How to add effects to a video or image

To make the video interesting to watch, you need an attractive plot, as well as the ability to correctly record and process the footage. The last step involves using a video editor. With it, you can add effects to the video, making it more "tasty" and attractive. Simple, but rich in functionality is the VideoMONTAZH program. It is perfect for those who are just mastering video processing, and will also be useful for advanced users.


Sometimes there is not enough inspiration to create an interesting video. I would like to present something beautiful, but the user does not know what exactly is needed for this. So that you do not have to waste time thinking, the program provides a catalog of effects that helps to diversify the video material in one moment.

After adding the files to the timeline, go to the Edit> Effects tab. A large selection of filters will appear on the left pane. To overlay one of them and see the result, just click on it once with the mouse. The result will be shown in the player on the right.

The program directory is divided into categories so that the user can easily figure out in which section the filter is located. The Romantic selection includes toning and lighting to add a touch of subtlety to wedding videos, love stories, and more. For example, the "Light in the background" filter can be interesting to use when processing a scene with a kissing couple.

The "Basic" filter category helps you quickly make video editing by darkening or lightening frames, saturating tints or, conversely, desaturating the image.

In the section "Cinematography" you will find toning, which is adjusted to the color correction of famous films. Among the options for creative processing are "Avatar", "Andrey Rublev", "Alice in Wonderland" and others.

In the arsenal of the program there are "Summer colors", which give the frame more warm tones. The Lily of the Valley filter makes the image more "airy". "Sea Breeze" repaints the image in a turquoise hue, in which everything becomes more interesting (streets, cars, and even the sea itself). Sunset adds orange colors and darkens the foreground, turning even the most boring frame into a mesmerizing one. Spring Morning covers the scene in the frame with a light haze and creates a sunburst effect.

Ready-made video effects can be adjusted according to the strength of their application. To do this, use the slider under the catalog with a scale from 1 to 100%. All adjustments are displayed in real time and it is immediately clear whether this filter is needed here or it is worth trying another one.


How to add effects to a video or image

Federal Law 52-FZ, is valid throughout the Russian Federation.

The time when you can actively do household chores and carry out repairs is regulated by law. Regional authorities adjust the established "hours of silence", depending on the territorial characteristics. If the law establishes the time for night rest from 23 to 7, then the local authorities can set the hours from 23 to 8 or from 22 to 8 in the morning.

On holidays and weekends, the time of silence is from 21:00 to 11:00. In the daytime, a "quiet hour" is provided, two hours of rest, from 13 to 15, or from 12 to 14. The exception is the all-Russian holidays and New Year's Eve. Until 4 am on January 1, you can make some noise.

Why is such a law needed?

At night, a person should rest, at least most of the population lives in this mode. At night, when the sound perception is heightened, a loud TV behind the wall can seem like a clap of thunder and interrupt sleep. Some people cannot sleep for a long time. Inadequate sleep leads to disorders of the central nervous system, decreased performance, and headaches. The general condition of the body is deteriorating.

If earlier such rules were regulated by the norms of SNiP, now a comfortable and safe stay in silence is protected by law at the Federal level.

52 Federal law just prescribes the conditions for the prosperous residence of citizens, namely, compliance with generally accepted norms.

Allowable Norms

Different sources interpreting the law on silence provide different numbers. In accordance with the current legislation, the following noise standards are established:

  • in dwelling:
  • daytime (from 7 to 23) 40 dB, maximum up to 55 dB;
  • night time (from 23 to 7) 30, maximum up to 45;
  • in the residential area adjacent to houses:
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  • daytime 55 (maximum level up to 70);
  • nighttime 45 (maximum level up to 60).
  • How to understand the "maximum" in these indicators, does it mean that the noise level on the street 70 dB is considered legal? In no case! Violation means deliberately exceeding the norms. There are different situations in life when a short-term increase in sounds is simply necessary. If a garbage truck is working in the yard or a tractor is raking a snow drift, this will be the case of the permissible maximum. In a neighboring apartment, they carry out welding work, to eliminate leaks in engineering networks, also a short-term relaxation of norms. For long-term ground works, using special equipment, in the local area, there must be permission from the administration.

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