Forged and alloy wheels: advantages and production technologies

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What does kit mean for home and treating kolorіv creatures

Light-alloy wheels of two groups (forged and cast) are the most popular in the automotive market. But they have fundamental differences from each other, individual advantages. In the catalog on the site, you can find wheels for a car of good quality from trusted brands. Cast and forged wheels are made of an alloy of aluminum with magnesium, with a small admixture of copper (no more than 4%). Each manufacturer has its own secrets for choosing the optimal percentage of metals. Magnesium gives the wheels total strength and protects against wear, copper is added for softness, aluminum melts perfectly.

Alloy wheel technology

During the production process, special molds are filled with molten aluminum from large bowls. After cooling, the workpieces are removed and refined on machines. Turning, adding bends and holes, painting are the final stages of making cast wheels for cars. The disc production process using casting technology is the least labor-intensive and financially costly.

About the production of forged wheels

These are the best rims for cars, as believed by many owners of personal and commercial vehicles. The forging process eliminates the formation of microscopic voids in the alloy. It becomes as dense as possible, and the strength of the metal also increases. The speed and safety of driving on forged wheels also exceed the most daring expectations.

In the manufacturing process, billet cylinders that look like pillars are created from an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. Then they are cooled, cut into pieces, sent under a press. Air bubbles are removed from the alloy under high pressure. Before the final, the workpieces are hardened, that is, they are heated and cooled three times. At the last stage, they are sent to a milling machine with a pre-installed computer program. Holes are drilled on the discs, stiffeners are cut out.

The advantages of light alloy wheels

When choosing wheels and other auto parts, car owners take into account the positive features of the parts. Alloy wheels are inexpensive and fairly soft. They do not damage tires when they fall into holes, when driving on uneven road surfaces. But forged wheels have much more advantages:

  • global strength, which is achieved through repeated squeezing and hardening of the metal - resistance to mechanical damage;
  • good speed performance - light weight and correct balancing; <
  • minimum suspension load;
  • attractive design - variety of stylized solutions;
  • reduced gas mileage.

Even if the forged wheel hits the pit, the integrity of the tire is preserved. When choosing discs, not only materials and manufacturing technologies are taken into account, but also the landing diameter, width, type of fastener, overhang and other parameters. Inconsistency of indicators can negatively affect the dynamics and driving characteristics.

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Anna Lyovochkina went snowboarding at a ski resort in Kazakhstan and suffered a serious hand fracture. She tells how she resolved the issue with the insurance company, which hospital she was referred to, how her treatment went and why she had to pay for the operation.

How I got hurt

In February 2019, my husband and I went to Kazakhstan, to Alma-Ata, to the Chimbulak resort to go snowboarding. I can't say that I am a professional snowboarder, but an amateur for sure. Before that, we also went for a drive in the mountains: to Dombay, and to Armenia.

On the third day of skiing, right before my birthday, I was injured - I was in a hurry to quickly move down the mountain in order to climb and ride again, and fell. That day I felt great, listened to music while descending, it seemed to me that I was finally able to master a certain riding technique, but at some point I could not keep my balance. It was very unpleasant, the earpiece flew out of my ear, and I felt a sharp pain in my hand. Fortunately, my husband was driving behind, and I was able to call him.

My first thought was that I must have pulled the muscles of my wrist, and now it will be difficult for me to ride. Then I still did not know how everything would turn out further.

How I got first aid

The husband asked those passing by to ask for help, and after 5 - 10 minutes local rescuers arrived at us (there is always a rescue service in the mountains on the highways). They put me on a special rescue sled and took me to the medical center of the ski resort at the foot of the mountain.

I received first aid at the first aid station: they fixed my arm and gave me an anesthetic injection. Then I had to go to the hospital.

Communication with the insurance company

I had insurance from Tinkoff Insurance. I issued it literally on the eve of departure, just in case, for a trip to Kazakhstan, it was not required. And before the trip, I took a screenshot of the contacts from the policy, which can be used in case of emergency, and this helped me a lot.

We did not have a local SIM card and, accordingly, the Internet. Therefore, it was much faster to just find a screenshot on the phone to see the contacts of the assistance (service of the insurance company) than trying to download it from the mail.

Then my husband asked one of the rescuers to share Wi-Fi and wrote in WhatsApp at the assistance number, explained the situation, answered their questions about fulfilling the insurance conditions. I carefully read them before the trip, it was indicated that the policy is valid only if the insured rides in a helmet and does not drink alcohol. I skated in defense and did not drink alcohol. This is exactly what the assistance asked my husband, then they wrote us the address of the clinic in Alma-Ata.

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