How to dress for a gentleman - stylist's tips for men

Many men try to look like gentlemen. It means fashionable, stylish. However, the old models of clothes are now not suitable and may even look comical. Therefore, you need to follow the latest trends and fashion designers' advice on how to dress a gentleman.

How to Dress for a Gentleman - Choice of Clothes

The main elements of the wardrobe are: classic style, tie, men's shirt, shoes. Some additional accessories (cufflinks, watches, glasses) are also important.

It is important to choose a suit of high quality cut, without luxury, better - in a classic style. A strict, elegant suit with a jacket length - up to the middle of the thumb on the hand is suitable for a daily version.

The suit (see) should fit well, not restrict movement. You can not wear flashy things, preference is given to monochromatic brown and black colors. Shirts should also be without patterns and ornaments, neon shirts are excluded. The simpler, the more elegant.

Pants should be straight. In baggy, the man looks untidy, in narrow and short ones - old-fashioned. The trousers are girded with a belt. However, even gentlemen do not always go dressed only "with a needle". Simple T-shirts, jeans, sneakers are suitable for everyday wear. The main condition is that the clothes must be clean, ironed.

Bernhard Retzel is a menswear expert and knows exactly how to dress a gentleman. He advises against mixing styles. For example, wear a classic suit with sneakers, experiment with bright shirts and prints. If a man seeks to dress like a gentleman, such experiments are not appropriate. In cold weather, it is preferable to wear a classic short tailored coat.

Gentlemen are offered "triplets" consisting of straight dark trousers, a light plain shirt and a black, gray waistcoat. In this case, the jacket is selected to match the trousers. A gentleman should choose clothes only from natural fabrics. It can be cashmere, silk, linen, wool, cotton. Professionals sew menswear from British or Italian fabrics.


Classic brown or black shoes, without embellishments, are suitable for everyday wear. However, for an evening out, other options are recommended - it is possible with a small, almost invisible pattern. What to give preference to:

  • Oxfords. Strict, elegant, with closed lacing. V-shaped vamp covers most of it. Classic Oxfords - suede, patent leather, material combinations.
  • Brogues. This is a kind of Oxfords - with perforations on the toes or along the seams, forming patterns. Brogues have open or closed lacing. These shoes are less formal than Oxfords.
  • Derby - with open laces. Suitable for people with high leg lifts. Loose clothes are also worn with them.
  • Boots. More suitable for bad weather, but can be worn in other weather as well. Wear with any outfit.
  • Monkey. Shoes with missing laces, which were replaced by 1-2 buckles. They go well with suits.
  • Loafers - without lacing, with a heel, buckle replaced by a semicircular seam.
  • Topsiders - without heels, with ribbed elastic. Loose trousers go with them.

In the summer, moccasins are a win-win. Shoes with thin soles, with a semicircular seam, without heels. Suitable for any clothing.


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