainians", immigrants from Ukraine. Gorbachev belonged to the latter - hence the special dialect.

The hut in which he spent his childhood is long gone. But two buildings have survived, where his parents lived and where his daughter Irina often stayed.

On the Embankment, 16, there is a hut with a stove. Maria Panteleevna and Sergey Andreevich Gorbachev built it when their eldest son Mikhail was already working in Stavropol. They lived in it until 1973, when the collective farm erected a solid brick house for the parents of the first secretary of the regional committee. And the hut was sold to fellow villagers.

“It was painted, and we thought it was new,” says Valentina Sevastyanova, who lives there to this day. - And then the neighbors said that they built it from the materials of a hut, which had stood for 40 years in another village. Doors, wooden shutters, and tiles were brought from there. Everything turned out to be old, rotten. Both the windows and the roof were recently changed. "

Valentina Ivanovna did not know Mikhail Sergeevich closely. Once he dropped by to visit with a party delegation. I wanted to be photographed and released the turkeys. The woman still remembers how they trampled all the flowers in the front garden. But he reproaches the famous countryman not for this, but for the devastation that befell the villages after the collapse of the USSR.

"I would like to tell him:" How did you, Mikhail Sergeevich, admit that they started a continuous trade, and ruined production? " she sighs. - Once I went to the fields for grain and told the tractor driver that if they had taken me out at night, I would not have found my way back. At the collective farm, two buildings of calves stood, but now they are empty. And no one keeps cows in the village anymore ”.

The house on Shkolnaya Street, where Mikhail Sergeyevich's parents moved when he became the regional committee secretary, now stands empty. According to local residents, the documents for him were once drawn up by showman Andrei Razin, who introduced himself as Gorbachev's nephew. Then Mikhail Sergeevich bought the papers from him. I wanted to make a museum, but nothing came of it. Local authorities paint the porch, gates, shutters, and monitor the safety. Only.

Real estate in Privolnoye is not particularly valued. Opposite the Gorbachevs' house - the inscription on the gate: "For sale". Many abandoned buildings.

From the star to the order

The school that the future president attended in primary school is long gone. She stood on the "hohlyatsky" side of the village. Together with Gorbachev, Raisa Litovchenko (after Kopeikin's husband) entered the first grade in 1938. On February 26, she turned 90.

Lambada with Kohl and photos with turkeys

The entrance lobby and the porch are an integral part of any home. The porch, on the one hand, is a purely functional element, on the other, a detail that gives the building a finished and cozy look.

Even if the house itself was built with the involvement of hired labor, the owner often wants to make the porch with his own hands.

What materials can a porch be made of

The material for making a porch can be wood, metal or concrete. These are the most common options.

A porch made of wood is a fairly simple construction to manufacture, however, it has a number of disadvantages:

  • wood swells with moisture and shrinks when humidity decreases;
  • wood is subject to deformation;
  • a wooden porch needs special treatment, otherwise will rot;
  • wooden steps almost always begin to creak over time, cracks appear in them;
  • a wooden porch is more difficult to clean;
  • wood is a combustible material.

The metal porch is quite durable, but it is prone to corrosion, in addition, it emits an unpleasant rumbling. The corrugated metal surface is difficult to clean.

A concrete porch is devoid of all these drawbacks; it is strong, durable, does not undergo deformation and corrosion, does not creak or rattle, does not require complex maintenance and is easy to clean. But only if the device of the concrete porch is made correctly and using modern materials.

In addition, although the appearance of a concrete porch is very stylish, and now this style is at the height of fashion, if you wish, you can additionally decorate your porch with tiles or other decorative materials.

Porch construction: shape, dimensions

Most often we see a rectangular or square porch. In general, it can be made of any configuration, but simple shapes without sharp corners are preferable.

The most popular types of porch are semicircular or semi-oval. Such a porch looks very elegant and cozy, and it is very convenient to use. The easiest way to make steps for a semicircular porch is made of concrete, since it is a very plastic material that allows you to give it any shape.

The porch can have steps open at the edges or closed at the sides by walls. The second option is safer, especially if children and elderly people live in the house.

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