Five books for your perfect spring

Let March be considered a winter month, our hearts already demand spring! We are getting ready to meet the warm season with the Eksmo books.

Redesign your wardrobe

In the spring, even thrifty and undemanding people want to refresh their wardrobe. The latest collections appear in stores and on catwalks, friends show off on social networks and in person with new clothes. But it is important to remember not only the fleeting preferences of designers, but also about yourself. First of all, we recommend that when choosing an image be guided by the proven classics of combinations of colors and styles.

Our book “Fashion. Color. Style ”has already received the second edition, and its authors are ready to please you with recommendations that are right for you.

Get in shape after the cold weather and throw off the excess

Speaking of the figure. Never forget that you are beautiful: self-confidence is always attractive. Nevertheless, sometimes - especially after the long winter months at home - the mirror does not show us exactly what we would like to see, does it?

Getting your body representation to match the reflection takes some work. The Keto Fasting book offers a cleverly planned system for managing your own diet and hunger. It will help not only throw off the excess, but also get rid of insulin resistance, the authors promise.

Upgrade your own home

If 2020 also taught you to work remotely, then you probably know how important it is to take care of your home. After all, even a little thing can greatly affect your mood and your sense of comfort. Therefore, it is important to make your home cozy. And you don't have to spend a lot of time and energy for this.

Do not be intimidated by estimates and repairs - the author of the book “Rules interior design ”shares a system of tips for a painless and even pleasant transformation of the space. This edition will help you to use even small rooms wisely, choose stylish accessories for the bedroom and more, arrange comfortable lighting and other little things so that renovation becomes not a disaster, but a creative and fruitful activity.

Get ready for the beach season

For a seaside vacation, many women try to fit their figure to an imaginary ideal. And they get upset that the beautiful swimwear from the shop windows does not look as good on the body as on the mannequin. But let's be realistic: all people are different. Swimwear can be uncomfortable because they are sewn to typical shapes.

Yulia Kravtsova offers to make a dream swimsuit with her own hands. After all, no one knows the merits and characteristics of your figure better than you. With The Perfect Swimsuit For The Beach Queen you will have a unique swim outfit and fit perfectly.


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Victoria's Secret Dress. Published by Gre_Ta in the group We knit together online (Country of Mothers)

Thanks Nightly for the idea to knit this dress online, the survey was conducted here

They also decided that the threads should be thin. For the winter - wool with acrylic, for the summer - cotton with acrylic. In the original - cotton with acrylic. I chose Vita Brilliant light gray 380m in 100 gr. 45% wool, 55% acrylic.

I think to knit from below, first the elastic, then the main pattern.

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