Fuses Ford Focus 2

The first ford focus 2 fuse box is located near the driver's fender under the hood, near the battery. To check or replace the PCB, remove the cover and use the tweezers attached to its back. Relays and large fuses are removed by hand.

On the inside there is a PCB layout. It will fade over time, in which case you can print a new one and attach it to the lid.

Decoding of the engine compartment fuse module for Ford Focus 2

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Where is the Focus fuse box?

Focus of the second generation can be conditionally divided into two variants of cars - before restyling until 2007, and also cars after restyling from 2007 to 2011. But the change in image did not affect the electrical circuits. The car has two blocks left, each of which has retained its quite convenient placement. The location of the fuse box in the Ford Focus 2 is pretty self-explanatory:

  • The cabin module is at the passenger's feet. You can see it under the glove box if you lean a little. To remove the blown fuses, special pliers are required here, it will be very difficult to perform the procedure with your hands.
  • The second block is located under the hood. You need to look for it on the left side, not far from the car battery. The block is presented in the form of a black plastic box with a diagram on top, it is not difficult to find it. Also on the original cover you can often see the location of the fuses and find out what they are responsible for.

A fuse is drawn on the cover of the engine compartment, it is easy to find it. Under the cover there are fasteners for plastic tweezers and spare fuses, but used cars often do not have tweezers and "spare" parts.

Fuses in the Focus 2 use conventional knife fuses. They are also called flat or plug-in. You can buy them at any car store, but you shouldn't buy cheap Chinese options. They will quickly fail and can easily burn the wiring in your car.

Possible reasons for auto repairs

Since almost all elements of modern cars exclude electronic control, based on a separate or systematized electrical circuit, in case of any breakdown, first of all, it is necessary to exclude the failure of this particular element.

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