Five cash payments that working retirees can count on in 2021

Many pensioners are wondering what benefits and additional payments they can receive already in the present year 2021. And the question of providing various benefits to a pensioner is increasingly being resolved depending on whether he continues his labor activity or not.

So, for example, working pensioners are still deprived of the right to the annual indexation of pension payments in January, in contrast to non-working citizens. At the same time, there are 5 cash payments that they have the opportunity to receive in 2021.

Recalculation of the pension benefit in August

The employer deducts contributions to the Pension Fund for officially employed pensioners. Therefore, recipients of an insurance pension have the right to recalculate, taking into account additional pension coefficients that are accrued to them for each year of work after the appointment of a pension.

Unfortunately, you need to know that there is a limit for working pensioners - no more than 3 coefficients are taken into account per year. Therefore, the increase will not be as large.

Indexation of pensions provided for working pensioners

Pensioners with official employment cannot count on the indexation of the insurance pension payment at the beginning of the year. But if a person receives a different pension payment, it will be indexed.

This applies to those citizens who receive state pension payments for seniority, disability, social pension payments.

Thus, in April state and social pension payments will be indexed (according to forecasts - by 2.6 percent). The indexation of military pension payments is planned for October - by 3.7%.

Pension supplements in special cases

Working pensioners may receive additional payments for:

  • dependents (children under the age of majority, children with disabilities; full-time students);
  • accumulated work experience in the North (over 15 years of work in the Extreme North, 20 years of work in territories equated to the North).
  • the presence of a disability (the FIU pays monthly income and working pensioners).

Five cash payments that working retirees can count on in 2021

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