Fun Finds: 10 Gadgets That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Modern active people do not like to waste time on trifles. Especially for them, we have collected in the article the most necessary products that will greatly simplify life and save precious time.

Squeezer for tubes of cream and toothpaste

For economical use, be sure to purchase a special squeezer. She will take out the precious cream or toothpaste and the very ends of the tube.

A notebook that doesn't get wet

If you are a fan of writing down your thoughts on paper, then a waterproof notebook will help you. Thanks to the pencil and paper coating, even the heaviest rain won't get in the way of taking notes.

Reusable non-toxic candle

Ordinary candles have a tendency to melt, and then wax is very difficult to remove. Therefore, a non-toxic candle comes in handy, which will always delight you. Thanks to the appearance of the candle, you can arrange a romantic and enjoy a pleasant smell.

Fresh Greens Mill

Some dishes require that the greens be very finely chopped. Use a grinder to grind as quickly as possible. You just need to put greens in it and scroll with your hand and voila - the finely chopped spice is ready.

Silicone watering can

It is better to drain the remaining oil at the bottom of the pan into another form, otherwise it will take a very long time to wash other dishes from fat. Thanks to the silicone watering can, you will drain everything quickly, without spilling a drop by.

Manual pancake dough dispenser

Fun Finds: 10 Gadgets That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Knives and cooking are inseparable concepts, so there are a lot of such cutting tools “live” in any kitchen. Some owners have them in headset drawers, while others have them where you can find storage space. However, the most convenient option is the stands, which not only allow you to keep the tool close at hand, but also serve as an additional decorative element. Yes, such devices are not difficult to buy in the store, since the assortment allows you to make a choice, but this is not the only solution. A do-it-yourself knife holder is a good alternative, which gives you a chance not only to make a comfortable “haven” for unsafe cutlery, but to make an original decoration for the kitchen.

Models and manufacturing technologies

DIY knife holder is a simple operation, but it also requires knowledge of some features of the process, which depends on the model. There are several types of devices, so first you need to choose the one that will be the most suitable design for the owners and their tools. If we consider the most popular models, then there are three of them.

  • Small, stable container with filler. Knives are inserted into it, securely fixed in an upright position. The range of fillers for such devices is quite wide. They can be bamboo sticks, legumes, grits or plastic bristles. As a stand, use any container that fits the length of the knives and their number.
  • A classic wooden structure with cut-out knife slots. Not so long ago, this model was the only desktop option. Now these stands are divided into hanging, wall-mounted, and conventional, which stand on the table.
  • Devices that have a magnetic surface. This is a wooden or plastic panel into which a magnet is inserted. This option allows you to free the work surface from additional elements, which cannot but attract the owners.

By and large, there are only two models that are called stands: these are vertical structures - with filler or cells. Those that are mounted on the wall are more correctly called differently: for example, strips, wall magnets-holders.

Stand Materials

Such devices are made of various materials - ceramics, rubber, metal, glass, but the most popular are wood and plastic coasters. Both materials have their strengths, but neither is without flaws.


This is a classic that will perfectly fit into any interior due to its naturalness and attractive appearance. The list of "virtues" of wood is its environmental friendliness, ease of processing and warmth, which is appreciated always and everywhere.

The advantage of such stands is the ability to store a large number of knives. Among other things, relatively large structures are characterized by maximum stability. As a rule, the cells in these products are at an angle, which makes it easier to remove the tools and return them back.

The only serious disadvantage of wood is its fear of moisture. Therefore, be sure to wipe the knives before placing them. The second drawback of this device is the inability to clean the holes due to their narrowness. If the knives have the same handles, then the owners will first have to get used to where and what tool is.


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