FROM; Belarusians will collect debts on; updated rules

From July 15, 2021, amendments to the law "On Enforcement Proceedings" will come into force, which relate to debt collection. The text of the document was published on According to the new rules, collection will be able to be imposed, including on the debtor's electronic money, and he himself will be prohibited from going to virtual casinos. Also, you can get a 50% "discount" on the amount of the compulsory fee if the parties conclude an amicable or mediated agreement.

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So, according to the changes, the arrest will be able to be imposed not only on cash and property of debtors, on money and property in their bank accounts, deposits, in storage in banks or non-bank financial institutions, but also on electronic money.

- This is an innovation, since now many individuals and legal entities use electronic wallets. Therefore, all property or money belonging to the debtor and kept in the bank can be seized. Both debtors and claimants should be aware of this, - Svetlana Lyubetskaya, Chairperson of the Standing Commission on Legislation of the House of Representatives, commented on this innovation to Minsk-Novosti.

Now debtors, including individual entrepreneurs and officials of the legal entity-debtor, can also be temporarily banned from traveling abroad, driving vehicles, motor boats, depriving the right to hunt, banning gambling establishments. This list will be supplemented with new points: debtors may also be banned from visiting virtual gambling establishments and participating in gambling. In addition, from July 15, these measures can be taken directly by the bailiff.

Dismissal will not save you from termination of enforcement proceedings

In addition, the document notes that the direction of the executive document at the place where the debtor receives the salary and income equivalent to it is excluded of the grounds for the termination of enforcement proceedings. This means that if the debtor resigns, the enforcement proceedings will not be terminated.

The law also provides that the parties to the enforcement proceedings will reward for the use of mediation, the Ministry of Justice reports. The agreement on the use of mediation between the debtor and the claimant will be the basis for the suspension of the proceedings, and in the event of a settlement agreement or mediation agreement, the amount of the compulsory fee will be 50% of the established one.

What will be changed regarding the collection of wage arrears

Important changes are introduced in the order of priority in meeting the claims of claimants in enforcement proceedings.

So, in the second place, the satisfaction of requirements that have a social focus will be carried out:

  • remuneration of citizens who work (worked) for the debtor under labor contracts and civil law contracts, the subject of which is the performance of work, the provision of services or the creation of intellectual property;
  • about compensation for damage caused by a crime or an administrative offense.

Now the interests of individuals are considered after the collection of payments to the state budget, including taxes, contributions.

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