How to equip a chicken brooder

Making a beautiful and comfortable soft rug for a bathroom or a child's room is a great idea even for beginners. Knitting a rug is very simple and quick. Product costs are not very high. All over the Internet there are many ideas for creating beautiful beautiful carpets from soft, delicate, bright or not very colorful, but muted pompom colors.

Such an element of the interior is very pleasant for the legs, it is easily erased and looks very original.

How to make a yarn pompom

Making a soft yarn pom-pom with your own hands is very simple.

Interesting rug ideas

How to make a beautiful rug out of pompons with your own hands

To create a rug you will need:

  • pompons ;
  • construction mesh;
  • multicolored threads for knitting (it is better to choose colors bright and compatible with each other).

First, decide on the shape of the product. Circle, square or oval - select and cut out the base template accordingly. Don't forget to consider the size, be rational!

To complete the main part of the work, you need to install the machine (conditionally). Don't be alarmed - just flip the chair or stool with regular legs and that's it! Your machine is a pair of legs.

Do-it-yourself pom-pom rug step by step with a photo

War with mice is eternal. People use a lot of different tricks, have pets and buy poison. The easiest and most reliable way to catch a nimble rodent is a mousetrap.

Mice on the farm: the scale of the disaster

The harm of an invasion of small rodents should not be underestimated. They are:

  • They spoil the stock of products.
  • The plantings are trampled down and eaten up.
  • Spread disease.
  • Leave an unpleasant odor and waste.

Vole and house mouse are most often harmful in the house.

How to make a DIY mousetrap

The easiest and first way to deal with mice is with mousetraps. The market offers a large number of different devices for catching mice, from the simplest designs to cunning live traps. Consider a number of mechanisms that are easy to do with your own hands.

Time-tested mousetrap.

Mousetrap with frame

This device is familiar to almost everyone. It consists of a base made of wood, plastic or metal, on which a steel frame and a spring are installed. The bait is placed on the trap. As soon as the rodent approaches it, a mechanism is triggered and the steel frame kills the animal.

The main disadvantage of such a mousetrap is its low efficiency with a large number of rodents and the likelihood that the mechanism will jam at the most crucial moment.

Trumpet Mousetrap

It's very easy to make a rug from pompons with your own hands using step-by-step master classes with photos for beginners. Fluffy pom-poms fill the entire space of the base, forming a soft, bright carpet. From the inside out, all unnecessary threads are cut off, and for fidelity, the plastic base is closed with a thick cloth.

Chest of drawers


Table Chest

One of the main factors that determines your quality of life is the living space in which you choose to live, and your unique needs and lifestyle preferences. Whether you live in a city or suburb, you should be able to design your home, use your space, and maximize your functionality to suit your lifestyle.

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We offer an attractive, modern product that can be folded / expanded as needed, allowing you to look beyond your usual stationary choice. This is an unlimited approach to flexible living. Multifunctional Table Adjustment - Extends from 70cm to a dresser position to a 1350cm worktable, the dresser table uses a unique telescopic mechanism to slide smoothly to the size you want

This compact table can be supplied with inserts that extend the tabletop in a convenient length and casters for easy movement. Use it as a compact, modern dresser in the hall or in any room. Or open it to use it as a surface for work, makeup or painting, play, etc.

The dresser table is so versatile and easy to use that you can even use it in multiple rooms! Say goodbye to choosing space between comfort and enough space to meet your needs - now you can have both.


All our transformation tables can be selected in a wide range of materials - chipboard or MDF covered with paint or veneer. We also offer delivery all over Ukraine. For more information on our offerings, contact us or visit one of our showrooms. Enjoy versatility and flexibility in the style of living transformation systems.

What it is used for

One of the reasons leading to the breakdown of incandescent lamps is a sharp surge in current that occurs when turned on. This fact must be taken into account when answering the question of how the smooth switching on of the lamps works.

If the tungsten filament of the lamp is not heated, remaining in a cold state, then it still has some resistance. Moreover, its value is quite high, for example, for a product with a power of 75 W, it is equal to 52.4 ohms. It can be calculated that at a standard voltage of 220 V, the current will be 4.19 A.

Now it is important to understand that such a current will flow for a certain period of time. It is approximately equal to a little less than a second and depends on how the tungsten filament heats up.

As soon as its temperature rises, the resistance will increase at the same time. As a result, the current strength will be many times lower than the initial starting value.

If the lamp is regularly turned on and off, then under the influence of current surges, over time it will burn out, not reaching the nominally established service life.


