How easy is it to change the color of a tree? Expert advice

External factors such as ultraviolet radiation, moisture or water can cause the wood to lose its natural color. How can you avoid this? How to keep the natural color of wood?

Intense and prolonged sunlight or direct contact with water greatly affects the color of the wood. The sun's rays can cause wood graying or yellowing (depending on the species), and water - rotting.

Preserving wood color - what to do?

How to keep the natural color of wood? First of all, do not expose it to direct sunlight, not only outdoors, but also indoors. Place wood garden furniture in shade and keep windows closed to keep the sun out of wood furniture and floors for most of the day. Also, limit contact with water - in the fall and winter, cover your garden furniture and, if possible, move it to a dry place, such as a garage or storage room.

The best way to protect the natural color of wood indoors is with varnish. You can use, for example, VIDARON acrylic varnish with a mild, non-irritating odor and a short drying time. It not only protects the color of the wood, but also protects it from mechanical damage and abrasion, as well as discoloration as a result of the action of the resins and tannins contained in the wood, due to the content of the tannin inhibitor.

The varnish is applied with a brush in 2-3 layers. Always apply the next coat after the previous one has dried, i.e. after at least 4 hours. Also, do not forget to thoroughly prepare the wood before varnishing - the surface must be dry, smooth, clean and free from grease. Wash furniture, degrease, dry, remove old layers of paint (if necessary), sand with fine-grained sandpaper (120-200). Then you can paint the surface with VIDARON acrylic varnish and enjoy the beautiful color.

If you want to change the color of the wood, you can apply wood stain. Stain is not an impregnation agent, but a decorative one, but it will retain the natural look of wood throughout the entire use of furniture and other wood elements. The element should be protected, for example, with a varnish without a primer. VIDARON stain evenly penetrates the wood without lifting its fibers, therefore, when applied, there are no unsightly stains, and the color of the wood remains uniform over the entire surface. The stain is available in 13 colors with names related to natural woods of various species, which allows for beautiful decorative effects.

Apply the stain with a cotton cloth or swab, rubbing the product into the wood surface. Remove excess with a cotton cloth. If you want a deep and rich shade, you can apply the product in two layers - apply the second after the first dries. As with varnishing, the wood must be well prepared before painting. Remove dust and dirt, sand and degrease. A properly prepared surface will ensure quick drying of the product and an elegant appearance of the wood.

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How easy is it to change the color of the tree? Expert Advice

The best way to protect the natural color of wood indoors is with varnish.

How easy is it to change the color of a tree? Expert advice

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Hayushki shaving community. I haven't posted anything for a long time, because I have gone headlong into the soap factory :) Interesting, I'll tell you, the process.

The test group, to whom the probes were sent, have just started to finish testing my next soap, if anyone is interested in reading how it went, then here's a link. , but preliminary reviews already give the right to say that this time the soap was successful.

Soap based on interior, goose and some halal beef fat.

As I expected, the linoleic groups of fatty acids, which are abundant in goose fat, have seriously spoiled the foam. At first, it comes in large bladders and has a coarser bladder structure than the version on pure beef fat. But it is much more slippery and has an extremely pleasant effect on the skin, for dry and irritated skin what the doctor prescribed, and the coarseness does not prevent the soap from having a "plaster" covering ability.

And so the recipe. I will not describe in detail, the process itself is almost exactly the same as when cooking in the first version, so I will just write down a percentage with comments.

And so the base of this soap consists of two parts in a ratio of 40% sodium to 60% potassium. For the sodium part, 60% of goose interior fat is needed (namely, internal, subcutaneous fat is worse in composition), 20% of beef interior fat and 20% of shea butter, 3% overfat (add shea after a few hours of cooking, so that the fat is from it) If you want a smaller foam, you can replace the shea with coconut, but you will lose in care

For the potassium part, it's simple: 52% stearic acid to 48% coconut. Overfat 1.5%

Cook both parts separately, then mix. For both parts of glycerin not less than 5%

Additives and overfat already see for yourself. I like wheat germ oil, lanolin, vitamin E, peach oil and all sorts of soothing infusions and extracts, avocado wax has shown itself well, petroleum jelly is generally wonderful (now I understand why Dr. Harris adds it to all his soaps). Any polysaccharides will not be superfluous either, there are many different ones. Just make sure that the total fat is not digested for 11%, and additives for 5%.

I've already made some labels for my soap, I'm spreading it to you for a quote :)

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