Greedy Cat: Cat Clicker | Guide, tips, secrets and cheats

Do you want to know tips and secrets of the game Greedy Cat: Clicker? Then I have everything you are looking for. Our guide to Greedy Cat: Cat Clicker will help you complete this game.

I have to admit - this adorable game really got me hooked! This is a fiesta of cat clickers where you feed your cat with cakes, ice cream and other sweets, which actually takes part in a food contest. To top it off, other cats support you as well. Let's be honest, is there anything more delightful than this?

But let's get back to some (slightly) serious conversation for a moment - you're here for all the Greedy Cat tips, tricks, and cheats. So let's not waste another second and dive right into them.

Start by leveling up your main cat

The most important character in the game is, of course, your main cat. This is the one who takes part in all food competitions. Therefore, you need to make sure that he is strong enough to defeat everyone.

I suggest that you always keep the main cat as pumped up as possible, because every level will make a difference when it comes to competition. In addition, every few levels you will receive various bonuses, which will be of great importance for the further game.

Activate auto clicker every minutes

Let's be honest for a second - you don't want to click like crazy every second of the game, right? So, the best option would be to activate Auto-Clicker every 10 minutes.

The Auto Clicker is at the very bottom of the Cats menu and resets its cooldown every 10 minutes. Just make sure it is activated while you are in the game, completing tasks, because this way you can do anything while the cat will constantly move forward and compete.

Don't waste $ on ad skip tickets

For premium players, there is an option that allows them to spend a few dollars and purchase ad skips that work by simply skipping ads rather than watching them.

I would say it is absolutely not worth spending $ 1 on 20 skip ad tickets, because ads last no more than 30 seconds and you only get 20 tickets (which is a maximum of 600 seconds / 10 minutes) ... So yeah, $ 1 for 10 minutes without ads is definitely not worth it!

Get a gift cat every time it appears

Greedy Cat: Cat Clicker | Guide, tips, secrets and cheats

Affectionate and sociable Raskusay is nine months old. He was found at the dachas with his little sister Tail, when they were still quite crumbs. And it's very good that the kids were lucky to be in the good hands of a kind girl. She took care of their future, becoming a guardian in "Murkosh". At first, Raskusai was still a little shy in an unfamiliar environment. Despite his bold name, he was in no hurry to bite something. But then, having examined every corner of the enclosure and made sure of the softness of the couches, the cat began to quickly learn all the necessary wisdom. Now he deftly coped with the attack of fluffy flies, and even more willingly he jumped on the arms of our volunteers. His little sister was the first to go to a new home, and the baby also tried not to miss an important meeting. And today he did it! Bite through a new life, in which you will be a homely and very happy cat!

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They wanted to put Marcel to sleep, but volunteers from the Murkosh shelter rescued him and found him a new home.

What is sleep? How does it happen? Is it humane? Euthanasia is the deliberate killing of an animal with medication. Calling it lulling, people try to smooth things over and lull their consciences.

A domestic cat has a lot of things to do, but the most pleasant of them, of course, are related to her Human: you need to meet him from work, pacify him with affection after a hard day, talk about your daytime adventures, lull him with a cozy purr, and in the morning wake up for breakfast. But what if you wake up, fiddle with a soft paw, meow, put your wet nose on your cheek, and the Human still doesn't wake up?

I am a volunteer. I have been dealing with the problems of stray animals for just over three years. The volunteer is not quite ordinary. Unfortunately, I can rarely be found in the team of brave and courageous people, whom I bow to every day, who catch, adapt, heal and nurture animals. My job does not allow me to physically be where I want to. This does not mean that I do not know how to handle animals, does not mean that I have never seen the sick, disadvantaged, unhappy. I saw and see constantly. But I have a slightly different "mission".


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