The proposed start-up circuit supplies voltage to the lamp with a gradual rise for 2-3 seconds. This greatly reduces the likelihood that the lamp will burn out due to inrush current through the cold filament. The service life of halogen lamps and ordinary incandescent lamps, thanks to this starting scheme, increases several times. A delay in switching off the load is also introduced into this circuit, which ensures a smooth decrease in the brightness of the glow until it goes out completely within 8-12 seconds. That is, when the circuit is turned off with the SA1 switch, the brightness of the glow of the lamps begins to smoothly decrease to zero in 8-12 seconds. The advantage of the circuit is that it is connected instead of a standard switch or bag, there are no scarce parts, and low-current small-sized switches can be used to control the lamp (lamps). The idea to assemble such a start-up scheme came to me when I got tired of changing burnt-out halogen lamps in a chandelier quite often. The chandelier was designed for six small 50W halogen lamps. Digging in the literature, I came across an article in the VRL about the touch switch on the MTX-90 thyratrons. I decided to simplify the scheme, as a result of which I got a simple scheme, which I propose to you.

As time passed, I don't even remember the last time I changed the lamp in the chandelier. Even after turning off the light, the brightness in the chandelier decreases gradually within 10-12 seconds. The light turns off smoothly, like in a theater, which is also quite nice.

How it works

Protection blocks for soft start operate as follows. With their help, there is a gradual increase in the voltage that goes to the lamp - from 0 V to, for example, 171 V. In this case, inrush currents are significantly limited. And the bulbs light up smoothly.

Temperature setting

One of the most important aspects that must be taken into account in the process of arranging a manufactured brooder is the correct installation of heating systems and lighting fixtures. The ideal option is considered when these two elements are combined in one.

It is for this reason that experienced poultry farmers recommend using infrared lamps that can not only create a favorable microclimate, but also illuminate the bird's home. It is noted that such lighting has a beneficial effect on the immune system of birds and their condition. Chicks under such a lamp behave calmly and do not show aggression towards their fellows. Achieving this effect in the case of using standard lighting devices is very problematic.

In order to install the heating and lighting system, it is necessary to prepare all materials that may be useful in the process of work and lamps emitting infrared light. In the absence of such, you can use the most common low power bulbs and infrared heating film. The prime cost of the heating and lighting system will be significantly lower, but the cost of electricity will increase.

When equipping a brooder with such a system, all actions must be performed strictly following the following sequence of actions:

  • A piece of cable is connected to the plug at one end, and the other is immediately mounted in the holder.
  • The cartridge is installed on the ceiling of the brooder. The length of the cable is regulated depending on the distance from the bird's dwelling to the outlet.
  • A thermometer must be installed in such a design. It should be located in the visibility zone, since control over the observance of the temperature regime must be carried out constantly, and it is extremely undesirable to disturb the chicks once again by opening the door.
  • The selection of the power of the light bulb is carried out through experiments. Through trial and error, it is possible to choose the one that provides the most suitable temperature in the brooder.

A brooder is a convenient design, with the help of which it is possible not only to facilitate caring for the chicks, but also to create conditions for them that are as close to ideal as possible. Accordingly, chickens in such a dwelling develop and gain strength much faster. The main thing is to ensure that in such a bird house the optimum temperature and humidity is always maintained, there is no dampness and draft. In this case, the livestock will be strong and strong, capable of resisting various infections.

How to make it yourself?

As mentioned earlier, it is quite possible to make a brooder with your own hands. The main thing is to stock up on all the necessary materials, tools, make the necessary drawings and stock up on detailed manufacturing instructions.

First, you need to decide on the design of the planned brooder. Standard chick models should have the following basic characteristics.

  • As a rule, they have small dimensions - 1х0.6х0.6 m.
  • For their manufacture it is necessary to use high-quality materials. Particleboard or plywood is ideal. Such designs will provide chicks with warmth and good protection from destructive drafts and excess moisture. Since chick droppings are usually runny and often splash all the water, the brooder should be reasonably water resistant.
  • The chick brooder tray must be removable. When the sand under the chicks' feet becomes very dirty from their droppings, the pallet can be easily removed and the sand can be replaced.
  • The chick drinker and feeder should be as stable as possible. If you follow this rule, then the chicks will not be able to turn them over, they will not crawl there with their paws and will not contaminate everything with the remains of droppings or sand.

Considering all the features of the future design of a homemade brooder, you can proceed directly to its manufacture. Let's consider in stages how you can independently build a simple version of this design for chickens.

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