Fox eye trend: repeat fashionable fox eyes makeup and win makeup

The most fascinating look is provided to you

"Foxeye" or #foxeye continues to be one of the most trending makeup trends. Only now it will become more springy, airy and acquire delicate shades. tochka. et tells how to repeat the "fox eyes" make-up and what cosmetic products will help to do it.

And we also have great news for you: the partner of this material BROCARD has prepared a competition. You can win any product you like from our list!

To take part in the competition:

  • From 25.2 to 5. 3 choose one product from our list that you would like to get the most
  • in the comment on a post on Facebook write the name of the cosmetic product
  • wait for the results on our Facebook 5.3 at 14:00!

The winners, and there will be 10, will be determined by a randomizer. Stay tuned for updates and wait for your present to repeat the "fox eyes" makeup with us.

Fox eye effect is the main trend in makeup

In 2019, plastic surgeon Julian De Silva named Bella Hadid the most beautiful woman on earth. He drew attention to the shape of the supermodel's chin, but social networks began to actively discuss Bella's almond shape. This form, similar to the fox's eye, greatly interested girls and became the most requested among makeup artists and plastic surgeons. Since then, the look in the most trendy make-ups has become more and more slanted, and it's not just fashion. Also fox eye:

  • suits any face shape,
  • makes the eyes more expressive, and the look - sexy,
  • universal - can be both daytime and and evening.

Fox eyes have become truly viral on TikTok, overtaking even mega-bright makeup in popularity. Firstly, because the set of rich blue and pink eyeshadows on the eyelids will only be appropriate for a photo on Instagram. Secondly, the fox eye effect makes the look especially sexy. And at the same time, no cantoplasty is needed, but you will need the usual products from your cosmetic bag.

How to repeat the trendy fox eyes makeup

Any makeup starts with a foundation. Apply a light foundation on your face and blend thoroughly. Use Revlon Colorstay Powder Long-Lasting Compact Powder to keep the tone from piling and stay well. It will last all day, absorbing excess sebum and will not be felt on the skin.

Eyebrows in fox eye makeup should follow the direction to the temples, be well colored and perfectly laid. This is exactly what Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Gel will do. In the palette, you can choose the desired shade - from transparent to dark brown. A nice bonus - the gel contains avocado oil, which will make the hairs softer and prevent them from sticking together.

Fox eye trend: repeat fashionable fox eyes makeup and win makeup

Mom's birthday is a long-awaited holiday, because mom is the closest person to each of us. If you want to know how to please your mom in 2021, then we have prepared the top 200 ideas for the best birthday gifts. So, let's see what you can give a mom for a birthday from a son or daughter.

Birthday present for mom

How to choose the best gift for mom?

  • Think about what she dreams of and try to realize the desire, if, of course, it fits into your budget.
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Choosing a Gift

Moving on to ideas for the best birthday gifts for mom, among which you will find a variety of options for prices and topics for every taste and budget. Let's find out how to please mom this year.

What to give mom for her birthday if there is no money

If the birthday is approaching, and there is no money for a good gift, then the best way to show love and respect for your mother will be surprises with your own hands. What you can think of:

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    Photo collage from family photos

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