Here is such a trick so that the flowers in the house bloom magnificently and for a long time

How long has your favorite flower bloomed like in a flower shop, do not remember? So I almost forgot. It seems that I feed him, but he still does not please with lush flowering.

But just recently I went to visit a friend, and her flowers are just a feast for the eyes, everything is blooming, as if on a selection. How so? It turns out there is one little trick, in order for the flower to bloom magnificently and for a long time you need special feeding. Its secret is simple and accessible, I share, let your flowers please you too.

To make the plants bloom even more beautiful and magnificent, gardeners recommend feeding them during the budding period. One of these dressings is castor oil, due to which the flowering becomes lush and longer, and the flower heads are large and get a richer color.


Castor oil should be broken down into tiny fractions and mixed well with water so as not to burn the plant roots.

Immediately after shaking, until the castor oil has risen, water the flowers.

  • If the plant blooms once a year, then one such top dressing is enough.
  • If the plant blooms constantly, then you can feed them with castor oil once a month


You can also grow geraniums from seeds, but I prefer grafting, which is carried out from mid-February to early March

At this time, it is already required to prune geraniums.

After all, geranium is photophilous, and in winter there is little light, and the plant stretches out, becomes not very beautiful.

Here is such a trick so that the flowers in the house bloom magnificently and for a long time

The balcony is a space that we rarely use to the maximum. Often it serves as a place for drying clothes, as an area for unnecessary things, or is not used at all by the owners of the house.

Considering that many apartments do not have that much living space, we decided to show you how to use your balcony to the maximum.


Surely many men (and women too!) dream of their own workspace. Especially in conditions of quarantine, when the whole family is at home, and work needs to be done. In this case, you can turn your loggia into a small office. Most balconies are large enough to accommodate a desk and office chair.

By the way, who said that only adults need an office? Children also need to learn in peace and quiet. If your child doesn't have a room of their own, setting up their workspace on a warm, glazed balcony isn't all that bad. Moreover, every child or teenager wants to retire in a personal space.

Relaxation area

Do you have a small apartment? Do you like hosting guests or spending time with the whole family? Why not make a cozy seating area in the loggia? And if you're lucky and the balcony area is quite impressive, this is a great place for Friday nights and more.

Here you can install a sofa, a small coffee table and attach a shelf with board games. It seems like a great option! Some even turn the balcony into a home library, forcing it with shelving of books and equipping an easy chair in front of the window.

Winter Garden

The owner of the hearth loves to take care of the plants, and are all the windowsills already filled with flowerpots? Then your balcony can turn into a wonderful winter garden.

By the way, some people manage to grow at home not only violets and cacti, but also homemade fruits and vegetables! If your balcony is insulated enough, then this is a great idea!

Dressing room

Here's a trick to keep the flowers blooming in your house for a long time! How long has your favorite flower bloomed like in a flower shop, do not remember? So I almost forgot. It seems that I feed him, but he still does not

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How to get rid of pigeons on the balcony

What if the pigeons have settled on the balcony? Of course, the dove is the bird of the world. But when these birds settle on open balconies, problems cannot be avoided.

This article will show you how to get rid of pigeons on your balcony in a short time.

Why are pigeons on the balcony a problem

Bird droppings are not the worst thing, albeit unpleasant. Pigeon urine contains a special acid that can damage the roof or furniture on the balcony. Did you know about this before?

In addition, pigeons carry many infections. Therefore, if you notice that pigeons have settled on your balcony, urgent action is necessary.

How to scare pigeons off the balcony - basic tips

If you have boxes, furniture and other things on your balcony, then pigeons can easily make a nest and bring out chicks. What to do to prevent this from happening? Try some effective ways:

Scare away

Just want to note the fact that feeding birds is a common mistake of many owners. If you feed the birds on the balcony, they will become your regular guests. Therefore, first of all, stop feeding the birds from the balcony. The following methods can be used to scare birds away:

  • We use foil. You can use the foil to scare away the pigeons. But this method will work if your guests are very few. Cut the foil into strips and paste it around the balcony. The rustling of foil will scare away pigeons. This method works temporarily.
  • We use old CD - disks. Attach several of these discs on the balcony. Their rustling and bright reflections will also frighten off pigeons.
  • Special repellents. You can purchase a sound device designed to scare away birds.
  • Scarecrow. Did you know that pigeons are afraid of crows? You can make your own stuffed crow from scrap materials (for example, from foam). Make the crow several times larger than its actual size.
  • Loud music. If a large number of birds have flocked to your balcony, open the balcony slightly and turn on loud music. The birds will not stand this loudness and will fly away.

French windows surpass standard counterparts in external characteristics and functionality, as they provide maximum visibility from a room to a house or apartment. In addition, from the inside and outside, housing will look much more attractive if a French window is installed on the loggia or in the room.

French balconies and their views

Most residents of the elite and simpler areas are faced with the decision to improve their balcony and here opinions differ for several reasons.

Some people prefer to see it as a work of art that emphasizes good taste and good financial capabilities. Such designs look not only very beautiful, but also quite romantic, since in summer weather they allow you to simply relax from everything with an ordinary cup of tea or a good book.

Others rely on maximum comfort at any time of the year, therefore they modernize the balcony for themselves, significantly losing in aesthetic qualities, but gaining the versatility of its use.

Glazing of balconies from the floor In both cases, the French style is quite suitable for improving the balcony, which can be divided into:

This style is a complete French balcony glazing, without specific parapets (fences), on which, in most cases, future glazing is mounted.

Modern interpretation Also, the design provides for the subsequent insulation of the floor and furnishing of furniture to maintain comfort both in summer and in winter.

The classic look is different in that it may not have a conventional balcony area. Forged metal railings are manufactured and installed under an existing opening or balcony slab. The classic version provides for the presence of any site, even non-standard in size, and is made on an individual basis.

French windows - a new word in the field of glazing balconies and loggias

French balcony glazing is a modern type of glazing, in the process of which the existing enclosing structures of the balcony are partially or completely dismantled, and instead of them, window structures from floor to ceiling are installed. Moreover, the window structure can consist of both solid frames and a group of structures. In addition, the filling of the lower part of the glazing can be done in several ways:

  • transparent glass;
  • frosted glass;
  • tinted glass;
  • sandwich panel (plastic).

The use of French windows for glazing a balcony or loggia opens up tremendous opportunities for creating the most incredible design that can reflect the tastes and needs of the owner of the premises. In any case, they allow you to maintain the design in the same style, both inside and out. It should also be noted that such glazing attracts attention not only for its aesthetic characteristics, but also for a number of advantages that distinguish them favorably from other types of glazing.

The grape pergola is a supporting structure designed for growing vigorous hybrid varieties. It allows you to create free space for powerful bushes, which are cramped on simple trellises. It is possible to build such a structure with your own hands from different materials.

What is this and why is it needed?

The word "pergola" itself has a Latin origin: per- regere - translated "to direct". From Italian, the word pergola is translated as an extension. The original purpose of the pergola in the garden is to support climbing plants. A pergola on the walkway or near the building also serves as a protective canopy from the scorching sun.

The pergola looks different from standard gazebos or awnings, the difference is noticeable primarily in the upper part of the structure. The roof of the pergola in the country house is not solid, but mesh.

Due to its aesthetic appearance and the use of plants, the building is part of the landscape. Long-flowering climbing plants - for example, clematis, kobei - are allowed on it so that it pleases with its appearance for the whole season.

Pergola in landscape design has several functions:

  • support for loaches;
  • shading in the recreation area;
  • zoning;
  • decorating terraces and entrances groups;
  • masking unnecessary objects;
  • accents.


Wiktionary has an article "pergola"

  • Wooden pergolas
Residential spaces, premises, houses Residential buildings Apartment (Communal apartment Studio apartment Gostinka) Dormitory Dacha Cottage Townhouse Barak Dugout Bungalow Villa Penthouse Shalash (Chum Tipi Wigwam Igloo Yaranga Yurt Kibitka) Barracks Apartment Hotel (Pension / Guest House) Loft Izba Mansions Chambers Palace Castle Gallery House Saklya Living roomsRoom Hall Bedroom Study Triclinium Living room Alcove Svetlitsa Cage Upper room Boudoir Dining room and utility room Khlevin Nook Barn Hayway) Basement (Cellar Glacier Ground floor Basement) Attic (Attic) Garage Stable Workshop Electrical control room Boiler room Canopy Dishwasher Dressing room Labaz Public premises and buildings Civil defense shelter Classroom Auditorium Conference hall Ward Banquet hall Refectory Cafeteria Concert hall Waiting hall Office Sports hall Gazebo Terrace Vera Entrances and exits Entrance hallway Emergency exit Secret passage Foyer Porch Entrance hall Entrance Ramp Staircase TambourOther premises Toilet Bathroom Bath Loggia Corridor Balcony Gulbische Gallery Ballroom Salon Outbuilding Mezzanine Entresol Terem Elevator

Pergola types

Let's conditionally divide all buildings into two groups: traditional and modern. The first are distinguished by their laconic lines, they have a straight roof. The latter have a concave or convex upper part, a complex configuration, decorative details. Several forms are distinguished within these groups.

This is a wide canopy, under which they leave a car or arrange a resting place - with armchairs, benches, a table, a swing, a hammock. The awning has a closed, almost closed or sliding (like blinds) roof.

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